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With the growth of internet dating came the ability to target your ideal match more and more specifically. The growth of geo-location dating has been staggering, with the ability to meet Russians (see our review RussianGirls4u review here), Asians or Latin-Americans from the comfort of your living room.

LatamDate is one such site. Part of the Qpid network (not to be confused with Cupid), it's a modern site, easy to use on mobile (including apps) or desktop, laptop or tablet, and offers it's members the chance to get speaking to its large database of Latin and South American singles in exchange for credits.

The idea behind Latam Date is that it makes more sense to meet someone online first, get to know them a little through their online dating site and make sure you really 'match' with each other before traveling to the region. In the past, if you wanted to meet an attractive girl from South or Central America, for example, you had no option but to travel there and spend a lot of money in the hope that you may meet that special someone during your long-haul visit. With the internet, the risk of wasting your time or money is greatly mitigated since you have access to people who are looking to meet a guy or girl just like you, even before you leave your home.

Registration is simple enough, and once you reach the members area you're tasked with answering some questions in order for the LatamDate system to help recommend matches for you. It's a good way to get us engaged and let's you provide information without having to complete your profile in full (although we always recommend doing this, as daunting as it can sometimes be, as it will increase your chances of getting messages).


In terms of searches on the site, there is the interesting option to click a button and view the members on LatamDate's partner sites. This is a nice transparent was of allowing you mix the database without having to join other sites, however, if you're set on finding a girl or guy from Latin America to date, it's not really worth doing as their “family sites” are focused on helping users find love with members in other regions (Asia, Russia, etc).


The other more typical search methods are all here, with the ability to filter out those members who aren't currently online, browse by specific ages or locations, find the latest people to sign up on the site, etc.


Once you decide to start communicating on the site you have plenty of options available too. There's live chat, webcam, voice call, emails and even the option to send a gift to someone on the site. The webcam option is a great idea, especially when you're dealing with long distance relationships with Latin Americans, because it's normal to need some other form of contact than written messages when you can't just nip out to a bar to meet together. The web cam chat and phone call options really give Latam Date members a chance to get things moving despite the distance factor.

latamdate latamdate

During our review testing of, we found a few things to be a little glitchy – webcams streams didn't always load as fast as we'd like and the phone option could be a bit temperamental. However, the option of mixing the database with other Qpid Network sites, the mobile app, and the variety of ways to get speaking with girls from Latin America is enough to believe that this is a site that should at least be tried, but only if you're specifically looking to date a girl from that region of the world.

Remember, it's been proven that you'll find more success with online dating if you don't restrict your membership to one single site. Each site has a different collection of people looking for love, as well as various ways to reach out to them in order to get chatting. Keep your options open, put in some effort and be patient. Good luck!

latamdate reviews:

  • Oct 31, Rick (Man, 18)

    Latamdate ripoff


    Dont try latamdate it is a total scam, none of the ladies in profiles are the ones you are in contact with, just the paid writers
  • Nov 16, Alan (Man, 60)

    Expensive ripoff


    Women make money from chat, photos and cam. Have no real interest in meeting up.

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