10 Topics You Should Avoid Talking About on the First Date


10 Topics You Should Avoid Talking About on the First Date

If you want to have a successful date, there should be some tips on the conversation topics. It is crucial to avoid the topics that can make the person feel uncomfortable or those that show your bad manner. Let's look at each one in-depth:

Money and salary. If you are a successful man who wants to impress a girl with this, she will pay attention to it without talking. If it's not the competitive edge you want to use to win your partner, engage him or her with another meaningful yet easy dialogue. The same is true for women - in most countries, men will feel unconfident if they know that a woman is much wealthier than they are. You will never know exactly your partner's income and how sensitive this topic is to him. That's why it's better not to discuss such things at all.

Religion, creed, race, and gender differences. These topics are susceptible, and they can make conflict between two persons on their first date. It would be much better to avoid them altogether and talk about something else, such as hobbies or interests.
The personal life of someone close to you, especially family problems or issues related to divorce or the death of loved ones, should not be discussed on your first date. Such conversations may cause deep discomfort for your companion.

Exes - It's better not to bring up your ex on the first date since it might evoke jealousy or cause your companion to believe you are still hung up over your prior relationship.

Family problems - keep your family problems to yourself as nobody wants to hear about them on the first date.
Your problems with the law- it's better not to share such information as it can make a wrong impression.

Sex - even though sex is a desirable continuation of the date for most people, early discussions about it can be hasty and lead to the failure of your date. The only exception - is if you met a partner on one of the hookup sites where participants register specifically for this.

Politics - it was considered bad taste to discuss politics on a first date for a long time. Your conversation partner may be radically opposite in his or her views or maybe apolitical at all. But, in recent years, studies have shown that more than 60 percent of respondents, users of online dating platforms, are ready to discuss politics on a first date. In this conversation, they get to know their partner better and get acquainted with their temperament and way of thinking. But it is important to remember that people go on a date primarily for the pleasure of communication and physical enjoyment. So this topic needs to be extremely careful or perhaps best avoid it.

So, when preparing for a date, it is better to think in advance about what you will talk about with your partner. It's better to avoid topics mentioned before. Instead talk about:

  • Discuss where you're from 
  • Hobbies
  • Favourite films, music, books etc.
  • Have a Conversation About Travel
  • Talk about food etc.

Properly chosen topics for conversation will bring you closer to your goals, whether it's a long-term relationship or the most exciting night ever.

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