How To Overcome Lovesickness


How To Overcome Lovesickness

We have all been there, feeling invisible, or rejected by the one we have been crushing on, dumped by the one we love, or stuck in the friend zone with our perfect match. You can even be lovesick while still in a relationship. While you deserve ample time to grieve the loss of the one your heart most desires, you can’t stay stuck there forever. Here is what you need to do to overcome your lovesickness.

Get Up, Out, And About

You might not be ready to move on, but that doesn’t mean you should stay at home wallowing in your grief. Stop rejecting your BFFs invitations to hang, and head out for a night on the town. If not a night out, do something—almost anything that can clear your head for a bit. Just avoid anywhere you are likely to run in to your heart’s desire, or places that you used to go together.


  • Have lunch or coffee with friends
  • Go to the movies
  • Head to the gym
  • Meditate or go on a wellness retreat
  • Take a fun class in your favorite hobby or something you have always wanted to learn
  • Sign up for a local excursion or tour
  • Take a vacation
  • Spend some time in nature

Even if you are not ready to get involved in a new relationship it won't hurt to flirt a little with other singles out there. Use a dating site or hookup site and start flirting a little. You don't need to get involved into anything serious, just get social and distrcat yourself a little. 

Pamper Yourself

Now is the perfect time for some self-care. Your options are endless, just make sure that the pampering your pick is well with-in your budget. From massage, to a full spa day, mini shopping spree, or anything that allows you to indulge. Maybe even consider a fun new hair style, color, or cut—or a full-on makeover. Not to make yourself more what the one you want wants, but to treat yourself. 

Start Journaling

As well-intended as your friends and family may be, you might be feeling like they just don’t get it. Start journaling about how you feel to get your feelings out in a safe, comfortable, and judgement-free environment. Just a few minutes a day can work wonders. Be sure to write down 10 things each and every day that you are grateful for, including at least a few things you appreciate about yourself. 

Put Things In Perspective

Right now, your mind is likely consumed with the downside of things, with the one you want but can’t have being at the top of the list. This cycle can be tough to break, but you can break it. First things first, write down what you are looking for in a partner. One of those things is sure to be loving and accepting you just the way you are. Since the one you have your eye set on doesn’t fit that criteria, it’s time to start inching towards acceptance—and visualizing someone who appreciates all you have to offer. 

Overcoming Lovesickness When In A Relationship

If you are currently in a relationship and are feeling lovesick, it’s time to reach out for help. How do you know you are lovesick while committed? If you feel alone, neglected, or taken advantage of—or if anything in your relationship has become abusive or toxic. Now is the perfect time to reach out for help, because you are too close to the situation to see and think clearly. Reach out to a couple’s therapist for either solo or group counseling. Overcoming your lovesickness will take time, but it won’t last forever.

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