Why Online Dating Is Perfect For Shy Daters


Why Online Dating Is Perfect For Shy Daters

It’s awkward enough meeting someone new in real life, so while meeting someone online might feel comfortable at first—at some point you will have to meet in person, right? This might keep shy daters from heading online, but it shouldn’t! Here is why online dating is the perfect place for those who are shy to ask someone out in person. 

It’s Less Intimidating To Make The First Move

In the world of online dating, a “first move” could be as simple as an online wink—or sending a short and sweet introductory message. If the recipient doesn’t respond, you avoid the awkward in-person rejection. If they do respond you will feel more comfortable and natural being yourself. 

Online Dating Improves Your Live Interaction 

Once you see how many admirers respond to your direct messages, or reach out to you first—your confidence will improve. Not only that, but your insecure and false illusions about your “type” will begin to fade. Online, you will find that romantic interest from all walks of life are interested in you! As your online confidence grows, you will find it easier to approach or engage with romantic interests in real life. 

You Can Just Be You

If you are shy, insecure, or introverted—you probably spend much of your time in your head thinking of all the reasons why someone would not want to date you. You may also find that in-person, you invest time trying to put up a false persona and become the person you think someone else wants you to be. This may make online dating easier—because it’s easier to be you in writing. Make sure this shines through from your profile, to every online interaction. If they don’t like you, there are plenty of people out there who will!

No Interest Or Desire Is Off Limits

Maybe you aren’t shy in general, but you might have a kinky or otherwise off-the-beaten-path sexual desire that you are shy discussing with your romantic interests. However, online dating allows you to be upfront about your desires—and matches you only with others who are looking for the same things you are. In fact, you can join online dating websites geared specifically to your desire for experimentation, S&M, TV-dating, threesomes, hookups, affairs, and any other interest you might be shy discussing with someone you meet organically.

You Can Really Get To Know Someone Before You Meet

Everyone’s approach to online dating is unique. Some people email or instant message for weeks or months before meeting, while others go straight to video chatting, exchanging phone numbers, or scheduling a live date. How you approach this is up to you, but as a shy individual, you may prefer to take your time and really get to know someone before you meet in person. 

While walking up to someone in person may never be something you are comfortable with, introducing yourself to someone online is far easier. Just make sure not to put all of your eggs in one basket, by introducing yourself to many members each week—until you find one or two you would like to get to know better. 


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