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Asian Match Mate Review


Looking for single Asian women to meet online? Our latest dating review looks at AsianMatchMate, a no-strings hook up site that claims to help you find, flirt and arrange flings in person with Asian ladies looking for fun.

The evolution of online dating has led to an uncountable number of websites that focus on specific areas or ‘niches’, either based on particular likes and fetishes or based on physical appearance. AsianMatchMate is one such site that helps its male members with an interest in Asian girls answer that most serious of all questions, “where can I find sex tonight?”.

The site itself is well set up and smooth enough, which isn’t a surprise considering it’s part of the Adult Friend Finder networks group, otherwise known as AFF. That organization has been providing online dating services since 1996 and boasts around thirty different niche sites hooking up members from all over the globe. They say that they have over 700 million registered users, 8 million of which seemingly belong to the AsianMatchMate site.

AsianMatchMate review

Assuming these numbers are correct, then it’s safe to say the that Asian Match Mate is the largest casual dating site of its kind, helping set up singles around the world with Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Filipino women, as well as other singles with multi-racial heritage and mixed descent nationalities. With mixed race dating hardly a new phenomenon, it’s no surprise that this Asian sex search site exists in these days of globalization and hot, horny singles getting together on the internet for cybersex, naughty chat, and arranging in-person liaisons.

The main starting page is fairly standard, with a registration form that allows quick access and some general text around how the site can help you meet Asian singles online in your area. The messaging isn’t entirely clear in points, with imagery going from romance and love to casual hot pics of girls as you scroll down the page. But a little further investigation soon shows that this is a site that aims to help you meet Asian girls for hookups and fun. It’s a casual Asian dating site, essentially, for guys who want to meet Asian fuck buddies and sexy Asian ‘friends with benefits’.

What is the best site for meeting Asian women?

Once you get inside the main area of the options are seemingly endless. This is where having the muscle of AFF networks behind the site really helps, as it’s full of great functionality and so many value-adding opportunities, from naughty Asian webcam chat to Asian sex dating blogs full of tips and tricks for setting up a no-strings relationship with a sexy Asian girl online.

AsianMatchMate review

Whether the site will work for you or not, as always, depends on the effort you put into your profile and the time you take to send engaging messages to the Asian hotties that catch your eye with their sex pics and nude online videos. There’s a lot to like and a fairly generous free trial to get a feel for things before you decide to go for the popular upgrade.

Is Asian Match Mate Worth It?

After a week of testing this particular Asian casual dating site, our hookup dating reviews team were positive about With a large number of users, a likely shared database with parent adult friend finder site, and plenty of marketing money behind it, we’d certainly recommend the quick sign up to see if any singles looking for sex online are based in your area. If you want to meet Asian chicks online, it is hard to think of a better place to start.


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