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Affair dating review 2024


It's an affairs site that sounds like a fashion brand, so we decided to try it on for size.

What is

The first time you arrive at the index page you notice two things; the first is a gleaming wedding ring on one of the models. The second is more of a surprise - the Amazon, Norton and McAfee certificate seals, pride of place as part of the short registration form. From the outset two of your main concerns are covered because you instantly know that this is a site for married people like you and just as importantly, it's a site that has gone to great lengths to prove that it's not a scam, but a legitimate business that will guard your data using the biggest names in internet security. This key message is cemented further with terms like “anonymous”, “discreet” and “private” cropping up a lot on Victoria Milan as you go through the registration process and beyond  – and these are exactly the words you want to read when you're looking for a dating site that will help you safely set up an affair online.

Our Victoria Milan Review 

Interestingly, it's also the first site to mention in a prominent place that the site is as suited for just flirting and chatting as it is for helping you meet someone for an affair, just in case you're one of those people that aren't so sure about in person meetings through cheating sites. This is the case for all hookup sites of course, not everyone is looking to go beyond the sex chats, but it's the first review we've done where a site isn't scared to appeal to those types of users.

It doesn't take long to sign up and gain access (you have to validate your email – another example of the site flexing it's security muscles) and once you do, it has to be said that the look and feel of the site is slightly underwhelming. In our recent report on rival affairs site Ashley Madison we were quite taken by the sleek and stylish appearance of the members area. However, this review of VM has shown us that although Ashley Madison wins on appearance, has the cooler features; anonymous blur, auto-logout (in case you forget), a built-in online casino and our favourite, a prominent “panic” button placed in the main navigation. The idea with the panic button is presumably that you can click it if you hear your husband or wife coming up the stairs, or something like that. We're not sure how practical these features are but they show that Victoria Milan is ready to go above and beyond to keep its members safe when helping them to have an affair. If you want to know what happens when you hit the panic button, you'll just have to read on.

Is Victoria Milan Free To Use?

Full membership is required to send a message or perform advanced searches, but that's to be expected on an affairs site like this. Occasionally, you'll find mentions of words like “love” and “perfect match” on VM - quite an unusual thing to see on a cheating website. It allows non-married people to join and has testimonials from people who have found more than an affair. This is a surprise to us and although we expect that many online extramarital relationships go on to become more serious, it creates a bit of a mixed message as we're not sure if this site's aim is to help us find sex with a married woman or man, or if they want to help us find something more long-term than an illicit affair.

Our Conclusion: Is Victoria Milan A Scam?

Coming back to any potential accusations that might be a scam site, we certainly didn't find any evidence of that in this VictoriaMilan review. In fact, we liked that the very first page of the site urges users to report profiles that they feel could be fake, showing that they genuinely want a site filled with real members and not scammers.

We hope this VM review has given you something to think about. Just remember, if you are interested in finding an affair online and have a couple of infidelity sites like this in mind, you're always better off with more than one subscription. One site is not realistically going to keep you super busy, so by joining two or three you boost your chances significantly. In that case also check out AshleyMadison, Saphrina or NoStringsAttached. Good luck! 

Oh! In case you're wondering, when we hit the PANIC button it immediately brought up YouTube. Very clever :-)

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  • 2019-03-13 13:17:15, Hookupguy (Man, 41)

    Smooth site


    There are a million dating sites out there these days. So why pick this one? Well Im not going to say that it will beat tinder but it does the job it was designed for

  • 2018-10-21 20:38:18, Vince (Man, 48)

    Review for Victoria Milan


    I started an account on Victoria Milan,I had about 30 women I liked and flirted with after answering all of them not a one replied back,so if it's not fake then what's the problem Victoria Milan?

  • 2018-10-14 10:52:40, GGG (Man, 48)



    VM is probably the worst of the sites that I've seen -- it must be 99% fake profiles. Avoid.

  • 2018-04-28 10:01:02, Alan R. (Man, 49)



    Moved to VM after losing faith in another cheater site, tbh im starting to lose faith here now too. Recently I seem to be getting less replies + the standards are slipping. Dont know why I bother tbh youre better using twitter or snapchat IMHO.

  • 2018-01-25 08:23:00, Nino (Man, 42)

    1 Star


    Big fat waste of my time. To many spammers as well, they really piss me of!!!!!

  • 2018-01-17 23:14:30, No Fool (Man, 39)




  • 2017-12-31 18:07:30, Addicted (Man, 43)



    Noticed an ad for this on the porn site I used and signed up. Cant believe I hadnt heard of it before. Only been using it a day but already getting messages. Just need to make sure I remember to delete my history!

  • 2017-11-11 17:37:02, Jim Doe (Man, 49)

    Mixed – good, bad and one particular instants of ugly lol


    My work buddy suggested this site, he had heard good things and I told him ive always been the type of guy to play around! Why eat hot dogs every night when you can have the occashonal t-bone, am i rite? Lol! Figured why not check it out and gave it a shot. Holy crap there are women out there that are married, hot and want to screw around almost as much as I do! rofl!!! Most weekends I end up with nothing but I have gotten lucky on the site with 2 chicks...1 hottie and 1 fatty (she was what the cool kids are callin a BBW – more cushion for the pushin you know?! Lol! Cant complain though, least the damn thing works sometimes. Jim (not my real name)

  • 2017-11-05 17:05:01, George K. (Man, 61)



    Aint difficult to use or nuthing like that, in fact its a nice looking site, but ive not had any luck. I tried it for a month (Ohio) and spent a lot of time with my profile and all that stuff but closest I got to getting laid was some naughty messages. Im looking for sex as my wife is ill and cant satisfy me so im not lookin to waste any more of my time anywhere if I cant find someone to jump my bones

  • 2017-10-12 08:01:19, ben (Man, 41)

    Not the best


    Very little to like about this site. No where near enough married women in my area to justify the subscription fee. Won't be renewing next month.

  • 2017-08-17 17:01:03, HandsomeCheater (Man, 47)

    I use it


    VM is a good site for banging horny housewifes – ive cheated a lot thanx 2 VM – dont tell the wife! Hahahaahahaha whose your daddy? ;-p

  • 2017-08-13 16:52:27, Tom Peterson (Man, 49)

    Good option for people that need to step out sometimes


    VM isnt as good as it thinks it is but it is still a fairly good option. If you live in a big city its worth running a search to see if its busy near you. I personally dont use it close to home and only se it when im working away as I dont sh*t where I eat, if you get my meaning. I work in a few major cities so VM sometimes does the job. Like the review says its best to use it with another site to give you a better chance of finding someone who is available, attractive and has the same views on infidelity that you do...take it from me, such people are too hard to find without having a few subscriptions.

  • 2017-06-17 04:33:28, Biggie (Man, 50)

    Victoria Milan


    I've used this site a lot over the years and still like it. Sometimes I stop my membership for a while but generally come back every few months and pay again to see whats out there. I've used Ashley Madison as well and theres not much between them

  • 2017-06-10 05:40:47, Anon (Man, 51)



    The problem with affairs dating is that you have all the usual issues that internet dating has (scammers, time wasters, people being to far away to meet, etc) PLUS you have all the added problem that even when you do find that needle in a haystack here, she's married so will be paranoid and doubtful. Timing is everything though and if you do have that magic formula then im sure that your chances of making it happen here are better than anywhere else. It's a nice site, professional and with a proven record. Definitely worth checking out IMO. Anon

  • 2017-04-16 17:15:07, Tim (Man, 54)

    Great site I reckon


    Not sure what more you could want from an affairs site. I find it totally ace! Real women (not all of course but im smart enough to know a real chick from a fake one!) and its not an expensive site when you compare it with the competition. Takes some time to make it work but if you have time and the drive to get laid with married women then there's no reason why you can't have a bonzer time!

  • 2017-03-31 03:09:59, Sam (Man, 50)

    Aint the best but far from the worst


    I'd say im pretty much happy with how this site performs for me. Worth a shot y'all, no doubt.

  • 2017-03-10 09:11:17, MarriedWithoutSex (Man, 47)

    Dont expect a miracle but you do have a chance


    As a married man in a sexless relationship Ive tried most of the cheater sites out there. Dont feel guilty as I do it for the kids, if I left the wife theyd be gutted. So I stick around but to hell with sacrificing everything in the name of 'love', you still gotta live, you know? Anyway I use this site among other to keep things on the down low and ive found it to be pretty reliable. Youre not going to be a one man sex machine using it so get your expectations in check before you sign up, but you can have some dirty chats and try to set things up, sure. More of a chance than most sites will give you.

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