10 Biggest Turn-Ons for Men


10 Biggest Turn-Ons for Men

While this may be a bit of a generalization, there are definitely some things that tend to drive most men wild in the bedroom. From lingerie to playful banter, find out what gets your man's motor running and use these tips to spice up your love life!


  1. Smell great : This one is huge. Men are incredibly visual creatures, but they also respond strongly to scent. Make sure you have a signature fragrance that he can't get enough of it will make him want to be near you all the time!
  2. Dress to impress : Again, men are visual creatures. They love seeing their partners all dressed up and looking gorgeous it makes them feel proud to be with you, and it turns them on at the same time.
  3. Be confident : This is a major turn-on for men. There's nothing sexier than a woman who knows her own worth and isn't afraid to show it. Be confident in yourself and your relationship, and he'll be putty in your hands.
  4. Be spontaneous : Men love a good surprise, so try to mix things up a bit. Plan a weekend getaway on the spur of the moment, or take him out for a night on the town that he'll never forget.
  5. Be a good listener : Men often feel like they're not really heard in their relationships. Make an effort to really listen to what he's saying, and you'll both benefit from better communication and a deeper connection.
  6. Make the first move : Men love it when women take charge, especially in the bedroom. Don't be afraid to initiate sex sometimes it's just what he needs to feel wanted and loved.
  7. Be passionate : Men are passionate creatures, and they want their partners to be passionate as well. Show him how much you care about him and your relationship by being enthusiastic and expressive in your lovemaking.
  8. Be adventurous : Men love a woman who is willing to take risks and try new things.
  9. Be challenging : Men want a woman who is a challenge, someone they have to work to win over.

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