Dating Apps vs Dating Websites


Dating Apps vs Dating Websites

If you are new to the world of online dating, then you may be wondering which is better — dating apps or dating websites? Or is there even a difference between the two? There actually are some distinct differences between the two, meaning that you may prefer one over the other—or both for different reasons. 

Account Set Up

As with most apps, dating apps are designed with fast and easy member registration in mind. In fact, most allow you to sign-up through Facebook. This means that you can download the app and start browsing almost instantly. Dating websites still have easy-register options, but require a bit more time and attention before your member profile goes live. The goal is to facilitate matches, opposed to just scrolling through photos on apps.

Profile And Matching

Dating apps have super short profile requirements, and minimal “match” features—even if they are a niche-dating app, you don’t have the room too specific. 
Dating apps allow you to fill out an in-depth profile, and most require you to fill out a Q&A designed to alert you to new and existing users you have common ground with. You can also filter your options by a long list of criteria — including sexual orientation, marital status, height, weight, hobbies, education, and more. 

Casual Vs.Serious

As a general rule of thumb, dating apps are most often used for hookups and casual encounters — and dating websites are where you go to find relationship-potential. However, a love connection can certainly be made with on dating apps — and hookups and affairs found on dating websites. 

Location, Location, Location

Dating apps access your smartphone’s geolocation tools, allowing you to find matches close to you. By close, you could find some in the same dance club, bar, party — or just a few blocks away. Even when you traveling, your location will readjust so that you can search for nearby matches. Be mindful though, because this informs complete strangers as to where you are. 
Dating websites allow you to search for matches by specific city or zip code, meaning that you can easily find someone locally—but not necessarily down the street. If you are open to long-distance or even international dating, dating websites are the better option than apps. Dating websites also allow you to take your time getting to know someone before you decide to meet face to face. 

Convenience Factor

Dating apps don’t have to be used just for casual encounters. In fact, apps are a convenient dating tool for busy professionals, who don’t have the time to endlessly scroll through profiles online. Since they are often connected to social media, most alert you to friends of friends who you might be interested in.
Dating websites still take a bit more time to navigate, but the extra time may be just what you need to find a true match. 

Staying Connected To Love Interests

Many apps are designed to alert you to who is nearby right now, meaning that if you “swipe” to view your next option—that you can’t return to give someone a second chance. 
Dating websites save your search history, providing you with ample time to determine who you want to connect with. You can also reengage with those you send direct messages to in the past. 
To cover all of your relationship and dating needs, many adults sign up for multiple dating apps and websites. You may have to try a few to find the ones that are right for you!

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