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Trans Review


Let's face it, shemales, t-girls and ladyboys have always been hot. But with more people classing themselves as gender fluid than ever, the trans hookup scene has become a major option when looking for sex online. Does Dating-Shemales capture this popular movement? Read on to find out...

As time goes on, the lines between gender are becoming increasingly blurry. Like online dating itself, there is no longer any stigma attached to the LGBT label, with the ' T' (Trans) members of society being embraced in the workplace, university and in the bedroom.

Is A Good TS Hookup Site? is a transgender hookup service for those that are turned on by the exotic. The site's dark tone makes it feel like you are stepping into a world where anything goes, a land of lady boys, transvestites, transsexuals, trannys, gender fluids, sissys and queers. The site might be dark, but the members are bright and interesting, shining a full spectrum of light upon the weird, wonderful and extremely sexy corners of society.

This is a niche that is growing at an incredible rate, as more people class themselves as gender ambiguous and live a trans lifestyle. The trans dating scene is unsurprisingly exploding at the moment and Dating Shemales has both the history and member numbers to take full advantage of this vibrant area.

Is Free To Join?

Joining is quick and easy - within two minutes we're inside the site and inundated with profile pictures of local trannies and cross-dressers looking for one night stands or regular hookups. If you're new to the trans dating scene, we would suggest checking out the excellent blog, which not only provides great information on how to seduce a shemale, but also proves that is dedicated to becoming the number one trans hookup site on the internet.

As always, the key to finding a trans hookup (like any other NSA encounter) is to create an interesting profile that shows you're serious about meeting transgender singles. Add some good photos and write something to make yourself stand out from the large crowd of sex searchers on Dating Shemales. The number of people that create profiles without telling the world anything about themselves is crazy – and then they go on to say a site doesn't work. With online dating, whether you're trying to screw a tranny or bang a granny, the rule is the same – if you don't put in, nobody will 'put out'.

How Does The Site Work? 

While we're tempted to recommend the “Flirt” tab, which lets you flick through sexy pics of shemales and let them know you're interested in meeting them for naughty fun with one click, we'd suggest leaving this until last, as it can become quite addictive! To have real success (i.e meeting chicks with dicks in person) you need to search for trans singles in your local area, and that means starting with a more in-depth search.

The Dating Shemales 'Advanced Search' is good place to begin. The default lets you browse all trannies or you can filter by options such as 'cross-dressers', 'TS male to female' or 'transsexuals female to male', 'couples' (including transgender options), 'countries', 'regions', 'cities', 'recently online', or finally, those profiles that include a photo or video. Using these characteristic or location based searches will allow you to quickly pinpoint what you're looking for in your trans dating experience.

You can also search by other categories based on the way the members have been using the site, with free search options such as 'online now', 'new', 'matches', 'admirers' and 'VIPs'. You can even see who has been visiting your profile and restrict searches to those members. If the images that show in your sex searches are a little too naughty for you (or not naughty enough!) there is the option to set the photo filters to remove (or add) the triple-X level member photos from search results.

Is Free To Use? 

It's free to send icebreakers (e.g wink) but as you'd expect on a site as busy and targeted as this one, instant chat, normal messaging and video chat all require an initial upgrade.


Our Conlusion: IS Worth Checking Out? 

There's nothing necessarily new in terms of site functionality, although the site does work well on mobile and tablets and the video chat is excellent. Generally though, Dating Shemales keeps things simple and lets it's variety of members do the work. For sites with low member numbers this would be a problem, but here you can expect genuine hook up options whether you're in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland or any other country where the site database is strong. For that reason alone, we'd suggest trying this site out and at least running a free search for trans daters in your local area.

Remember, it's better to join multiple sites to increase your chances of finding a hook up this weekend.

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  • 2017-07-16 10:57:25, TLoverNYC (Man, 49)



    Some of the sh*t you see on this site is totaly manky, real filthy stuff you know? Ive been looking for something like this with actual reel trannys to hit on for ages like and its taken me a while to find this site. Really good site and will not disapoint in my opiniun for what its wurth.

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