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Transgender Dating - Where To Find Your Perfect Match


Transgender Dating - Where To Find Your Perfect Match

While acceptance for the LGBTQ community continues to grow globally, transgender men and women still must be careful to ensure their romantic interests are looking for TG love. On the flipside, those who prefer dating a pre-or-post-op transvestites may not always be able to tell that the one they are interested in is indeed TV. Below are the top five places to find the partner you are looking for.

LGBTQ Groups, Clubs, Communities, And Social Spots

While not everyone at LGBTQ-friendly events and social spots is looking for TG love, at least you know you are in a safe place where you are free to be you. Certainly, keep an eye out for TG-only social opportunities—but continue to expand your LGBTQ circle of friends. This will make it easier to meet more likeminded friends, and eventually more love interests. In other words, invest less time on the lookout in your day-to-day activities—and more in your open communities. 

Transgender Dating Websites And TG-Friendly Apps

The fantastic thing about transgender dating websites and TG-friendly apps, is that you can utilize your written profile and filtered features to be clear about who you are—and what you are looking for. For example, you could be a woman looking for a post-op TG man. Or you could be a TG woman, looking for a man. Or a woman who wants a straight man who likes to cross-dress. Or a straight couple, looking for a TG threesome. Or you could be gender fluid and open to anyone you sincerely connect with. Whatever your options may be, you can be very clear and specific. As a general rule, apps are geared towards casual encounters, and dating websites for both casual and committed relationships. Apps are often geo-located, so that you can find a fling in close proximity. Almost every dating website you find is global. This makes it easy to find TV love in cities where you need to be discreet, when moving to a new town or country, when just coming out, or while traveling.

Matchmaking Service

Matchmaking has been around since the dawn of ages, and in recent years is making a major comeback. Matchmaking is the perfect alternative for anyone who is over hookups and bar flings, and searching for lasting love. Just make sure that you find a tenured matchmaker who is skilled in the art of identifying true love. 

Blind Dates And Setups 

So, we all have at least one bad blind date story, but who knows us better than our friends? The key is to identify a friend who is thoughtful about who they set you up with. In other words, not someone who the only common ground you have is a desire for a TG partner—but someone who actually thinks the two of you make a good match. Go in to your blind dates and setups optimistic, yet without too much expectation. At the very least, you may walk away with a new friend.

Join A Singles Group

TG and LGBTQ singles groups are perfect for meeting both friends and romantic interests. Not to worry if there aren’t any groups in your local area, as you can join TG-friendly travel and tour groups. For example, hit up an International Pride with a group from around the world. Or go on a TG singles vacation to find love while experiencing a country for the first time. 
It’s easier than ever to find the TG or TV partner your heart desires, or as a transgender man or women—to find the date of your dreams!

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