How to date during the Coronavirus Outbreak?


How to date during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Could online dating be any more tricky? We manage to find the sites that avoid the scammers, time wasters and weirdos and we’re finally ready to start meeting up with people just like us. And now, just when online dating has become the normal, most popular way to meet a single partner, we have the outbreak of a disease that is causing chaos around the world. What is a single person looking for a relationship to do?!

The great thing about online dating is that the majority of the background work happens between singles and their mobiles, tablets or laptops. In other words, we do the key part in isolation and it’s this part that leads to the good stuff. Normally, we want the effort part, the free messaging and flirty chat (which can also be a lot of fun!), to happen quickly so we can move to the real life fun and games. But so many online dating users complain that they don’t get the real life dates they need, yet the argument from dating site operators is always that the dissatisfied users simply don’t put the time in. Now, whether we like it or not, we have an opportunity to put the time and effort in with as many potential matches as we can in order to ensure that very soon, when society is free of COVID-19, we can reap what we’ve sown in offline dates and ‘up close and personal’ fun.

Sure, there’s an argument here for complaints and negativity, for lost chances and a deadly virus ruining our love lives. Or…there’s an opportunity. An unexpected and unintentional strategy that might just lead to far more fun and better prospects in the long term.

This Coronavirus, for all its inconvenience in other areas, presents the growing online dating community with a chance to do something that not enough of us do. We must take this chance to return to our dating profiles (you remember, that page that you set up when you joined and haven’t looked back at ever since? Despite the fact that this is how each and every potential date judges you and decides whether to invite you out or to accept your advances?) and tidy things up, using what we've learned and what we know will get us a response from local singles looking for love, or fun, nearby.

Really, the key to online dating success is and has always been time, effort and a little bit of charm. Some guys do so well and the others wonder what they do differently. The answer is that they try harder, they polish their profile “shop window”, they send well constructed and personalised messages, they take their time to find the girl of their dreams online. Nothing else that worthwhile ever happened instantly! So take our advice, use this insane period of our lives to line up the dates of tomorrow. You’ll thank yourself later.


And if all of that does lead to a date that you can’t possibly wait for, then please, pretty please, with a cherry on top…wash your hands!


And if not, well folks, we can take the other point of view and enjoy the odd break from enhancing our dating profiles with enjoying some adult fun in the form of some stunning cam girls. It may not be love, but it will get us through those long days!

Now that’s what we call turning a negative into a positive!

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