Is Dating.com a legit and safe dating site?


Dating.com (Perfect-Dating.com)

With a name as clean and simple as dating.com, the hopes were high for this one. The main page immediately stands out – no cheesy images of two models pretending to be in love here. Just some heart shaped balloons, a super short registration form and some images of real members below. A nice start, even if the “Take a Chance” button does make us feel a bit like we're playing a slot machine, but maybe that'e the point – no promises here, just a chance at finding love.

Dating.com Review: Is It A Scam?

As it turns, out, the registration process isn't quite as quick as the front page made us think, but that's forgivable. After all, the best way to attract members of the opposite (or same) sex is to provide information on your dating profile. And so it is that after the initial short form we're urged to provide some more information about ourselves as the main dating site waits for us tantalizingly in the background.


One we reach the main promised land of the main dating.com member home page, our reviewers were asked to indicate how they feel today – flirty, bored, etc – in order to better help them search for the right singles. And this unusual question isn't the only difference that dating.com has compared to typical online dating sites. In fact, everything about this love search site feels new at first, from layout to everything else.


Features Of Dating.com

In terms of features, there are a good variety of options on dating.com. They offer standard messaging (either email style or instant chat for when you're both online at the same time), video / web cam chat, a “Let's Mingle” button that allows you to send out an intro message to multiple targeted singles at once and more.


Is Dating.com For Free?

In terms of the cost to use the site, it's free to join and search for local singles as you'd probably expect if you're well versed in the dating scene like we are. Sending messages require credits, which can be purchased in bulk once you've decided you'd like to start contacting other single members. Sending ice-breakers like emoticons and stickers are free and act as a good way to let somebody you know you're interested in them on dating.com. When you take the plunge and splash the cash on some credits, you do receive a bunch of free chats and intro messages as part of the deal, which helps get you started.

It has to be said that by the end of our reviewing period we had enjoyed some chats, but were still dateless. For all of the style and freshness, dating.com – for the area we were in at least – didn't quite live up to our admittedly high expectations. It's possible that a few more weeks of messaging (or moving to a major city) would be far more fruitful and could bring a serious chance of true love, but it's something that will greatly depend on the member number for the area you are based.

Our Conlcusion: Is Dating.com Worth Joining?

All in all, this site has shown plenty of promise. We feel that dating.com is a few tweaks away from being a major player but urge our readers not to be won over by the modern interface. Dating sites; old, new, beautiful, outdated, stylish, ugly – they should all be judged on one thing. Interaction. And this will depend on member numbers. We'd recommend you check it out, run some searches and decide if it's the site for you to find your soulmate, or just another pretty ballon that will eventually deflate your hopes. We hope it's the former!


As always, remember to sign up to at least three sites any any one time. This will help your dating efforts immensely by giving you variety, increased interaction and a chance to compare like for like. A lot of things in life don't come easy, but if anything is worth a little effort, then it's love.

Dating.com (Perfect-Dating.com) reviews:

  • 2018-08-04 12:42:43, Mike (Man, 46)

    What you don’t know about this site


    It’s obvious this site is a scam. Once you start to chat, your money goes fast. Some ladies say that they have to pay to use this service, others say that they don’t, it’s free for them. I went to my bank after checking my account and noticed that over $500 was taken out in a two day period. No explanation were given by the site. I asked my bank to cancel my account so they would stop taking money out. The bank described this site as a dating site and escort service. You will never meet these women because they are getting paid by the site to chat with you. That’s why the charges are so expensive. Guys, stay away from this site.
  • 2018-07-23 11:51:43, Dieter Keuning (Man, 24)

    Amolatina, Dating.com


    I was on Amolatina for three and half weeks, spend around €5000,- on that scam site. Guess what same of the profiles on Dating.com are the same as on Amolatina.com. They both use the same credits system and layout of both site aren't that different, basically it's the same site. Guys runaway from these scam site. don't make the same mistake i made in three weeks. I believe that some girl are real but the majority of them are fake as hell. used models of any type of other girl/woman. these sites are only made to empty our money and rob us from our hard earned money. No exchaning contact information, no facebook, no instagram, no phone, either it's broken or stolen. Don't be a fool like me. They only tell you the same things over and over again. They answer a question wrong to keep you going. Wasting both money and time. These site are only made for profit, not to meet some from South-America or some place else. They probably use bots in the beginning and later it'll be a trained person to keep you going. Lot's of the mails you are getting from the "lady" are the same. I found out about this when i was chatting to two different ladies and their mail were roughly the same. Staring with; hi honey, hi dear, dear, honey, your name. They also use a lot of; She/he and him/her. I warning you. Stay away and don't get sucked in like i did. I feel kinda stupid and guilty that i spend that much money on something so fake. Money gone and time wasted.
  • 2018-07-09 22:52:15, LK (Man, 32)

    Yep, fake shit indeed


    there are girls with 24/7 online. Usually very attractive and come to talk to you. If you start thinking with your dick, you will probably spend few hundreds just to talk and hope to have her email ou number. I really don't know how they get away with it.
  • 2018-05-08 19:36:57, Mila (Woman, 22)



    STAY AWAYYYY FROM THIS SITE!!!!YES ALL CAPPPSSSS!!! They will unauthorizely charge you! The moment you sign up will cost you 15.99 USD! But it will never show up on your screen! You'll just find out about it on your credit card bill! I NEVER SAW A PROMPT MSG THAT I NEED TO PAY SUCH AMOUNT!! DONT EVER EVER BUY CREDITS!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! They will automatically charge you the moment you give your details. Site will lure you with good looking men & women but none of them are real! All bots or maybe paid men and women to take your money. I was on the site for 10 mins before i realized it was a scam and was charged 35 USD!!! FACEBOOK should not allow them to run their ads!!!
  • 2018-04-06 14:24:57, Anne (Woman, 39)

    Dating.com is fake


    I was cheated by the dating.com.At first I thought I met my mr. right,but it was all a fake.I spend money for chatting on the website,then I asked to exchange mail or number.But the member always said no.If he is a real man,how he can’t want to exchange contact.It was my true experience .pls don’t join the dating.com
  • 2018-03-03 16:22:38, Ngo (Woman, 39)

    Dating.com is a criminal site


    I have tried this dating.com website for a month. And more and more I realize that this site hired many beautiful men and women to lure users to their trick and spend money just for chatting service. Those hired persons will never accept to contact you outside of this site. I think this is a way of cheating people to take money. We should announce this for everyone to know and avoid loosing money for this shit. Must be reported to the authorities to close it down for good.
  • 2018-02-19 00:32:13, Sean (Man, 42)

    A great international dating site


    I've been on Match.com and would often get responses from people who were pretending to be local, but were from across the ocean. Here they don't have to pretend to be local and can honestly tell you who they are and where they are from. I found a couple of honest girls here, who didn't ask me for money, and refused to contact me on my personal email. Having trouble finding local, maybe international is the way to go. But still be cautious.
  • 2018-01-22 03:50:53, Venus (Woman, 21)

    dating.com is a big joke!


    I tried dating.com website last few days hoping to find a serious relationship or some kind of relationship which is new to me because of the different place/state the man could be. Gladly I didn't pay for that site some chats from different men has the same introduction.what the..
  • 2018-01-14 18:30:03, Daria (Woman, 26)



    this site is a total scam and no real people are writing. Even before I updated my profile and uploaded any pics, I received a tonn of typical romantic messages from identical glamorous, model-looking men definitely viral ones. The system required payments for responses to these fake profiles and I proceeded to delete my profile, which is impossible. Hence I dlted all the info, renamed my profile into ''fuck off''. I keep on receiving loads of messages from these identical profiles and lots of inceitives to spend money on this shit. total scam
  • 2018-01-09 20:04:13, Nick (Man, 31)

    The numbers don't add up


    Dating.com is definitely a scam. One of the women profiled is a fourth year medical student at the age of 20. Then when you look at her other photos it says she she works full time as a business administrator. She is a real catch, a multi tasker lol . She can study a medical degree and work full time. Not sure which university she goes to, she must have started when she was 16. Clearly they can't get there facts oops I mean lies right. Don't go near this site.
  • 2018-01-02 17:11:08, loe (Woman, 30)



    well all those text and email and profile and pictures keep telling me that its so good to be true. i didnt buy any credits tho, but somehow i was really upset. LOL. So i erased all my pics and change my profile name to be "shitty, this site is fake" and suddenly all those email and chat disseapeared. HAHAHA. I win!!! try it yourself guys,, fight n revenge!!
  • 2017-12-27 14:33:12, celeste (Woman, 39)

    Too Bad!


    Really bad cause I already deleted my account on this site but still they are charging me through my credit card. I only did it once but until now they charge me. Anybody can help me what to do about it? Please...I already called up the credit card company about my problem but they cannot cancel the charges cause it's automatic. What will I do? I need your help please please please....Thanks.
  • 2017-12-17 10:37:03, Bert (Man, 35)

    Four Stars (out of five)


    Good enough site. Has what you need and its just up to you after that, happy enough with dating.com TBF. Bert
  • 2017-12-16 04:56:41, Nolo (Man, 34)

    Fake for sure


    Dating.com is FAKE like it's good reviews. Fake customer service....."what's app" for a company based in New York City? People on the site claim they don't have email and can only use this site because they don't have internet. But wait....they can log onto this site? Daters don't want you to send emails through the site only chat. Very expensive..... $10 to view each photo, $10 to read an email, $10 to send an email, $1 per minute for chat; though the clock seems to run quicker than yours. They even charge $1 for emojis.....lolol! If you read the fine print they state they are not responsible for charges contacting or booking trips to see your scammer....I mean interest. They also state they will forward your correspondence to any credit card company to fight any chargebacks or disputes. Do yourself a favor....ignore the fake positive feedback and don't waste a penny or minute on the site or any of their sister sites like AmoLatina, Russian Brides, ArabianDates, AfricanDates, etc....
  • 2017-12-04 20:47:51, Pimky (Woman, 42)



    I've been on this site for 4 days now they keep on sending lots of automated messages.Dont even mention the money you pay to chat I met this guy and told him that we need to chat outside of the website he seemed very sincere and true but then when I look at the pictures of this guys they are all professional fine. When said to him let's chat outside of this platform he said what's wrong with it. I said firstly I feel lot of people here are playing games and it's too expensive I left him my email and stopped responding to his chats I wanna wait and see if he make contact. But i can say without doubt that it's fake.
  • 2017-10-22 18:27:38, A guy Who Should Have Known Better (Man, 44)

    Dating.com, AmoLatina, etc...all related sites are bogus.


    $50 USD to send e-mails? Lucky you, that's cheap. The place more than nickel-and-dimes you. Once someone sends a text, it costs 1 credit/minute to converse. To read an e-mail there is 10 credits. A photo sent to you? 10 more credits. On and on. $96 US gets you 160 credits (which is at a 25% discount), which may last a day and a half...What sets it apart is that MOST of them women are unreal. Beyond gorgeous, even those listed as teachers.The site itself seems to block 99% of attempts at exchanging contact information, not just unsolicited; the ones that DO get through, well, the women claim not to know what you're sending OR that they want to talk to you there more first. So tell me, considering how much this can rack up--easily the cost of a round-trip ticket from South America to the East Coast and back!---how is this fair? A real conversation on Dating.com costs a LOT. If you were a real woman, and sincere, why would you do that to some guy? Literally the only way the site lets you and someone else exchange information is by signing a Marriage Brokers disclosure style document...which they do NOT advertise is the only means of providing uncensored e-mail or phone number...So you fill it out, and if the other person fills theirs out then MAYBE if they're real you may hear from them. I thought Match.com, etc., were spendy, but my suspicion is that a lot of women on there are getting a chunk of change for talking to these shmucks, stringing out the conversations. And yes, as mentioned the women are amazingly gorgeous. Even with cultural things taken into consideration it's clear they've taken professional studio photos in most case. The good part about Dating.com is that, unlike Craigslist, you don't get buried in spam. Bad part is they bury you in proposals and greetings from *cough* real women and 98% of the time YOU ARE PAYING. Literally. Just stop, turn around, and go somewhere else.
  • 2017-10-14 11:26:48, Lolo (Man, 54)

    Dating.com eats $


    I paid three times in total sum of be USD50, hoping to contact some of the girls but they ended up telling me they can't contact via email or phone, that's strange, then how could we contact in real-life? I also created another account without photo and intro, they can still send me bunch of messages....gee, they only want to eat your money... I paid my $ and learned my but it is a total fake.
  • 2017-10-07 12:31:52, Jesa (Woman, 21)

    Its now proven Dating.com is fake!


    At first Im on my facebook scrolling, and I saw this app. Then I installed it and feel really excited, on my first signed up I got a bunch of messages from different man that look handsome and most of their photos are look like a model and then I replied them. But I was a bit curious and wondered because some of them didn't respond back. And their message is really different all of them cant say your name or even introduce themselves first. Then after a minute cant chat them back because you need to subscribe and pay credit. Then I wonder if I pay but There is one thing that come's in my mind, "why go to the google first and see the reviews about this site." And now I read a reviews that its fake and thanks that I came here or else I waste my money and time. And thankful that some sharing their experience and the truth. I made another name on dating.com without heading profile and no picture but still recieve a bunch of automated messages like a promises or about love or something like romantic. Haha its really proven that its fake!
  • 2017-09-26 17:08:24, Tom Levinson (Man, 44)

    Why dont they focus on local connections?


    I had high hopes for dating.com really did. But as soon as I noticed the stuff about “meet anyone anywhere” I started to get worried. After I joined my fears were completely realised. Not enough effort in setting you up with people near you. If I wanted to meet a girl miles away id join a freakin russian bride site. Not happy but every cloud has a silver lining, its one less site to try out and ill move on to something better next, wont be hard! ;-)
  • 2017-08-25 17:45:52, Margaret (Woman, 55)

    Dating.com - Fake


    First dating website I have ever registered with and I am suspicious already. With exception of one, I feel like I am receiving messages from automated robots in order for the site to prompt exchanges and gain money for extra credits to work out if the person is real or not. Great business drenched in fraudulent behaviour.
  • 2017-07-23 16:15:54, Don't Fool Me (Man, 45)

    Poor not impressed at all


    Site looks good to start of but then wen your inside the grls r 2 pretty n unrealistic 4 me. Left strate away. Avoid.
  • 2017-07-23 02:05:04, Michael K (Man, 44)

    Not as easy as they make out but still worth running a search


    I think this is one of these love search sites that depend on where you live. If you're in big cities or towns you probably have a much better shot than those of us out in the sticks! I've been searching and considering theres not too many people within 20 miles ive still had some nice talks over the past few weeks. I don't drive so im restricted but would be willing to take a train for the right lady.
  • 2017-07-13 21:33:48, Peter Edward Chubbock (Man, 60)

    Check before you join


    Have been on this site since March and meet a beautiful lady,but be warned once you get connected by getting credits 160 will cost you £86.00 that is for 2hrs chat if you talk every day your money will soon vanish.That is for just talking if you need extras you will have to pay more money / like sending photo's or animations , have asked the lady i have meet can I fly to her she said no, can I have your address she said no to that.There are companies out there that use women to keep men on line as long as possible to make money,so please be careful everyone.
  • 2017-07-13 14:36:18, jayme (Woman, 19)

    bogus site.. all fake..


    it took me awhile to entertain the thought that all men there are fake.. was still taking chances and choosing what seemed like a real convo.. turns out, still a fake profile.. they lure u with pictures of good looking men, too good to be true profiles.. then u'll notice the pattern.. the whole site is fake itself.. unlike other sites, some members are fake but not the site itself... this site really has no intentions of pairing couples.. their intentions are to rip u off through credits to communicate.. cruel intentions...
  • 2017-07-09 18:11:01, James (Man, 19)



    If there were an awsrd given for the Greatest Scammer, Dating.com would win it.
  • 2017-04-17 07:20:58, Chris (Man, 47)

    Not a bad option


    Been using this in london and must say it's a bit better than some of the other sites ive been using to try and find the woman or me lol. I like the way its set up and it's got a nice mobile app too so I can use it like all the cool kids do when im on the bus to work. Split with my long term gf last christmas so hoping this is the site to get me back on track on the relationship front. Fingers sand toes crossed anyway.
  • 2017-04-16 07:00:58, Alan (Man, 47)

    Like it


    Not been a member long but giving it a shot. Nice looking site and some really nice looking women on there. Some even have their emails. Not decided if it's all to good too be true yet but hoping for the best and so far quite happy with it overall.
  • 2017-04-09 01:28:11, Michael (Man, 41)

    My Dating.com review


    It's not the worst site out there but I expected a bit better I guess with a company name like dating.com. Ive spoken to a few members and tried to set up a few dates but nothing yet. Some really nice people but they will need to start putting the 'dating' in to 'dating.com' soon or ill have to go somewhere else.
  • 2017-04-03 01:38:40, Jason Pervola (Man, 45)

    5/10 Meh


    Everything about dating.com is meh. Nothing special. As we say in my town, all fur coat and no knickers. Don't pay until you've done a proper search and made sure it's busy near you.

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