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Expat Dating

Our Review


As online dating grows the options for searching for love are becoming more refined. A new site dedicates itself to helping find single expats a date in any country. But does it really work? Our dating review team took a detailed look...

What Is Expat Dating

When you move abroad there are so many things to think about. What if I don't like (or find) my new job in my new country? How will I cope with the cultural and linguistic differences away from home? How will I manage to meet new friends and maintain an active social life? How can I meet single people in my new area as a foreigner and have a relationship? It's the last couple of points that newly launched aims to cater to, providing an international dating platform that specialises in making any worries that expats have about setting up dates in a new country disappear.

Expat Dating Is A Larger Area Than One Might Think


Expat dating is a larger area than one might think and it's clear soon after signing up to the site that there is a massive opportunity here due to the sheer size of the market, both for a dating site for expats to lead the way in this area and also for single expats to find romance in their new home. With international travel more common than ever, more and more people are choosing to leave home to try living in a new country. Sometimes their concern is how to meet people when taking a year out or how do you find dates when you relocate to a new city abroad? This growth in the number of expats has been combined with the amazing surge of singles using online dating as their main way of finding dates nearby and a site like Expat Dating is well positioned to use this "perfect storm" to create an expat dating site that really works.

Our Review

Our expat dating site review team felt that the site looked great and modern, working on any device (something which is crucial for people that travel around a lot and so need to be able to access and reply to online dating profile messages on phones or tablets). Moreover, was found to be quick and easy to register on, with new users only needing a valid email address to show and then validate their identity to help to prevent users signing up who aren't genuine. Once in the members area, there are a plethora of ways to search single dating profiles nearby to your new area and check out the people that you feel you might like to get chatting with or, better still, ask out on a date!

How Does Work?

There's a free trial for Expat Dating, allowing you to get a feel for how the expat dating site works and the varios ways it's different from other top expat dating sites online. The free expat dating site trial covers a lot of functionality and our expat site reviews team recommend that users in any country should start with the trial to search for single expats nearby to see how many Expat Dating members are in their local area looking for friendship, romance or something more serious. The communication options on are excellent too, letting you get chatting with local single expats quickly to see if you're compatible enough to arrange a local date with a single expat.

Our Conlusion: Is Worth Joining?

All in all, Expat Dating is one of the best dating sites for expats looking for love that we have reviewed. With a large number of expats using the site in America, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and many other countries, it's the perfect option to help singles who have moved abroad to set up dates and meet new people.

Please bear in mind that online dating for expats can take time and effort, so it's better to try several sites at once to boost your chances of meeting single expats for fun. Good luck!

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