Why Younger Men Like Older Women


Why Younger Men Like Older Women

Younger men like older women for a plethora of reasons. There is something undeniably intriguing about the May-December romance. Curiosity is certainly a factor along with physical attraction, but it goes much deeper than that. Several factors drive younger men to older women so let’s jump right in and discuss.


This certainly tops the list of reasons why younger men like older women. Older women have reached a level of maturity that appeals to younger men. This is especially the case for men who have had their fair share of petty arguments, unnecessary jealousy, endless games and other relationship turmoil that comes with an immature partner. Over time, an older woman becomes a breath of fresh air with a lot of relationship potential. They have overcome bad relationship behaviors and are much more secure with themselves which eliminates common deal breakers like neediness and dependency. Older women also tend to be more caring. They have this wonderful ability to give as much as they take because, over the years, they’ve learned that doing so is the only way a relationship will work.


There is also something sexually alluring about being with a more experienced woman. Men often want to indulge in all that having an intimate relationship with an older woman has to offer. Not only do older women know what men want but they know what they want and are comfortable communicating that to their partners. Two things are required to truly satisfy a man. The first is having their own pleasures fulfilled by their partner while the second is knowing that they satisfy the woman they are with. Older women deliver both. Not to mention intercourse with an older woman is surely a monumental moment in a man’s sexual journey. One should never stop learning new things.

Intellectual Conversation

Men are also drawn to the advanced level of conversation older women offer. Due to their life experiences, they bring more to the table and do so eloquently. Even better is the fact that mature women have a way of presenting different perspectives. This may challenge your current position on varying topics and open your mind to new things. Intellect is stimulating.

Clarity and Focus

Clarity and focus in life are sexy qualities. Nothing compares to being with a woman who is secure, knows where she is going and how to get there (or in many cases, has gotten there already). With that, comes a sense of security within themselves that makes relationships with them so much easier. There’s no need to carefully navigate the complexity that is them because mature women are direct. What you see is what you get. Take it or leave it.


And lastly, younger men are attracted to older women because of the freedom it brings. As mentioned, older women come with a level of independence that is hard to find among the younger demographic. They are stable both emotionally and financially meaning relationships are a choice rather than a necessity. Therefore, clinginess and dependency are rarities. This makes the relationship more enjoyable for men because they find themselves valued and appreciated rather than needed. Better yet, you live your life, she will live hers and the two of you can come together as you please. It’s as simple as that.

That concludes the topic of why younger men like older women. Perhaps you may want to find your own May-December romance with a sexy, older woman. It may be just what you’re looking for. Maturity, experience, intellect, clarity, focus, and freedom are hard to pass up. Don’t you think? Check out some of our cougar dating sites reviews and see how the most popular cougar dating sites compare to each other before you decide to join. 

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