How To Satisfy Your Foot Fetish


How To Satisfy Your Foot Fetish

A foot fetish is like a sexual curveball. Of course, you want your fetish satisfied but getting someone to play ball can be challenging. Although nothing is wrong with having a fetish, not everyone is open to it which may result in sexual frustration. Rather than going through a series of trial and error, focus your attention on satisfying your kink. Here’s how.


Pedicures serve as a sexy precursor to other fetish related activities. This is especially fitting for those who have yet to reveal their foot fetish to their current partner. Everyone is more open to exploration when feet are soft and touchable. Along with serving as a precursor, some are aroused by the act of giving or receiving a pedicure. For those who choose to go this route, do not cut corners. Go all out with a foot soak followed by moisturizing lotion, cuticle removal, and nail polish. Perhaps even two coats.

Foot Massage/Tickling

This is a great way to satisfy your fetish if just entering the world of foot fetishism. The best part is, pretty much everyone is open to one. A sensual foot massage is satisfying in so many ways. For the massager, they get to enjoy their partner’s feet first hand, make contact with every inch and get to enjoy the view in the process. As for the person being massaged, there are the sensations involved, the feeling of being pampered and the stimulation of erotic pressure points in the feet. Tickling is perfect for an additional thrill. The sensation arouses but brings a light, playful vibe to the party.


There’s no better way to ease your partner into foot fetishism than sexy footwear. They enjoy the shoes while you enjoy the show. Few have reservations about slipping on a hot pair of heels or boots to please their partner. Also, don’t forget the extras like stockings as well as styles featuring padlocks and chains for added kink.

Sex Positions

There are sex positions for those with a foot fetish. As you may have guessed, they allow direct contact with a partner’s feet or involve using the feet for direct physical stimulation. For those fond of footjobs, there is the tight toe grip which involves Partner A locking their toes and soles in a tight grip on a bed while the man inserts then strokes his penis between Partner A’s soles. Alternatively, you can try a variation of the 69. The only difference is that Partner A who is positioned on top bends his/her knees, so Partner B can give their feet some oral attention.

Try Alt/BDSM Sites

Alt/BDSM sites allow users to be upfront with their fetishes without reservation making them your best options. With a shared fetish, almost anything is fair game. Everyone is there for similar reasons, are more open-minded, accepting and ready for wild times. Nothing is more satisfying than connecting with other people who share your sexual interests while finding a partner or partners to indulge in your fetish with. Such dating sites are also great for those whose foot fetish carry over into BDSM activities like erotic pain and foot worship. Moreover, connecting with people on these sites presents the opportunity to delve deeper into your fetish, gain new experiences and learn new things.


As you can see, there are endless ways to satisfy your foot fetish. Now it’s time to learn what drives you wild. Pleasures await so whether you want to stick with what you know or take your fetish to the next level, indulge safely and remember that cleanliness is key when it comes to oral play.  

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