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Does Work? Our review.


When reviewing dating sites in these modern times, any serious reviewers can't afford to leave any stone unturned. Tranny Dating is a huge market, so it made perfect sense for TSDates to get our full review treatment! If transvestites are your thing, read on...

The big advantage of using the internet to find casual fun is that you are limited only by your imagination. Whatever turns you on, you can find it online. The Transsexual (or “Tranny”) dating scene is extremely popular and growing all the time. Sites that help you find transsexual partners are cropping up everywhere, but none more popular than TSDates.

Our TSDates Review

The site is clearly a cut above the competition and you know the moment you arrive that you're signing up with a professional service, if that's the right word. It's a US based site that's used all around the globe, with no less than twenty years in the business and boasting literally millions of transexual members and those that want to meet them. All very impressive and somewhat surprising considering that we felt this would be more of a 'niche' review!

Signing up is easy enough, not unlike any of the top dating sites we've reviewed. The main difference being that you're not just limited to looking for men, women or couples, but you can choose the Transsexual/ Transvestite/ Transgender option too. They also ask for some basic information about yourself, which is mandatory. Once you've completed the short registration form you're set loose inside of what is a busy, bustling marketplace. - How Does It Work? 

A tour is offered after you reach the members area and we gladly accepted this; the tour helps as the site is very expansive, packed with a wide range of features like web cams (watch or broadcast), chat rooms, ongoing contests, messages, instant messaging, blogs, a magazine and a creative area.

The 'What's Hot' section is easily accessible from the main navigation and shows the most popular photos, videos, members, etc. Member photos are clearly marked as “Confirmed” where a user has taken the time to validate themselves.


Along with the standard method of searching by location, age, etc there are a number of different ways to run searches on TSDates. You can also filter members using “Kink Search”, for example, which allows you to find people to chat to based on a huge range of fetishes, each showing the number of members that have indicated an interest in the particular activity. You can also search by “New Matches”, “VIP Members” or “Members Near Me”. Finally, there is a “Hot or Not” style search, somewhat similar to Tinder, that let's you flick through members indicating the ones that you are interested in dating using a simple thumbs up or thumbs down button.


There's a lot to like about TSDates because there is a lot to do! There's a whole “My Stuff” section that we haven't even touched upon and the different search options are a nice change to the usual filtering forms. The live camera feeds are enough to keep you entertained when waiting for replies or taking a break from sending out messages and the overall community feel of the site really gives it a vibrant atmosphere.

Our Conlcusion: Is TSDates A Good Site To Meet Transsexual Women?

If you're looking for the traditional and, dare we say it, boring dating site set up then this site is not for you. It's much more than a place to search for local trannies in your area. It's a quasi social network that can certainly find you dates and let you meet trannys online, but also keep you informed and entertained in between. With this much content and work put into it, it's clear to see why TS dates is the number one tranny dating website and a 'must try' for anyone looking for action in this particular corner of the dating scene.


Remember folks, no one dating site is ever likely to keep you super busy and cater to all of your needs. The best way to find local singles is to join multiple sites, even for a niche like this.

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  • 2018-10-29 09:05:23, Klondike Jones (Man, 27)

    Old Crones


    Good site, been in the lifestyle for over 20 years I like Ts,Tg, TV, CD., Met a few online most in clubs and drag shows. I'm a straight acting male, I'm bisexual.Only thing that bothers me about the site is all straight women and men who use it. If they don't like gay or bisexual people why post an ad on a transexual site? For example I messaged two women today, white females 66 & 63 years old whose ads said they were looking for men? Both replys more or less said " All female here " good luck with your search! Both ads said they were divorced! They weren't polite just rude and hateful replys. What kind of men do they think they're going to meet on the site. Why do the straights cruise and advertise for sex on a transexual site? I don't cruise or advertise on the straight sites. Old hateful, divorced women, I wonder how many of their husbands came to the gay hotel for a blow-job and all out sex! Then went home to them. I've done lots of married guys.

  • 2018-02-15 04:16:06, Lady Suzanna (Woman, 42)

    TSDates review by non-binary person


    Felt I should add my 'two cents' here as most people making comments seem to be guys that get turned on my transpersons (mostly M 2 F) I imagine. I've been a user of TSDates from the other side and must say its been a mixed experience for me. Some guys are really nice and even though they are 99% just interested in meeting up for a one night stand they are still pretty cool about things. Actually, youd be AMAZED at the number of married dudes that want to grease my pole and rub my fun bags. But anyway, the thing that brings this site down a bit is the total douche bags that sign up make me feel like a freak show. Sure, they want me but they also want to ask disrespectful questions and dont seem to realise that I didnt join this site to be put down. Anyway, ive said too much and I do like the site (still a member) but wanted to represent the 'trans' side of this coin. Thanks!

  • 2017-07-21 02:06:05, LuckyL (Man, 47)

    Still the leader in this area


    TSDates has been the ultimate site for meeting transpersons for a while now. I use it every month and have done for some time. But I did a search for alternatives and I was not impressed by whats out there. I think TSDates could be bettered but its gonna take a new comer to swoop in and change the game. I aint holding my breath... will def stick with it for a while longer at least.

  • 2017-07-17 02:25:48, Brandon Kerschner (Man, 48)



    There's a lot of great features and unique search methods on tsdates that I like. There are also a lot of members, which helps. Problem for me is getting replies. I can go days and days sometimes without getting replies. Im pretty much resigned to having to send lots of messages just to get one answer. Still, when I do get chatting with transsexuals it's usually pretty hot and heavy, so its worth the wait. But would be better if there was a way to boost replies somehow.

  • 2017-04-09 16:39:23, TrannyLover (Man, 51)

    Need more trannys


    Signed up 2day n did a search 4 trannys close to my part of Ca. (Carmen on Sea, California, USA). There were plenty showing up in LA, SF, etc but nothing much near me. Need to get more trannys in quiter areas for us country bumpkins please.

  • 2017-04-05 06:49:11, DAN K. (Man, 52)

    However weird + wonderful your fetish chances are youll find it on tsdates


    They have it all here. Chicks with d*cks, trannys transvestites, etc. I just joined last weekend and id consider myself as some one that does not shock easy. But some of these profiles are just crazy. I love it lol!!!!

  • 2017-03-29 06:48:43, Jim h (Man, 52)

    Good option


    As a guy who has always been turned on by shemales and ladyboys (not politically correct im sorry) ive used a lot of these sites as its not too easy to find a trans in the conventional ways. I had a great experience over in bangkok a few years back and got really into this scene then. Tsdates is the only 'dating' site that I feel really gets me in the place where I can try my luck with genuine trans persons. Until something better comes along this is the best site for what im looking for.

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