5 Key Factors To Have A Great Dating Profile And Why This Is So Important


5 Key Factors To Have A Great Dating Profile And Why This Is So Important

If you are looking for real love, you must invest time in writing your dating profile. Without a doubt, you will find many site members without much to say in their profile, but that’s likely because they don’t have the same relationship goals as you. Your profile doesn’t need to be a work of art, but it does need the 5 key points included below.

Keep It Conversational

Sometimes, people get nervous when writing their online profile, or simply don’t know what to say in their profile. Since most of us write in a different manner than we speak, try to make your profile sound just like you. When writing, act like you are talking to one of your friends. To make sure it sounds like you, have a trusted friend read it over before it goes live. 

Define Your Dating Goals

While you don’t want to get too in-depth, you need to define your dating goals in your profile. Keep this fairly short and sweet, as well as to the point. Include factors such as:

  • Casual or serious
  • Open or monogamous
  • Straight, LGBT, or gender fluid

No need to get too into when you want to get married, or how many kids you want, as that can feel like pressure. Let that come up naturally as you get to know one another. 

Define What You Are Looking For In A Partner

Next up, define the personality traits you are looking for in a partner:

  • Do you enjoy someone with a sense of humor?
  • Are you attracted to specific physical traits? Tall, full-figured, athletic, hair color, eye color, etc.
  • Is there a hobby you prefer that you both have in common?
  • Do you have a preferred age group or demographic?

Don’t create a laundry list, as the overall goal is short and sweet, but be sure to include your must haves. 

Stay Positive

You want to be you in your profile, but it is important to remain positive. Your profile pic and written profile are the other person’s first impression of you, so put your best foot forward. 

Post A Recent Photo

We’ve all heard the dating letdowns, when an online interest shows up for a first date and they look nothing like their profile photo. Either it’s been photoshopped to look nothing like they do in real life, or it’s a dated photo. Even if you still like what you see, it’s disappointing that the picture in your head doesn’t look like whom you thought you were talking to. Use a flattering casual or candid shot for your primary photo, and post at least a few more photos—even with friends—so they can get a better sense of who you are. This is especially important if you go with a professional photo for your primary pic. In case it needs to be said, never post a photo that isn’t you.

As with dating in real life, not everyone is looking for a perfect 10 in physical appearance—but they are looking for someone who captures their interest. Those looking for someone for a partner with substance will be reading your profile in search of something more than fluff. The tips above will help you to take a strategic approach to creating, or revising, your online dating profile

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