Dating Websites: Free vs. Paid - Why Free Is Not Always Better


Dating Websites: Free vs. Paid - Why Free Is Not Always Better

For those trying dating websites for the very first time, a free dating site is often the most comfortable way to test the waters. However, as with most things in life - you get what you pay for. While free websites can certainly help you find a match, there are many reasons why paying for your dating service is the better way to go.

Free Sites Have More Bots And Scammers

Since free sites are free, they have more fake account holders in the form of “bots” - as well as more members who join the sites to scam or spam. While you will certainly find shady folks and catfishing on paid sites, paid sites have systems in place to minimize the ill-intended. You must be smart and safe when dating online. We have a few online dating tips here to help.

Free Sites Have Less Features

Each dating website has a unique combination of features, but free sites tend to have less. Why? Because these features cost money to design and maintain. In fact, many paid sites offer free registration and limited features - and upgrading to a monthly membership unlocks the full features. For example, wouldn’t you love to video chat before you meet in person? Or what about a mobile app that makes it easy to check your messages while on the go? These are things most people don’t mind paying for.

Members On Paid Sites Tend To Be More Active

We all like to get our money’s worth, meaning that members of paid sites tend to be more active. Signing up for a free site, then abandoning your profile is easier to do when you aren’t paying for your membership. Or signing up and forgetting about it just as easy. When you pay for a membership, you are more likely to sign in with greater frequency.

Fabulous Filters Make Finding A Match Easy 

Paid websites invest in advanced “matching” algorithms designed to help you narrow down your selections without aimlessly browsing through their overwhelming database. While you can of course browse the member database if you wish, advanced matching features help you get straight to the point. Yes, most free sites have some filters—such as age, height, weight, hair color, or even smoking or non smoking. However, paid sites will delve into personality traits that have higher odds of compatibility.

It’s Easier To Find Exactly What You Are Looking For On Paid Sites

One area where free sites really fall short is that most are designed for general dating interests. To further increase your odds of dating success, join a paid site geared towards the overall niche you wish to date within. This could include:

Hobby and interest-focused sites
And others!

Free dating websites and upgrade-available dating website memberships are often the gateway to paid memberships. However, to get the most out of online dating—and achieve your goals faster than the limited options available with free online dating—paid sites are the way to go. At the very least, try a free trial with a paid site to experience the difference.  

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