Tips on Approaching Singles on a Dating Site for The First Time


Tips on Approaching Singles on a Dating Site for The First Time

When you contact another member on an online dating site, you may feel nervous and unsure about contacting that person for the first time. It is indeed a bit embarrassing for approaching an unknown person with a dating proposal, but some careful and tricky messages can work wonder on impressing the other person, for becoming the dating partner of the sender of that impressive message. 

Important points to be noted for sending the first message to a chosen online date

  • Study the profile provided on the dating site. Try to get an idea about the character, interests and prefrences of the other person. Use those infomation when creating the first message for him/her.
  • The first message needs to have a friendly tone in it, rather than being too flirty; so that the other person can feel somewhat comfortable about the decency of the sender of that message. However, this can distinguish depending on the category of the site. Be more formal on a regular online dating site and be a little more cheeky on a hookup site
  • It is necessary to keep the first message short and crispy, without using any flowery language or words of praise for your chat partner. No one likes to read long text messages from an unknown person, so it should contain only the important point of that message, which is essentially the information that the sender is interested in knowing him/her better. But avoid any "Hi" "Hey" "Whats up" messages. The idea is to get the other person's interest in a few sentences.
  • However, the tone of the short message should not sound simply business-like, as it is not a formal relationship that is going to be started. So it is best to keep a casual tone in the first message, which can have some touches of the personal interests of the receiver of this message, to convey that both of them share some common passions. Moreover, it will show that you have gone through the profile of the other person and is really interested in knowing him/her more. So there can be a mention about the positive fact that has really intrigued the sender for writing this message, but that should sound like a flattering compliment for the completely unknown person, who may not find it comfortable.
  • There should be no mention about the personal life of either of them, which can be reserved for a time till they start knowing each other in a better manner. So it is better not to ask about his/her family, nor should anything about the family background of the sender of that message be written.
  • The first message can have a very brief introduction about you, but it should not be a long essay on the life and career of the sender. He also should take care not to mention about any achievement in the first message, as that can sound as arrogance to the reader.
  • Everyone loves to be in touch with a humorous person, for which it is great if a bit humor can be added in the language of the short message that is sent for the first time to the chosen dating partner. But this does not mean that one should write a joke, but few funny words that may make the reader laugh are enough for a first-time message.
  • The message should end with a request for further contact or a question that the reader may feel interested to answer, just to inspire the other person in continuing the conversation through the messaging.
  • The message should not contain any spelling or grammatical mistake in the language, as this message will form the first impression about the sender. Hence, it is best to check the message carefully and read it out loudly, to avoid any unwanted mistake. 


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