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Is a legit hookup site?

8.2 is a site that had eluded us up until the last couple of weeks, when we received a couple of requests to review it. Indeed, it does seem to be one of the 'up and comers' on the hookup dating scene from the initial investigation we carried out, where we checked what was being said about it around the web. Before long, we realised it merited an in depth review by our team.

Our Review

The landing page of certainly captures the feeling that this is a casual dating site that's growing in popularity extremely quickly. The site is professional and easy to navigate, with the kind of tone we expect from this kind of site – promises that if you're looking for sex then you'll find it here.

Signing up to is a very quick process and once you're inside you're encouraged to complete some more details about yourself and your reasons for signing up. Options like 'hookups' or 'women's lingerie' certainly hammer home the idea that this is a dating site for people who want no strings attached fun; no commitments and nothing serious. It's good that the site encourages more details like these though, as too often people sign up to an NSA site like this and don't bother taking the time to complete their profile (or forget to) and then they wonder why nobody gets in touch or replies to their messages. Like all dating sites, whether it be the ones that are designed to find you local sex or the ones that set out to help people fall in love, effort and patience is the key to success.

How Does Work? 

The site works well on all the devices we tested, and we particularly liked the mobile site. Once you're in the members area you're faced will all sorts of options. There's a poll running on the left (the theme tends to be sexual, unsurprisingly); personal match suggestions in the centre; videos, pictures and guestbook posts that singles have been added to the lower part of the site; and on the right of the page you can easily see who's online now and a list of benefits to moving from a free trial to the upgrade membership. It's a hive of activity and very different from a lot of the other naughty dating sites we've seen.

The free trial is more comprehensive than a lot of hook-up websites we've reviewed too, and let's you vote in the 'hot or not' contest, presumably letting those who you've indicated you find “hot” know that you're interested in them. It also let's you write blog posts for all to see, read articles, post to the forums, view events and parties that have been added to the communal calendar (yes, these include sex parties), make “friends”, send likes and plenty more. Most of these things are good for building engagement on the site and getting you noticed but it's important to point out that in order to do most of them, you need to verify your profile by clicking a link on your email, as well as adding some basic information to your dating profile.

As is normally the case on NSA hookup sites, as a full (paying) member you're given the ability to read and send full messages on You can also properly interact with members to the full extent in the forums and on the events pages. The membership cost is slightly less than we've seen elsewhere in our sex dating reviews and our team of reviewers agreed that all things considered, the site does represent good value for money provided you have a decent number of potential 'matches' in your local area.

Is Worth Paying For? 

There's no doubt that is a different type of hookup site. It's a bustling hybrid of sexy social network combined with a very X-rated NSA hookup site. At first we felt like it was all a bit much, but once you try the full version and use it regularly, you soon see the added value here. What other site can let you know about offline parties and sex events, read and write articles, join in the chatroom inspired forums and do the typical hookup searches? It really is enough to keep you going and with the amount of members it has, should lead to even the most cynical hookup daters getting laid...or at least having a lot of fun when trying to!

As with all of our hookup dating reviews, we recommend not limiting yourself to one sex search site at a time – there are lots our there so it's worth giving 2-3 sites a try at any given time (Check out our Adult Friend Finder Review & UberHorny Review); running searches and seeing how many replies you get to messages before giving up. It takes time and effort, but we all know that the reward is more than capable of making up for that. safe!

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  • 2021-02-12 17:55:47, Joseph (Man, 71)

    100s of “women” ALL Fake!


    I am a paying member and on the site daily. I have had 109s of “women” reach out to me, Not One was legit. I don’t mean they were “escorts” that would have been Great! These were all Frauds! Buy Verified IDs ( there is No Such Thing!) money up front before meeting. But not face to face! “Send me $$$, then I will meet you!” LOL Right! They all want to TEXT no one will Talk. The one that answered my call by mistake was a Jamaican Guy attempting to imitate a Female Voice! LOL I Canceled my membership still in effect for two weeks. I tried to post some of this but any hint of the site being BS is censored!

  • 2017-12-29 03:54:25, Oliver (Man, 41)



    I like 4sexonly and I know for sure there are real girls as ive spoken to a few in my time. Sometimes we just shoot the breeze and other times things get hot n heavy! I dont mind paying a few bucks a month for the chance of getting laid. As I say the girls are pretty sweet and even though you do sometimes get one or two that are trying to promote a cam site or whatever, you just ignore it. Be smart and bail when the time wasters contact you, that's my advice.

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