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Russian dating Review


It's an age old premise – Western man meets Eastern woman and lives happily ever after. But can a dating site really facilitate the process and indeed, do a better job than a physical journey might? We decided to pour ourselves a glass of vodka and give it a shot...

Through increased globalisation and the power of the internet, more and more people are entering into relationships that start off as long distance online meetings. For many years, Western men have visited Russia (and other Eastern European countries) on a quest for love. Now it's possible to perform this quest from the comfort of your own home – and without having to buy an expensive airline ticket. RussianGirls4U let's it's members search the large member base of females that have joined this dating site because they are specifically looking to meet men from the “West”.

Our honest review of RussianGirls4U

Gaining access to the members area is quick and easy, which is always nice. There are three fields to complete and no requirement to upgrade or pay anything in order to start browsing the singles on RussianGirls4U.

When it comes to searching for Russian singles online, there are a few ways to find the members that are looking for love on RussianGirls4U. You can search completely free (we always advise this before you decide to upgrade to really test the site out) using various filters to remove members that you feel aren't right for you. The filters are helpful as they can assist you in looking for singles using certain criteria, such as those members that are on the dating site at the same time as you, “Online Now”, to allow you to instant message them immediately. There is also a “New” filter option, where you will be shown the latest single Russian girls that have recently signed up to RussianGirls4u, and “Matches” where the dating site makes recommendations based on the information you added to your profile when you joined

Do you need to know Russian to meet a hottie?

The good news from the outset is that these women speak English – no need to work on your cyrillic alphabet or take Russian lessons just yet, you can leave that for when you meet the parents! As far as communication goes, once you've spotted the Russian girl that you'd like to get speaking to, you can send an email or instant chat message (upgrade required) or you can use ice-breakers like a 'wink' to show your interest as a free member. You can also send an 'e-card' for free (these do not contain words – it's essentially an image showing flowers or lovehearts, for example).

There's also a 'Flirt' feature that combines communication with search in a swift, easy fashion. It basically involves you being shown a stream of single Russian women's images and then clicking to indicate whether you would like to 'Flirt' with them or not. Flirting sends an ice-breaker message to the lady telling them that you are interested and makes it easier for her to get in touch with you if the feeling is mutual. You can race through many images in a very simplistic 'Tinder' format and we found it the best way to search through all of the single Russian women during our site review.

There's no doubt that this is a growing market and the number of single women on the site showed us during our review that the appetite from Eastern European women to meet Western men is just as strong and maybe stronger that that of men from the UK, America, Canada, mainland Europe, etc to meet such ladies. There is nothing seedy or casual about RussianGirls4U – this is a dating site that wants to help men find a relationship and even love with women who are interested in doing the same.

Do you have any chances to find an Eastern European woman via

If you're reading this review then chances are you've already decided that starting off with a long distance relationship is not a problem for you. This removes the main obstacle to using such a site (in that the singles you're speaking to are many miles away). The site itself, while not being as modern looking as some of the more generic sites on the market, does provide a wide choice of members to speak to and that is the main thing. For that reason, we would certainly recommend it as a great option to try in your search for meeting women from Eastern Europe.

Even in a relatively niche area like this, we'd still recommend trying two or three sites together in order to find the right site for you. Multiple memberships mean multiple chances to get speaking to girls and getting the most from the online dating experience.


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  • 2018-08-27 02:07:33, Carl Melone (Man, 51)

    'Neyt' as they say in Russia!!! lol


    I would personally give this site 1 star. For the beautiful ladies and the chance, albeit very slim chance, to speak with them. Other than that everything just lets you down once you upgrade. I mean you'd think that not having to worry about bringing local girls to the site would give them a big advantage over other dating sites. They just need russians and we'll be happy! But nope, they don't and we're not. Well im not, and that's what counts for me. Avoid!

  • 2018-02-11 08:30:09, B.G. (Man, 50)

    B Level site at best


    Has a lot going for it so worth checking out for sure but there are other options for guys that want to meet chicks from russia & ukraine. When it comes to finding a wife your best to take your time and try a few sites, this is a good one (russiangirls4u) but keep your options open.

  • 2018-01-06 17:28:44, Dave (Man, 59)

    Just the change I needed


    Fed up with western women. The girls on are so polite and kind. Not saying all women should be slaves to there men or anything like that but just nice to appreciate a different culture. That's my two cents at least, im liking the site so ill be staying on it going forward and hopefully ill find the kind of girl that could be wife material some day, never know unless you try.

  • 2017-11-04 02:12:25, Dean Miller (Man, 49)

    So far so good!!!


    Im quite liking this site so far. Did the free trial and seem to be getting some interest after spending a good half hour on my profile. Lots of women on the site which makes sense cos most of the women out in ukrane etc want western guys so expecting ill have my pick. Will do another review after I try the paid membership out. Dean from Weston super Mare

  • 2017-10-19 02:19:39, S.D.F (Man, 50)

    IMHO it's not worth it. Two weeks and disappointed.


    I've always had a think for soviet blondes with legs up to their necks but im afraid im getting nowhere on russian girls 4u. The women do look amazing and for the first few days I was buzzing but after one or two great chats it's all turned out to be something of a false dawn. Might try one of their competitors, so what else is out there as I do love russian women ha! ha! Ha!

  • 2017-10-05 10:50:00, Hank (Man, 41)



    I'm still undecided on this site. Met a couple of women that seem really nice good english and all that stuff but think I need to take my time before I suggest actually getting together. Not had as many replies as I hoped but will keep trying I guess, youbetcha! Hank F

  • 2017-08-27 17:33:29, Mike (Man, 47)

    Not to bad


    Fine but its not just russian women also ukraine, belarus, etc so kinda false advertising imho.

  • 2017-08-11 00:41:49, Daniel (Man, 49)

    Easy to use / lots of women online / 7 out of 10


    Gave this a 7/10 rating just because i've not really met a girl that i'd consider taking things to the next level with. It's been around 5 weeks now and ive had some good chats (hardly any of them mentioning trump lol) but dont think that just cos its soviet chicks theyll all be drooling over you, doesnt work like that. Definitely more options and more replies than on 'normal' dating sites but you still need to put in some effort.

  • 2017-08-06 01:04:51, Jason Anderson (Man, 51)

    Good option if ur in2 russian chicks


    Joined a few wks bk & its not 2 bad actually. Wnt 4 the 1 mth membership package with vip & will prob do 3 mth nxt time. Nt many time wasters compard 2 otha sites ive tryed & hd sum gd chats so far wit nice lookn girls.

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