Know the Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating


Know the Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating

Online dating has now grown into a fashion trend that is followed by lots of people, without even realizing what they should do for ideal online dating. Therefore, most of the online relations flop at the initial stage of dating and people blame the dating sites for it, without spotting their own ignorance about the whole subject. They should know certain factors that need to be followed during their online dating process, as there are vast differences between the real life dating and virtual dating experiences on online dating sites

Do’s that need to be followed for successful online dating 

There are certain rules that should be followed for making online dating into an enjoyable experience for any man or woman, mainly when the partners meet in person.

  • It is best to meet the chosen dating partners in any public place, in the full view of several other people, rather than meeting secretly in private. As the dating partners are completely unknown to each other, they should be in the company of other people, at least for the first time.
  • Both men and women should inform their families about their new dating partners and where they are going to meet them in person, so that the well wishers can rush for help, if any needed. It is even safer to arrange with any friend to call up after an hour and check if everything is going okay. This is particularly essential for the safety of the women daters.
  • It is best to keep arrangements of own transport, preferably the car with a reliable driver. No one should agree to travel in the car of his/her new dating partner, as it can turn into a ghastly nightmare for them, mainly for the women. 
  • Both men and women should keep enough money to pay their bills, without waiting for the other one to make a move for it. This gesture puts a better impression on the other one, even if some men tend to think that women need not pay the bills of the restaurants, in presence of their male dating partners. 
  • The people going to meet their online dating partners should take extra care to appear clean and well groomed, with clean and well pressed clothes, tidy hair and fair use of deodorants to hide any uncomfortable body odour; so that they may be able to make best impression for their dating partners.
  • The online appearances may not be the same as the real one, so one should not appear rude to his/her partner, even if his/her expectations are not fulfilled after the first meeting with the chosen online date. Moreover, it is better to be prepared for this type of situation, to be able to handle it carefully without hurting the feelings of the other partner.

Important don’ts that should be avoided for online dating 

  • The online relationship should not be extended for too long; else it feels more devastating for any person, when a close relationship breaks off after meeting in person. So the personal meeting should be arranged in the initial stage of online dating.
  • No one should ever agree to visit the home of his/her date for the first time meeting, to ensure that he/she is not trapped in any danger. They should keep company of some reliable friends or family members, if at all they decide to visit the home of the other partner and meet his/her family.
  • It is not considered decent to send obscene pictures to the other partner, after starting their online relationship, as it may create a negative impact on the other person about the sender and may hamper their easy relationship.
  • It is not proper to constantly message the dating partner, even if they are dating online through instant messaging or over the phone, as it can irk the other one rather than making him/her happy. 

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