SugarDaddy Dating Review 2018

Are you rich, unattached and looking for some excitement in your life? Or maybe you're a young, attractive woman looking to be taken care of by an older gentleman? If so, this might just be the dating site for you...

The concept of finding a sugar daddy is not a new one. We've all spotted the ageing Canary Wharf CEO out and about with a stunning model on his arm and debated just how high he's punching above his weight! But it can't be denied that this type of relationship works because it's convenient for both parties; the wealthy single gets the youthful companion they're missing, while the hot beauty gets the lifestyle they crave but can't afford. It's therefore no surprise that this very specific dating niche has transferred so well into the online world.

Rich Meet Beautiful operates globally and the site is translated into many languages, but for the purposes of this review we'll be focusing on the experience for singles based in the UK and Ireland.

The first thing that jumped out during our review of RichMeetBeautiful was the text on the welcome page that boasts “Four Sugar Babies to every Sugar Daddy”. It's our job to do reviews for all kinds of sites and a stat like this certainly gets our attention, however, don't make the mistake our review team made and assume this means four girls to every guy – strangely, a Sugar Daddy is described on Rich Meet Beautiful as “successful men and women”, which means that rich women can also be categorised as sugar daddies and attractive men as sugar babies.


Another thing our reviewers noticed quickly was that RichMeetBeautiful offer an “Arrangement” option, essentially allowing their singles to cut to the chase and be blunt about what they want. On more traditional dating sites this would never work of course, but on a site that is superficial in nature (this isn't about finding love, after all) we feel that letting the users state from the start what they're looking for in clear, uncertain terms can only be a good thing. At the very least, it should speed up the time it takes to meet someone to connect with as there's no beating about the bush.

Signing up is quick and easy, as you'd expect from any popular, modern dating site. What you might not expect from this process are questions on your net worth or annual salary details, but when we reviewed the site as a Sugar Daddy, this is what we were asked. When we joined as a female sugar baby, we were asked about the kind of lifestyle we were looking for – essentially our female reviewers had to put a figure on how 'high maintenance' they were! The site is very quick to offer and promote anonymity, which is a nice touch for people that may be keen to avoid any unwanted attention.


The sugardaddy experience is varied depending on where you're located in the UK, but it's clear that the British version isn't yet as busy as certain other countries we've reviewed from. On the plus side, this means that if you're a wealthy businessman with the funds or reasons to travel regularly, then you're choice will be boosted further when you go overseas. But on the other hand, our review team would like to see the site working to increase the number of female sugar babies in the UK.

In terms of site usage, upgrades (in the form of credits or a subscription) are required for sugar daddies to perform any kind of communication on RichMeetBeautiful. For sugar babies, it's free to send messages but you need to pay for credits if you want to send a virtual gift.


Overall, our opinion on RichMeetBeautiful is somewhat mixed. We liked that it's free for sugarbabies to communicate and we liked the anonymity options. But our review team do feel the site could use some additional features and, of course, the more UK sugar babies on the site the better. Still, it's a growing area and the success of the site globally gives us a lot of hope. At the very least we'd recommend signing up to see what your options are, either locally or in places you regularly travel to.

Remember sugar daddies and attractive sugar babies, your chances of meeting a partner will be greatly increased with the more sugar dating sites you sign up for. We recommend trying at least three to boost your chances of perfect relationship. Enjoy! reviews:

  • May 3, peter keler (Man, 44)

    Close to a scam


    First of all, I have experience in being a sugeardaddy. And at first look the site makes a good impression. However, the hassle starts shorty after you would have paid the fee. First, there's a limitation on the number of contacts you can do per day....though this is not said anywhere. This even applies if you pay the premium fee. More worse is however, that when it comes down to negotiating on what terms you would be willing to be a sugardaddy with the potential sugarbabe they scan your conversations and consider any negotiation over the moneys to pay as prostitution. As a consequence, they block you. That said, what sense does it make to try to be a sugardaddy and sugarbabe if you cannot negotiate on the terms? Silly. That said, in my view, the whole site is based on this as scam, though the girls seem to be real. I strongly recommend not to use this site.

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