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If a group of women created a hook-up dating website, just what would it look like?

Let's begin at the beginning, ihookup has a really modern feel about it. It's the kind of site that gives you hope simply by being well made. The site is clearly designed for the mobile generation and consequently, the mobile experience is very good indeed. However, in the pre-sign up area of this casual dating site, the nice design and layout isn't all that grabs the attention.

According to the About Us section, ihookup is the brainchild of a group of females. The site was set up by women that didn't like the way other popular hookup sites work, but understood that women still very much want to have casual fun – more than ever in fact. So, spotting this gap in the market, they created ihookup to focus on and cater to the female sex dating market. This is very interesting for us because it should mean, in theory, that this is a casual NSA dating site with more of a female user base than most.

To say we were keen to review this site would be quite an understatement!

A key point in their thinking when creating this no-strings site was that the more traditional online dating sites didn't attach enough weight to the physical aspect of dating; voice, body language and looks. These aspects were, in the opinion of the ihookup founders, being ignored in favour of a less effective effort to match people based purely on hobbies and interests. Consequently, they decided that what the dating industry was missing was a site that matched singles together based solely on physical attraction. This site is therefore about finding someone you can have a fun casual fling with (a 'friend with benefits', as the cool kids call it), and if it leads to a relationship too then that's a bonus.

Once you enter the site the good news is that it keeps it's nice sleek design. However, on closer inspection there are a lot of large adverts. For some this is fine, after all, where on the internet are there not adverts? But we couldn't help feel that the banner sizes could be smaller. What's more, for a site that's made by women, we were surprised to see the webcams and porn access tabs that are now very common on a lot of casual dating websites. Although, if you do like porn on your hookup sites, you'll be pleased to know the videos on ihookup don't require you to upgrade!

In terms of site features, there is a Hookup Game that you can play, which shows you other members in the famous 'hot or not' or Tinder fashion. You need to add a photo to play the hookup game, which is quite a good way to get people to add pictures to their dating profiles (which always boosts the replies and messages a user will get, so fair play to them for that).

In order to read and send messages you also need to upgrade to a full membership, but you can add members to your favourite list and send them an icebreaker from a variety of choices (such as “You are hot” and “Let's get coffee” notifications”) for free. Searching, either local or wide range, is completely free too.

With the site index page talking up the female influence on the ihookups concept, we were hoping for something completely different from our member experience for this hookup site review. However, we're pleased to report that there were real women on the site in our area and that, more than any design or feature implementation, is exactly what we're after on a sex search site like this.

In short, don't be fooled by the talk, this is your typical functioning casual dating site. But thanks to clever marketing towards women, it might just be the one that gets you laid tonight! Remember horny guys and gals, you'll boost your hookup chances by signing up to more than one casual NSA dating site (Check out our Adult Friend Finder Review & BeNaughty Review). Despite not being our number one, ihookups' female friendliness makes it definitely worth considering for your list.

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ihookup.com reviews:

  • 2018-03-28 03:48:22, Simon (Man, 35)

    i Hookup review Summer 17'


    Used ihook up a few times down the years. Its defo better now than it used to be. Quite a few lassies pure gantin on it and quite a few up for a bit of cheeky cyber or sextin. A good service. Shaun from Gateshead
  • 2018-03-26 04:07:08, Benjamin (Man, 36)

    ihookup is ok IMO


    Must admit I quite like going on ihookup now and again. Worth checking out and if you have a high enough number of chicks nearby then its worth trying for a month or two so you can see how you get on.

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