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Cougar dating

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When it comes to finding a “Cougar” or “MILF”, there's one clear market leader for “Cubs”. We decided to check it out...

Our Review

If you're attracted to older women and use the internet in any form, you're bound to be familiar with CougarLife. This major name on the dating scene spends a lot of money on marketing (maybe you've seen the TV ad, below?) and as a result has put cougar dating firmly on the map of most popular dating niches. While we found the TV ad a bit cringeworthy (despite it's clear 'tip of the hat' towards the American Pie movies, where the whole MILF thing – think Stifler's Mom – really went mainstream), the site itself was good fun to review. Cougar dating online is big business and when a site has so much market share, you know that it must be doing something right.

Cougarlife TV Ad

How Does Cougarlife Work?

The sign up process involved a few more fields than we've seen on popular hookup and casual dating sites, but still got us into the members' area in super-quick time. We noticed a blog area and decided to check it out, as we like to see dating sites providing supportive content and tips for members. The blog was good and had several articles with advice on dating older women, but unfortunately the most recent post was a couple of years ago. Clearly the blog isn't a big priority and that's certainly forgivable, provided the site uses its resources on creating a productive online dating experience.

On to the experience then... and the first thing to note is that CougarLife is a tidy and modern site that's easy on the eyes, whether you're logging in on a mobile device, laptop or desktop PC. You can't send a message until you add a photo, which we thought was a nice way to boost that age-old online dating problem of people joining sites and not adding any pictures, then wondering why they don't get laid. Icebreakers are free to send but instant chat is only available to paying subscribers.

Cougarlife Review

Something we hadn't seen on any review before was the added subscriber bonus of getting 24 hours exclusive access to new members, essentially allowing you to try to communicate with the most recent sign ups, before they are shown to the rest of the cougars or cubs (those that haven't upgraded). Another interesting feature was the ability to search for people who had indicated on their profile that they are available to meet that very night. Considering the difficulty in finding cougars to date, particularly with older women being less likely to be out in nightclubs or having children to look after, the potential to speak to MILFs that have indicated they are free and keen to have a date that night, is something quite brilliant indeed. While there were only a few women the night we checked, it's one of those things that will very much depend on day of the week and the location you are searching.

Cougarlife Review

Payment works with credit card or e-wallet and CougarLife uses a credit system for certain site elements (for example, sending virtual gifts) so you can, in theory, run out of credits before your month is up or save them for longer than a month. One thing we were taken aback by was the strange one-off charge for mobile access, something that normally comes for free on online dating sites.


Is Cougarlife Worth It? Our Conclusion! 

There's no doubt that, with it's long history and targeted approach towards the cougar dating scene, has grown to become one of the top dating sites on the internet. It's not just a market leader in the cougar/ cubs world, it's a market leader, period. When you arrive at the site you feel like you're about to take a test drive in a supercar, and although it has some really great and useful features, when compared with some of the other reviews we've done we can't help but feel that the site never really hit top gear. That being said, when you compare it with many other cougar options, it screeches away in front and leaves most the competition easting it's dust. If its cougar dating you want, then it's time to buckle up, because there are not many cougar dating sites that come close to CougarLife. But is there actually a Cougarlife alternative? If you were not happy with, we recommend to check out The site grows fast and seems to be a good alternative. 

In generel remember that your chances of getting lucky will multiply if you research the best dating sites to fit what you're looking for and then try more than one at a time. For cougar dating, we'd recommend CougarLife along with a regular dating site (if you want to get serious) or an NSA hookup site (if you're looking for fun), with the advanced search filters set to females over 40. Good luck!

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  • 2018-01-25 08:31:46, Alexander the Great (Man, 34)

    Cougars life review


    It's a c- from me. Not good enough, needs more members, better features and better access for the initial free trial to let people get a better feel for what you can do on this site and how many MILFs are in their area, as each region is completely different.

  • 2018-01-22 15:02:39, Rob (Man, 33)

    Not the best cougar site


    I'm not convinced this will ever work for me. I have tried it for a couple of weeks but I certainly wouldnt put it as top of the cougar dating list. Needs a lot of improvement IMHO.

  • 2018-01-17 23:12:06, Mike (Man, 30)

    Not enuff milfs


    Need more milfs. Not enuff milfs.

  • 2018-01-12 02:05:54, I love Cougars (Man, 31)

    More bad than good I am afraid


    Dont have time to go into detail but its a case of one step forward and two back with cougar life. Every time I found something positive it wasnt long before I was frustrated again. It's not the worst but it's not far off.

  • 2017-12-08 04:08:28, Debbie C. (Woman, 51)

    My perspective as a so called “cougar”


    As a female user of the site I agree with the review that it's good that they try to get you to add a profile pic. I get messages from guys a lot and if they dont have a photo/ some information then I move on. A bit of effort guys, if you can't take the time to fill in some details I don't imagine you'll be any good in the bedroom lol Overall the site is a fine option for meeting younger guys.

  • 2017-12-06 10:33:36, BenPerters (Man, 32)

    cougarlife review


    I've been a paying user on cougarlife a few times in the past. Theyve been around for years so I trust them more than some of the others, but maybe im just paranoid. I usually turn to the site in the winter or when im short on cash (and cant go our looking for older women to flirt with haha). I'm using the site at the moment but not that much going on, a few chats but it's mostly for sending sexts as the chicks ive met are quite far from where I live. Will give it another few weeks and maybe take a break. Ben Peters

  • 2017-11-17 18:37:31, Tom the Cougarhunter :) (Man, 32)

    Some real women but some time wasters


    Dont expect anything to happen fast with cougar life. No idea how long some of the women on the site have been on there, I rarely get replies and when I do it still doesnt guarantee im getting laid. You gotta have a lot of freakin patience for this game man. Is it worth it? Hell yeah! But dont be a dumbass and think you sign in, pay and the milf chicks are just waiting for you to bang them. Life doesnt work that way, bro.

  • 2017-10-17 09:09:01, Scott Leroy (Man, 32)



    I don't know, still a bit undecided on cougar life. Some nice features but not sure it's worth it unless you search and you have a lot of older women showing nearby, preferably as online now so you know the profiles are still active. Maybe if I get laid ill change my mind but for now im on the fence

  • 2017-10-02 08:14:42, Bigc (Man, 34)

    Total scam


    This site is a joke, used it for couple of months and there is about 1 real profile for every 30 fake scam web cam girl profiles . Total hoax , it used to be good a couple of years back when I used it but after revisiting again I am going to cancel and not renew . It's sad how many fake profiles they allow to get by, web cam girls , escorts , and just plain bs this site should be shut down - at least don't waste your money like I did . - good looking young cub who will stick to cougars hunting in bars

  • 2017-08-21 01:33:27, Robert Peter Smith (Man, 54)

    London User Review 2017


    I've been using cougar life since the start of the summer and can't really fault it. I'm not new to NSA hook up dating so I know the score, it takes effort and a lot of people get fed up fast. But I'd say this site is as good as any of the better ones and obviously for me the key thing is that its got dirty MILFs on the site, and that's my fetish (absolutely love older women). Worth trying, run a search in your area and see what you think. If the results disappoint, then leave it at that. But I can say for sure that in London it's got a good selection of naughty 40+ ladies ;-)

  • 2017-08-06 01:06:46, MILFhunter2017 (Man, 49)

    MILF-tastic lol


    I like cougarlife. I know there are haters but im a fan. Use it a few times every day, just checking for replies or sending messages out. Takes a while and its not like there are cougars lining up to suck me off but I do get lucky sometimes. What can I say, that's enough for me. Happy customer!

  • 2017-08-02 01:53:58, Rick (Man, 47)

    70% Good / 30% Not so good!


    I have my bugbears with cougarlife but ill start with the positives. It's simple to join and use the site, the company clearly have some cash (TV ad, mob apps available, etc) and that means us members get a decent selection of users to choose from at any given time. The downsides for me are the limited use without upgrading (but in fairness it's not that expensive I guess, but still, we live in the world of tinder where free use is generally expected) and id also say im not a big fan of sites that let you send virtual gifts, always feels gimmicky and cant believe guys actually do this. Overall it's seven stars from me, you could do a lot worse.

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