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As hooking up online becomes more popular, the casual dating scene is evolving to meet the demand for non-traditional sexual encounters. Along with BBW, BDSM sites (such as altdatingclub.com reviewed here), GILF, MILF and Cougar dating sites (such as Cougars69), Trans sites are becoming more and more popular. There is a debate to be had here about the increasing number of gender fluid, non-binary, queer and gender ambiguous people in society, but we'd rather skip such a serious conversation and focus on the superficial question that really matters to our readers: “I want to screw a transgender but I don't know where to start?”

Our T-Dates.com Review

Tdates is generally regarded and a leading transsexual hookup site and aims to connect it's trans members (whether that be transgender, transexual or even just transvestite) with those members that  are keen to hook up with them. If you're reading this review then chances are trans people turn you on, and chances are you came here to see if Tdates lives up to its reputation. Our review team tried the site from a few different locations.

How Does T-Dates.com Work? 

Tdates is simple, quick and easy to join. The front page content demonstrates awareness of the complicated gender identity side of its target audience, suggesting that there are most likely trans people behind the site (as sites in this area are normally unprofessional and covered with references to trannys, trannies, ladyboys, shemales, sissies, sissys, chicks with dicks, etc, despite the fact that such terms tend to be quite offensive to gender fluid people).

This self-awareness doesn't mean the site is all 'nicey nicey' and focused on love and romance though. The imagery and tone is both explicit and sexual. Once you register you enter a trans dating members area that is highly erotic and very much hardcore. If viewing and meeting sensual shemales and T-girls is your thing then chances are you won't be disappointed here.


Is T-Dates.com Free To Use? 

The free to access internal members area of tdates is a bustling hub of activity. There's a central time line that updates every few minutes with recently uploaded trans videos and trans dater photos, as well as webcam streams, user written blog content and sex stories, site polls, galleries, sex clubs and even a local sex events diary. Before you even start searching and chatting with the members on Tdates there is a lot to keep you busy. That being said, our review team found that the best plan of action was to complete your profile, run some local searches for trans members and then start sending messages out. At that point, while waiting for the replies that can lead to your first offline meeting with a trans dating member, you can get stuck into the various features and fun stuff the site offers.

Hot Or Not

One feature we would highlight before you get started is the 'Hot or Not' search option. Although more typical search options are available (e.g searching by 'online now' or 'new'), the Hot or Not feature let's you skip through lots of horny members in a short space of time. Each click of “Hot” let's the user know that you're interested and therefore acts as a fun way to get involved immediately with other members on Tdates.

We found that when we registered on T-Dates.com from the US, UK, Canada and Australia that the site functioned well and more positively, there were a lot of local members to get speaking to. The site does seem particularly strong in English speaking countries.

Our Conlusion: Does T-Dates.com Work?

All things considered, our review team found tdates to be one of the best attempts yet to harness the potential and growing power of the trans dating community. The combination of impressively high member numbers and on site entertainment is something that you don't even find on more wide focused, casual, no-strings dating sites, never mind one as niche as this. For that reason, we'd rank it up there as one of the top sites for finding and meeting trans daters and those that find them sexy. The site allows plenty of free access and actual upgrade costs are surprisingly low for such a specialist site. We'd certainly recommend Tdates as the first place to start on your online trans hook up adventure!

As with any dating site, tranny or otherwise, we'd suggest trying multiple sites at the same time to see which is best for your needs. You're chances of regular sex meets will be increased with the more sites you use to contact those that you intimately desire. Have fun hot stuff!




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