What is a Romance Scam?


What is a Romance Scam?

In today’s digital age, dating sites are one of the main platforms where people can connect, communicate and potentially find their soul mate. But the prospect of online dating can have a broad spectrum of benefits and advantages. However, it’s important to emphasize that some people aren’t always what they present themselves to be. Many people while getting excited about meeting new people, fall into the so-called Romance scams

Online Dating Romance Scams Do Exist

Based on the fact that popularity of social networking and dating sites has grown, some people are seeing them as a platform for gaining money through deception. Most of the users of the online dating sites are real people who are looking for their soul mate, but online dating romance scams do exist. In this article we will analyze some ideas about how to avoid a romance scam.

What Is A Romance Scam? 

The first step to prevent this kind of scenario is to understand what is actually a romance scam. According to the FBI, a romance scam is a confidence manipulation involving unsecured romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining their affection with the goal to use their goodwill to commit fraud. Usually, these scams involve gaining access to the victims' money, bank accounts, or identity documents in order to steal their funds and financial savings. 

Stay Cautious

The first and foremost is to always stay cautious. Do not get carried away by an admirer who immediately is expressing passion and love. There might be a solid ground in these cases that those admirers are trying to take an advantage of you. Always make sure to look out for yourself. Never send money to a person that you do not know. If an online dating site user ever asks you for money be sure that is it a scammer. Also many frauds are doing money laundering operations online. In case you get an offer from someone to send you money through wire transfer, that is 100% a scam.

Always Investigate

The second key aspect is to always investigate. It is important to Google and check the user online and gain as much information as possible before engaging in any form of communication. Also, always stay alert. If an admirer does many spelling and grammar errors, has inconsistent stories and excuses for not being able to meet can be the sign of an online scammer. Make wise decisions. Don’t be too quick to share personal information or photos with people you haven’t met. They could use them to scam or will extortion money from you. And if your contact starts demanding your personal identity information, run as fast as you can.

Our Conlcusion

The bottom line is that Romance scammers are present on many online dating sites. However, it is imperative for every dating site user to stay vigilant and to report suspected behavior. Also, by implementing the preventive measures, you can avoid a potential romance scam during your quest of finding the perfect match.

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