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SugarDaddy Dating

SeekingArrangement.com Review 2021



Are you a rich businessperson looking for a fast way to find a hot companion to spice up your life? Maybe you're young and attractive but short on the cash needed to fund the livestyle you crave? Sugar Daddies are nothing new, but now the internet offers dedicated sugar daddy dating communities. SeekingArrangement.com is one such site and we gave it a test run...


Internet dating is all about providing singles with a quick way to meet new people, discuss what you're looking for and, if you're compatible, arrange real life meetings. The sugar daddy dating scene is a great example of this process at work; rich men or women who are too busy to socialise using the power of the internet to meet attractive singles looking for one specific desire – a luxurious lifestyle to fit their expensive tastes.

The term 'mutually beneficial relationship' is something you might expect to see on the website of a corporate conglomerate rather than on an internet dating site, but when it comes to a Sugar Daddy arrangement, the term fits as well as any. Love and romance don't really come into the world of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, at least not at first (there's certainly the potential for stronger feelings to develop down the line). For that reason, SeekingArrangement doesn't mess around with false promises of love on their Sugar Daddy site, they make it clear from the start that finding a Sugar Baby is a bit like choosing a luxury car – provided you're successful, have an appreciation of beauty and piles of money to spend, you'll find something sexy to get around with.


The Seeking Arrangement site is an ideal place for helping these sugar arrangements happen. It boasts over ten million members across 139 countries and is translated into several languages, proving it's global presence. It's accessible via any device, with the added option of downloading their recently updated apps for android and iphone after you've registered. SeekingArrangement has been featured on CNN and written about by media outlets such as the New York Times and Vanity Fair, so it's no surprise that it has such a large number of singles using the site.

seekingarrangement review

Signing up to SeekingArrangement.com is a slightly longer process than more traditional dating sites, due to some specific questions and their attempts to add as much information as possible to your profile for you (as they know that online daters can be lazy and not fill out much about themselves after signing up, so they make this process more automatic in order to boost your chances of getting chat requests). Some of the information you're asked when joining as a Sugar Daddy dater includes how much money you spend each month, your salary, and other money oriented questions. For Sugar Babies, you're asked how much money you expect to have available to spend each month from the partner you meet online. Strangely, there is an option for sugar babies to include their salary details on their profiles too, which seems a bit unnecessary as the idea with Sugar Babies is that they are interested in meeting a wealthy companion to spend money on them, not the other way around.

seekingarrangement review

The search options on the site are excellent, with all kinds of filter options (most you can apply for free as a standard user). With regards to features and content, the site has an excellent blog that is kept up to date with relevant articles on the sugar daddy concept, as well as competitions, such as 'Sugar Baby of the Year 2018'. The site also offers background verification and works hard to ensure its single members are genuine and not time wasters through the application of mandatory email validation and the ability to completely remove non-verified users from search results. The site also has a parties and offline meet ups area.

seekingarrangement review

There's no doubt in our reviewers minds that the Sugar Daddy dating scene is growing. Whether it's the fact that successful people don't have as much time as they used to due to business commitments, or the modern day Kardashian culture that's led to more and more young people expecting a lavish lifestyle without the means to fund it, it seems that Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies are here to stay. Seeking Arrangement is already a strong site, but we expect it to grow its members further and add new features in the future, keeping it a primary option for anyone looking for a mutually beneficial Sugar Daddy arrangement.

seekingarrangement review

Remember, the more top Sugar Daddy dating sites you join, the more options you'll have and people you'll meet. We recommend signing up to at least three to get the most activity from your online connections. Enjoy!

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