Anastasia Date review. Is it any good or a complete fake?


A dating site that brings together East & West through the power of internet dating...

AnastasiaDate is a conventional dating brand aimed at helping couples to connect online before making plans to meet together in real life. While most traditional dating sites are built around the premise that you can find love in your local area, AnastasiaDate takes a unique approach by positioning itself as an agency that helps you meet, correspond and get together with a foreigner.

Our AnastasiaDate Review

Once you're inside the members area of the site, the choice is mainly Ukrainian, Romanian and Russian women (we registered as a male for the purpose of this review), which explains the name AnastasiaDate. In recent years the site has removed any blatant mention that it exclusively exists to help western men find Russian women, but although there were other nationalities represented it's clear this is still the site's bread and butter.

How Does AnastasiaDate Work?

The internal area has a stylish arrangement, both modern and simple to navigate. The potential matches that show when you first log in are incredibly beautiful single ladies, almost model-like, and indeed attractiveness – and getting attention from attractive women -  is a key selling point of this dating website.

Are The Women On AnastasiaDate Real?

Any doubts that the women may not be genuine are quickly removed by initiating an instant chat session with some of the attractive female members on AnastasiaDate. Rather than viewing profiles and running searches like a typical online dating site, you're encouraged to enter into such chats with the female members from the outset. We were permitted a certain amount of interaction time (chat or mutual video) before you have to buy credits to continue chatting. You also have the option to send virtual gifts to the object of your affection using the purchased credits, should you so desire.

Interestingly, there is no real encouragement to complete your online dating profile or enhance your own description in any way, with the focus being fully on instigating chats with females and going from there; building a relationship, getting to know each other, etc. Even the search system is restricted to a small link on the main navigation – presumably because filters, such as those that select results based on distance apart, are of less importance on a site that doesn't prioritise a close location for it's members.

Some Concers With AnastasiaDate

One of the big concerns we had when putting together our review on AnastasiaDate was whether we would meet some language barriers when speaking with the female singles. Generally, we had no problems (on one occasion a girl was slightly emoticon obsessed, but then who isn't these days?!) but we did find a very interesting feature available to anyone that wishes to have a phone call with one of the site's female members. A three-way telephone conference is available and allows you to have a conversation with any member on AnastasiaDate. The third wheel in this three-way conversation is an interpreter, who joins for translation purposes and, according to the site, to “show you in a good light”.

Conlusion: Should You Join AnastasiaDate?

AnastasiaDate is not your conventional online dating site, let's make that clear. If you're looking to meet the girl next door, metaphorically or literally, this site is most definitely not for you. The female members are extremely hot, extremely available and extremely foreign! If you like the idea of meeting someone a little more exotic and having an adventure as well as a relationship, then the site is, without a doubt, the best in the market for your needs.

For the sceptics out there, the success stories page lists a number of relationships that have started because of the site and let's face it, the site wouldn't have lasted so long if it wasn't good at what it does. It owns this particular niche in the market and has the members, features and brand awareness to bring it's members success. The only question is, are you willing to extend your online search for love abroad?

If you do decide to use AnastasiaDate we would recommend coupling it with at least one additional dating site subscription to boost your chances. If it's a certain nationality that you're looking for, most dating allow you to pinpoint your search to any country where they have members. reviews:

  • 2018-03-17 04:15:40, Jeffrey (Man, 37)



    Lot of crap. Pay your money and maybe one in every five girls that reply to you is actually real. Im new to the russian online thing but for me it's a pretty negative first try. 5/10
  • 2017-05-25 01:17:14, Richard (Man, 44)

    4/5 from me


    I've been using this site on my cell phone (android) for a few weeks now and its definitely a case of so far, so good! There are a lot of ladies on the site and you can get chatting to them pretty much straight away – there are always plenty on line. A few of the girls could have better english I guess, but its no biggie I always know what their asking and when I do meet a girl that I dont get on well with I just switch to someone else. Very pleased and will be sticking with it :-)
  • 2017-05-20 10:20:31, Greg K. (Man, 47)



    I've been trying so many dating sites all the usual suspects and they are all the same thing in different packaging IMO. This one is different from the start. Ive no idea what id do if I fell in love because the members are mostly miles away but im having to much fun to care haha! If it happens ill cross that brige when I come to it. Main thing is its a fun site and you get replies, which is more than I can say for other sites. Worth trying for sure.
  • 2017-03-05 16:41:08, Anonymous (Man, 45)

    Some very pretty women on this site


    Joined Anastasia Date a couple of months ago and ive already met a couple of nice women that I have really bonded with. I've never been the type of guy that would rule out anything in a life partner, especially not nationality or whatever. I've tried local dating sites and in all honesty I prefer the girls here, even if the road to being with them is a little bit more complicated. I'd recommend this site to anyone that likes the idea of being with a stunning girl and doesnt care what her passport says.

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