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Affair dating

Saphrina.com - is it a good site to have an affair?



Another internet dating site option to help you set up an affair!

Having recently put together detailed reviews on Ashley Madison (Ashley Madison Review) and Victoria Milan (Victoria Milan Review), we decided to add one more affairs dating site to our list of reviews for cheaters. The notable difference with saphrina.com's infidelity brand is that it doesn't quite have the notoriety of the other two (not always a bad thing), but it is part of a larger group that runs other dating sites, which certainly gave us confidence that they know what they're doing and merited a closer look.

Is Saphrina A Scam? Read Our Saphrina Review

Saphrina's main page is keen to draw attention to the free sign up aspect of the site, as well as the significant amount of tips and guidance on how to have an online affair. There are numerous articles that you can access even before you sign up that aim to provide some assistance on what can be a daunting prospect; setting up a discreet extramarital liaison. It's great that the site obviously wants to provide support in an area that has such high stakes, but also comes with high rewards.

Signing up is easy, with the standard email validation required to gain access in an attempt to ensure that users are who they say they are and are using a genuine email, even if it's not their main one for privacy purposes.

Unfortunately, what Saphrina gains in enthusiasm for helping members through the use of informative content, it loses with a lack of individuality. Once you're inside the members area, the feel and tone of the affairs site fades a little, and it lacks any of the quirky affairs specific functionality that can be found on other cheating hookup sites (for example, the Panic button on Victoria Milan or the ability to send a message to a large number of married daters in a city you'll be traveling to on business, like Ashley Madison offers). That being said, the number of times these gimmicky features are actually used on infidelity dating sites will be minimal, so this is not a critical fault by any means. In fact, provided your searches for married women/ men on Saphrina provide a high number of results, there's nothing to suggest that this infidelity website won't bring you success in finding an affair, which is after all the ultimate aim.

One feature that does deserve a mention is the built-in webcam chat. Although not affairs specific, it's a great tool that saves you having to worry about the lack of security that can come with moving away from the site to other messaging platforms. For the casual online affair seekers this is a godsend, as it will allow a lot of fun and flirting without having to go all the way. And for the serious affair seeker, it's a chance to have a bit of a preview with the married person of your choice before you take the big step of actually hooking up to cheat in person.

Otherwise, site functionality is simple yet effective. The 'browse' tab easily allows you to start looking for members that, like you, are searching for a discreet affair online. You can view profiles and send ice-breakers like “winks” for without upgrading. The 'Flirt' tab is also open to free members, essentially allowing you to let a selection of women know that you like them, in a nice Tinder-esque fashion.

Is Saphrina Free?

As one would expect, replies and other incoming messages can only be read once you upgrade (the content is blurred at first), but it's definitely a plus that you can test out the functionality and make some advances on the married members before having to commit to a full membership.

Conclusion: Is Saphrina Worth Checking Out? 

We weren't sure what to expect when we started our review of Saphrina.com. At first we felt it lacked the 'bells and whistles' of the other top affairs sites, but having dug a little deeper it's clear that the main things it's missing aren't vital. The key thing to focus on here is a) security and b) search results. We have no worries about (a) and so our recommendation is that if you have a good selection of married members to contact from your free trial of the site, it's a good option for your affairs dating portfolio. Remember, to boost your chances of cheating on your partner, it's always best to have more than one full membership.

When compared to the other brands in this area it's easy to be fooled by Saphrina's under the radar approach, but we reckon it's definitely one to keep in mind.

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Saphrina.com reviews:

  • 2018-09-08 12:39:25, Ronald McDonald (Man, 49)



    Was pretty freakin excited when I first found saphrina, it was when that other affairs site that slipps my mind was getting all the flack and this one started to really step in and take a lot of their customers. Needless to say I was not super impressed. Some real chicks, maybe they were married, maybe not. I didn't get anywhere anyway. Won't be back there again in a hurry.
  • 2018-03-30 02:28:51, R.J. (Man, 49)



    So...I got laid using 'SAPHRINA' !!! Count me as a happy user. Took me a while mind u but good things come 2 those who wait ;-)
  • 2018-02-19 16:14:39, Dave (Man, 46)

    Better options in Brisbane tbh (C-)


    Affairs dating is never a sure thing, so many bad reviews, so much risk involved for all parties, etc, etc, etc. But you can still get lucky now and again with the right site, which this one most definitely is not. I try running searches for women aged 35 – 45 across the Queensland area and although I see a few results, I don't really get any major amount of replies from my messages. The odd sexy chat, but no hot affair as you hope for. I'll stick with better options for this neck of the woods. Dave
  • 2017-09-17 01:55:08, A.J.S (Man, 39)

    OK - but nothing to write home about


    Dont get to excited about saphrina.com, it's really not all its cracked up to be. Needs more work IMHO
  • 2017-07-30 15:40:06, Bobby (Man, 51)

    Had a couple of shags


    I tend to use a few of these casual/ flirty sites but this was where it all kicked off for me.The good thing about london is its busy enough to give you options and wide enough that you've got plenty of places to sneak around in. Got lucky 2 or 3 times thanks to Saphrina so definitely have a soft spot for it.
  • 2017-05-08 08:17:41, JohnPlayer;) (Man, 42)

    Buy some rubbers


    Fat girls, thin girls, colored girls, white girls, all married. Site is legit. Period.
  • 2017-05-07 06:16:37, Richard (Man, 48)

    Its 4 outta 5 from me


    Struth whats the world bloody coming to when I can sign up for a website that lets me cheat on me wife!! ha! Ive got speaking to a few shiela's on the site, one in particular a right little beaut! Im not sayin the site is chocka with them or anything but there are heaps that are fair dunkum. and a few of these can even make you crack a fat one with their naughty messages ha! Anyway its all coming good for me now after a bit of a slow start so wanted to leave my thoughts. If you're thinking of trying it good onya! Personally I couldn't knock it back once I heard about it, had to give it a burl
  • 2017-05-07 00:00:00, DexterM (Man, 43)

    Not perfect but still ok


    Do I sometimes get cam girls sending me links on Saphrina? Do I sometimes see pics of women that are far too young and hot to be on the site? Do I get p*$$ed off by how long I sometimes have to wait to hear back from women on Saphrina? Yes, yes and absolutely yes. But none of these things are enough to put me off, all you know you'll have to deal with now and again (all sites are like that) so you deal with it. Honestly, some people are stupid enough to think they'll sign up and get laid that night. Wake up, smell the coffee and you might just get a hot little secret reward.

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