Snowy Romance: 7 Winter Dates for Online Daters


Snowy Romance: 7 Winter Dates for Online Daters

The leaves have all fallen, the trees are barren, and snow is the only thing you see out your window. If you're single and looking for love, this might feel like the worst time of year. But don't give up hope! 
We're here to help. From cozy get-togethers to outdoor adventures, we've got something for everyone. So ask your cute friend from a dating site out on a date, turn off the computer, put on your coat, bundle up, and get ready to have some fun!

Ice Skating – Hit the Ice Rink

What could be more romantic than spending a winter evening skating hand-in-hand with your date? Ice skating is the perfect winter date idea because it's active, fun, and relatively cheap. Most cities have outdoor ice skating rinks, so check out your local Parks and Recreation website for details.

Bonfire Night- Have a Romantic Fireside Chat

What could be more romantic than snuggling up with your date next to a cozy fire? This winter, invite your love for a night of warmth, conversation, and love.
There are plenty of things to do around a bonfire, from telling stories and making s'mores to simply enjoying one another's company. And what could be more intimate than sharing the sparks of your love under the blanket of a winter night?

Wine Tasting – Taste Varieties of Winter Wines

Tired of romantic dinners in restaurants? Why not take your date to a wine-tasting event! This season is the perfect time to explore different varieties of winter wines. Find out what sort of wines each of you prefers by sampling multiple whites and reds from different regions around the world.
Knowledgeable specialists will guide you through the traditional wine-tasting method in these settings. They will instruct you on properly assessing their flavors and aromas, discuss pairing options, and give recommendations on when and how to serve them best. Do some research and ensure you reserve your tickets well in advance if this sounds like something that can bring more joy to your winter evening!

Snow Ball Fight – Warm Up With a Snowball Fight

Looking for a fun, lighthearted way to stay entertained and warm up during your winter date? A snowball fight might be just the thing! It's a perfect way to get to know one another and have a friendly competition.
Get dressed in warm clothing like layers, hats, and gloves to ensure you're both ready for the cold. When you're all bundled up, head out into the snow and create two "battle lines" - this is war! Set some ground rules, so no one gets too competitive - like no throwing hard or packed snowballs.

Make sure you both stay hydrated between snowball throws with hot chocolate or cider from a local cafe. Keep your energy going with some warm snacks, and take turns having snowball fights. This can be an excellent way for both of you to loosen up on your date and have some fun together.

Sledding - Take a Sled Ride Together

What better way to connect with your date than taking a sled ride together? All you need is a sled, some hills (which you can find at almost any park), and maybe some hot cocoa to make your date special.
Sledding is a fun and low-cost way to bond with your date and an activity you can enjoy together. If there's no snow in your area, why not try tubing instead?
It's the perfect excuse to get together and warm up afterward over a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Plus, you'll have stories to share and plenty of laughter to go around. There's nothing like sledding down a hill together to bring out some silliness!

Snowy Walk - Take a Long Stroll Through the Winter Scenery

Why not take a walk out in the cold? Wrap up warm and take a romantic stroll through wintry scenery. Take some hot chocolate or coffee with you, and if you're feeling adventurous, why not try building a snowman together?
If you're lucky enough to have some hills nearby, go tobogganing! Even if it's just down the nearest grassy bank, it will be a fun and exhilarating experience that will unforgettably bond you. Or, if you're adventurous, try skiing or snowboarding on the slopes - although this might require purchasing ski passes or renting skis which could be costly.

Outdoor Movie Night – Catch the Latest Movies Under the Stars

Calling all movie buffs! Make plans to catch the latest movies in theaters under the starry winter night. Whether you're looking for a rom-com or an Oscar-nominated box office hit, there's undeniably something magical about watching a movie outdoors.
Make sure to wrap up warm with a few extra layers to stay cozy, and bring some blankets and portable chairs, so both of you are comfortable while watching the flick. To keep yourselves entertained beforehand and between the movies, you can exchange stories from your past date night experiences or even play card games.
What's great about this date night is that it's ideal for couples of all ages, as outdoor movie theaters usually have no age limits. Catching a movie under the stars is a unique way to end your evening together!


So there you have ten solid winter date ideas for online daters. These dates will inject romance and fun into your life if you're feeling the winter blues. Whatever activity you choose, there's something special about being outdoors in the heart of winter – especially when huddled together with your date. 
And who knows, you'll find the love of your life in the process.

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