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MyTranssexualDate Review


We have another review for the trans dating category, helping to answer the question of what is the best transsexual dating site available online?

Arriving at My Transsexual Date, we were greeted by a clear, romantically focused page that immediately informed us that this particularly popular trans dating site is focused on serious relationships rather than finding something casual.

As well as the imagery and tone, the site’s front page has a collection of testimonials from former members proclaiming their appreciation to the trans dating service with terms such as, “the set up is fantastic, thank you girls”, “a great site that’s free for the trans community” and “thanks for keeping this site clean and classy”. The last one resonated with us, as regular reviewers of dating sites online, we often find that the transgender niche is one that can be skewed towards one night stands and hook ups. MyTranssexualDate distinguishes itself immediately by ensuring all visitors know from the start that this is a transgender dating site for finding friendship, love and romance.

Does My Transsexual Date work?

As noble as the clear-cut trans love approach might be, the proof in the pudding would be our ability to use the site to find local trans singles nearby. The site certainly isn’t shy about marketing its case for credibility, prominently placing an impressive list of positive media coverage from the likes of BBC World, Dating Advice and Dating News. The site is heavily promoted across every social media channel imaginable and is available for access in many languages, illustrating the global feel of this transgender dating platform.

One thing to notice when signing up is that this site is only available for men and transsexual women. It requires email verification in order to join, ensuring that dating site scammers and non-genuine are limited. Although the design is slightly dated, this merely cosmetic issue is soon forgotten as you are met inside by a large number of transsexual singles looking for fun and friendship online.

mytranssexualdate review

The global nature of the site means that men and trans singles using the My Transsexual Date website are encouraged to engage with dating site members from all over the world, including Norweigan singles, Scottish trans singles, USA transgenders, Thai trans daters, Filipino transsexuals and many more. The search function allows you to filter certain countries for free, as well as selecting certain age group and other criteria that might be of interest. Like many popular transgender dating sites, you are informed when someone ‘likes’ your profile or sends you a message. You can like trans dating profiles to save them in your favourite list and the only point where you need to upgrade is when you’d like to send a personal message to another member on MyTranssexualDate. However, by this point, you should have had plenty of time to get a feel for whether this trans dating website is for you.

Trans Dating sites – worth it?

There’s no doubt that having dating sites for specific interests and desires, such as trying to meet trans singles online, is extremely useful. With generic dating sites you can easily go to a bar or ask a friend to set you up on a blind date. But with trans dating, your chances of finding what you are looking for are far better if you use a transgender specific site, such as Success from there will depend on whether you’re looking for a local relationship (and how many trans singles are in your area) or open to a long distance trans romance, as well as how much effort you put in once you’ve joined, in terms of writing an interesting trans dating bio and sending sensible messages to trans women you’re interested in. Good luck!

mytranssexualdate review


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