Why Western Men Like To Date Russian And Ukrainian Women


Why Western Men Like To Date Russian And Ukrainian Women

Western men seem to be getting increasingly bored with the women in their country. This has many men heading online and hopping on planes to travel halfway across the world to find a Russian or Ukrainian love interest. So, what is the appeal to dating an Eastern European beauty?

Their Features Are Breathtaking

For starters, have you seen Russian and Ukrainian women? It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, you can find women of a variety of shapes, sizes, hair color, eye color, and physical features. However, Slavic women are known for their flawless skin, perfect cheekbones, dark hair, and often dark eyes. Russian women tend to have fair skin, and Ukrainian women are a bit darker. The average height of Slavic women is around 5’5” of long and lean and curvy beauties. However, there are over 160 cultures that make up this region of the world—so you are sure to find a variety of physical features. 

Their Accent Is Sexy

To the untrained ear, Ukrainian and Russian may sound similar—but they are both very distinct languages. What is more challenging to discern though, may be the similarly-sounding English accent of Slavic women. However, hearing a Slavic women speak in English is quite sexy. Even hearing her speak in her native tongue is hot! 

Men Are Looking For More Options

It’s a simple matter of mathematics. What are the odds that your one true love is living in your current country? In your current state? Or in your current city? With over 3.7 billion beautiful women in the world, western men are simply exploring their options—and away from the unlikely odds that the love of their life is the girl next door. In fact, look at how many people you know have settled for what was comfortable and easy. Then look at how often it fails, even if they remain together unhappily ever after. However, women in other countries are far more open to the idea that the love they desire is not in their hometown. It’s not that they aren’t open to dating local gents, just that they aren’t limited to locals. 

Strong Yet Ladylike

If you are looking for a woman who is strong and states her mind, but also ladylike and feminine—Slavic women strike the perfect balance. These exotic beauties are as smart as a whip, but they have great appreciation for gender roles. They are looking for a faithful, strong and protective partner. A masculine man who wants to take care of them, even though she can take care of herself.

Slavic Women Are Looking For A Modern Gentleman

If you are looking for a lady who is traditional, without throwing her feminist mission down your throat—then you must also embrace the fact that she is looking for a true gentleman. This is not to say that Slavic women don’t also embrace independence or modern momentum, just that she values the traditional family. That being said, not all Slavic men desire a committed and faithful relationship. If that is what you have to offer as a Wester man, it’s a great way to win her over. So, yes maybe you help around the house more than men of generations past—but you are still the provider and protector. 

To connect with Russian, Ukrainian, or Eastern European world from anywhere in the world—head online. By identifying a reputable online dating website, designed to connect Slavic beauties to Western men—you can really expand your dating options. Take advantage of match features, direct messaging, and since you are oceans apart, also the ability to video chat in real-time!

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