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Is legitimate site?

When it comes to matching sugar daddies with sugar babies, the options just got more interesting. But does actually work or is the sugar daddy dating scene a waste of time? Read on to find out…

Sugar Daddies have been doing their thing since far before the internet appeared. How often have you noticed a hot chick with an older guy or, for that matter, an unattractive guy who was clearly punching above his weight? What many don’t realise is that success is hot! Wealth and power are attractive! Some women, known as sugar babies as well as other less cute names, actively seek out such guys to spend time with, date and even have relationships with.

In today’s society where you can reach a global audience via any leading online dating site, it’s no real surprise that a separate market has appeared for guys with money and power to conveniently find women looking to meet successful men online. After all, for the sugar daddies, life can often be hectic and mobile, with travel and business commitments making a ‘normal’ relationship (whatever that is) tricky. So, for sugar daddies looking for younger women, the option of signing up to a database and browsing the ladies’ pics and videos of attractive chicks over the internet via phone, laptop or tablet makes a lot of sense. Or better yet, signing up and filling in their details, showcasing their wealth and adding some images before then sitting back and letting the women contact them.

For the sugar babies, it’s a case of joining up and chatting with hot older guys with money before arranging meets and video calls to see if sparks start to fly.

What is the best Sugar Daddy Dating site?

Like most niches in the world of online dating and casual web romances, there are a bunch of top sugar daddy dating sites. is up there and often the first place that successful and experienced older guys go to meet younger women for fun or something more serious. It’s been around since 2004, meaning that bizarrely, some of the female users we got chatting to aged around 20 to 25 were only a few years older than the site itself. This long history gives it a lot of advantages over a new dating site, particularly when it comes to spotting scammers – the site is actually very strong on ensuring that everything that occurs on their internet dating platform is above board with warnings and reassurance prominently placed on the very first page of the site.

Sugar Daddy has an app on android (our sugar daddy dating reviews team didn’t find an apple version) but we used the browser based site for all our testing across various different countries and it worked well.

Is Sugar Daddy a Dating Site that’s worth trying?

Ultimately, if you’re one of many women that are turned on by rich guys and looking to date a man with money then is a good dating site to try. It’s fun, fairly busy (especially in major cities around North America, Australia and Europe) and it lets you get to know the guys before deciding if you’d like to go to the next step of meeting them, unlike in a bar where you’re already with them and you can’t take the time to figure out if they are right for you or not. Whereas for the guys, Sugar Daddy is a quick way to meet chicks that find money attractive. As above, it will help to be in a major city in order to see a variety of women but when you do, why not reach out?


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