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Swingers dating

Feeld.co Review

The number of swinger lifestyle dating sites is growing fast and this review on polygamous relationships is for a mobile app that is gaining popularity. But does it actually help you find couples?

Our latest dating apps review entry feels like one of the new kids on the block in terms of popular dating sites, despite originally being established in 2014. It goes by the ambiguous name of feeld.co. and is available via the android and apple app store, focusing exclusively on finding swinging couples and singles, creating a modern, convenient way to meet couples online or search for local threesomes.

The days of wife-swapping swingers growing pampas grass outside their homes as a way of sending a discreet, coded ‘signal’ to others that enjoy the swinging lifestyle, or throwing keys into a bowl at swingers parties, seem to be a thing of the past. With the arrival of the internet, the online partner swapping revolution has transitioned online into a realm that has up until now been led by swing specific sex sites such as MeetCouples.club and SDC or some of the more general, catch all casual dating sites that also allow couples to join, such as AdultFriendFinder or Fling. Feeld has spotted the opportunity and jumped into bed with those proven swinger sites to see if it can spice things up to a new level.

Does the Feeld threesome dating app work or is Feeld a scam?

Feeld certainly looks the part, with an app-only experience that we like for some things (while preferring the browser-based sites for others) as well as offering blogs and lots of promises about inclusivity and the ability to connect with kinky, non-monogamous humans rather than bots, which all sounds good to us.

The Feeld app offers a range of ways to chat and meet with swing communities, providing a wide range of non-binary gender options and taking the social discovery approach to helping you to hook up with local swingers nearby.

feeld review

What are the best swing dating sites to meet couples?

As briefly touched up earlier, Feeld is part of a market that is less cluttered than other adult dating niches, such as BDSM dating or online MILF dating sites. The clear leader from the swinger dating reviews that we’ve carried out is MeetCouples, but we’ve also found that Adult Friend Finder can work well as a site for finding threesomes, swinger lifestyle couples or even arranging and attending orgies. Feeld distinguishes itself from those sites by providing an app only experience.

feeld review

Is Feeld one of the top swinger websites?

The simple answer to this is that time will tell. We’ve written threesome and swinger site reviews on a number of sites and then gone back to do updates, such is the history and track record that the other popular swinger lifestyle websites have. Feeld dating app is still fairly new to the market and will need time to build up more of a critical mass to provide strong experiences across multiple locations, something that the web/ mobile browser sites have a long head start on. But it’s not to be ruled out yet. Our experience was that the app certainly looks the part and in some very busy cities, it could well be worth trying out.

Feeld Swinger Dating App Review – Our Verdict

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Feeld’s swing lifestyle dating app and suggest you do too, especially if you live in a major city in which case it’s a good idea to open an account on this to compare with a couple of the more established swinger meetup websites. But ultimately, until more of the online swinging communities discover Feeld, our recommendation would be to stick to the tried and tested platforms that should have a larger number of local swingers using them. Our threesomes review team all agreed that a sleek, sexy app is nice to have but the key for anyone looking to find couples or singles for swinging is a busy dating experience and at the end of the day, a non-app based dating site functions just as well on the browser of any device; mobile, laptop, tablet or PC.

Our verdict is that Feeld has potential, but for now, we see it as a back up to the more proven and established dating for couples websites.


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