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Tattoo Dating

Tattoo Singles 4U Review


The latest entry on our dating site reviews list brings together two growing societal trends, online dating and tattoos. Could you find romance through Read on to see if we think it’s worthwhile…

Whether you’re a regular reader of our site or not, it’s likely you are aware of the huge number of online dating sites sprawling throughout the interwebs. There are so many sites for meeting people online for fun, romance and love that you may wonder why a site is required that brings tattooed singles or people who find tattoos attractive together. However, if you’re reading this then it’s likely you are either a tattooed single or looking to meet people with tattoos and therefore probably understand the benefits of bringing together like minded people together is not particularly pleasing on the eye, aesthetically speaking, but it has plenty of good features and a free trial that allows enough communication and interaction to give any tattoo lover a chance to get a feel for how the site works and the amount of interested singles with tattoos nearby. In other words, it does what it needs to do in terms of providing single people with tattoos with a platform for meeting others without judgement or prejudice. We rounded up a tattoo dating sites reviews squad to test the site from various global locations, some of which have tattoos and others that just find tattoos hot!

Is this one of the top dating sites for meeting girls with tattoos?

Whether you’re looking to find local single women with tattoos or meet inked guys with tattoos online, it’s safe to say that this site has plenty of each. On entering you’re met with an abundance of tattoo dating profiles, many of which are plastered with photos of singles with their tats out and on full display.

From full sleeves to inked legs, stamps to full body colouring, you can flick through tattoo pics and reach out to tattoo lovers to compliment their designs or find out what tattoo they are planning next. The great thing about a niche dating site like tattoosingles4u is that conversation is a lot easier to strike up…hint: just talk about tattoos and if you get a reply then you’re half way to towards being able to set up a date with a tattooed single.

Is Tattoo Singles 4 U a scam or a good place for meeting tattoo hotties?

Our tattoo date reviewers didn’t find anything to report in terms of scams. As always, you’re urged to be vigilant and on the look out for non-genuine users, but that could be said for all top dating sites, whether for meeting people with tattoos or not.

When you sign up to, there is a requirement to validate your email in an attempt to prevent anyone from signing up. On top of that, there are all the usual security seals and pledges that new members are moderated both by technology and a team of individuals working on the tattoo singles 4U site.

Tattoo Singles 4U reviews – our verdict

Despite the growing number of inked singles (is it just us or does everybody have a tattoo these days?), there aren’t too many top tattoo dating sites for people looking to have a relationship with a inked girl or tattooed guy. For that reason, tattoo singles 4U is well positioned to capture many of the tattoo loving audience it caters to. It benefits from being one of the leading sites for tattoo lovers and, despite not being the pretties of websites to look at, it functions well and always seems to be busy. If you’re looking for a tattoo lover nearby tonight, then that might just be all you need.


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