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Russian dating

Our Charmerly.com Review



As the number of people using online dating to find love grows, so does the number of over ‘silver surfers’, as online dating isn’t just for the young! Charmerly.com is a mature dating site with a difference – it’s there to help older guys meet Ukrainian women. But does it work?


Our Charmerly.com Review


Our mature dating reviews team were intrigued by Charmerly.com. Although online dating for the more senior market is nothing new, to have a site specifically aimed at over 40s be solely focused on helping them meet Ukrainian’s is something we hadn’t seen before. Of course, there will be a lot of over 40 daters trying to meet attractive Eastern girls on all sites, but a site that overtly markets itself for this coupling specifically is a different take on an old idea.


The imagery on the front page isn’t the best but the concept is fairly honest – even though the general proposition of ‘Russian brides’ is nothing new, at least it is a dating site that helps older men meet young Eastern Europeans and uses the power of internet dating to do so, rather than an old fashioned dating agency service. The interesting thing is that there are a lot of dating sites to meet Russians and Ukrainian girls that aren’t marketed towards the older Gentleman, and there are a lot of sites that market to singles over forty. The combination of the two on Charmerley is an obvious one and as old as time, which normally means it’s been well tried and tested.


Does Charmerly.com Work? 


The question for our review team is whether Charmerley.com really works and whether it’s busy. It certainly promotes the key online dating ideas around security, safety and popularity, claiming thousands of single members that presumably means lots of single Ukrainian girls as well as the inevitable crowds of ‘Western’ men over forty looking for love and new romance.


One thing is for sure, the Ukrainian and Russian singles on the site are certainly attractive, which is something the men are looking for, whether Charmerley says that in its marketing or not. Some look almost too beautiful to be true and this always makes our online dating reviews team wonder about the genuine nature of some profiles. We can report that we received messages from girls both when we added detailed dating profile information and when we didn’t. You can make your own conclusions here but we suppose that if there is a chance that these girls are real and looking to meet older men then many over forty singles will try their luck and see where it takes them.


Is Charmerly.com Worth Joining?


Although the Russian brides concept is nothing new – how often have we heard the phrase ‘mail order bride’ – having a platform clearly state that this is a dating site specifically for older men to meet single women from Ukraine does feel like this well known idea has moved out of the darkness and into the more open areas of internet dating. Yes, over forties have been looking to meet sexy Ukrainians on sites like RussianGirls4u and CharmDate for years but at least this site gives them a place to do this where everyone on the site, presumably, is here for the same purpose – cross country relationships. Whether it works for you will depend on how much you trust the site in order to try it out and how much you use it.


Remember folks, there are plenty of sites for over forties to find love at home or abroad. They key is to try as many as you can and keep an open mind. Good luck!

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