What Is Casual Dating?


What Is Casual Dating?

Not everyone is looking for a long term relationship. On the other hand, men and women often don't want to miss physical attraction. Everyone has their needs. Hence, the idea of casual dating has gained popularity among many men and women. The idea is to have fun with each other without any attachment. In a casual relationship, couples can enjoy short-lived physical or emotional bonding, without any serious commitment to each other. 

Main characteristics of a casual dating

  • The main feature of casual dating is that it is a short-term relationship that is mutually agreed by both the partners.

  • The partners involved in a casual relationship generally have some affection and support for each other, but that should not be mistaken for a romantic relationship.

  • This kind of temporary relationship is more often seen among the college goers, who like to get involved in casual dating and sex among the college mates, just for having some fun in life. They find a casual relationship more interesting, as they do not feel fit yet for entering into any stable relationship in life.

  • Both the partners enter into an agreement among themselves that they will not have any major expectation from each other. So these partners should have constant communication between them, to avoid the growth of any romantic feeling in any of them.

  • But normal friends are often afraid of developing this causal relationship, as it hurt their feelings of friendship towards each other. Many people also feel that a romantic feeling may develop in the mind of the partner while going for casual dating.

  • Normally two single students may prefer to develop this casual relationship and enjoy dating experience like their engaged friends. Sometimes, the young men and women with broken past relationship may want to enjoy dating, without any serious commitment again.

  • The sexually active environment of the college life often drives the young students into this kind of temporary relationship, when they fail to find themselves any steady dating partner.

  • But this casual relationship may lead to casual sex, which can have dangerous results, like unwanted pregnancy or any sexually transmitted disease.

  • The intoxication of alcohol, the feeling of inferiority and depression are the major causes for people choosing this casual relationship.

How to strike a successful casual relationship

  • Many people look for new faces to start casual dating with them. So if one spots an interesting person anywhere in the shopping mall or at a restaurant, he/she can approach that person and strike a conversation, ending up in asking for the contact number of that person.

  • As casual relationship is a temporary phase of life, there is no need to be too choosy about selecting the dating partner and one can always experiment by going out with different persons at different times. In this way, it will be easier for him/her to understand the right type of partner who will be suitable for that person.

  • Both the partners should honestly inform the other one that it is just a casual matter and not any serious commitment of a long lasting relationship. So there will be no confusion later on for anyone.

  • It is not proper to discuss about the other instances of casual dating, with one partner and he/she should not be made uncomfortable with any comparison with other dating partners. The partners agreeing for casual dating should not be forced for having casual sex, if he/she does not seem to be ready for it. Their feelings should be given due respect as well.

  • The enjoyments of a casual dating should be as much as any serious dating; including a movie, dinner and moving out at romantic places. 

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