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The first thing you notice when you arrive at XMeeting.com is a landing page that is very minimalistic, with no real content or showy tricks to entice us, just the emphasis on FREE and some member images to show that the site is genuine. And maybe, when all is said and done, that's all we'll need. The registration form is the shortest we've ever seen on a review, and we're inside the members area in a matter of moments.

First thing's first - you cant be contacted unless you verify your email (for security purposes). The members area has a main navigation bar with everything you'd expect from an internet dating site; Search, Help and Dating Centre tabs. The Dating Centre is basically the main dashboard of XMeeting's hookup site, where you can easily view a feed of member activity (including when new photos have been added or new members have joined), which is great for seeing who is active on this particular NSA website.

It's free to search for local horny singles and even send them “likes” to let them know you're interested in meeting up for some naughty fun. But if you want to send messages, X Meeting follows the common subscription payment model, where you can choose a paid membership package beyond the initial free trial.

It's simple to add photos to your profile, as well as some written information about who you are and what you are looking for. The site does encourage this, and so would we – it's well known that users with pictures are far more likely to get replies or ice-breaker messages to their account.

XMeeting utilises a very simple layout structure that's super easy to use. That being said, we've reviewed a lot of casual dating sites for singles looking for sex and we must admit that this one feels the most 'no frills' of them all. This isn't necessarily a bad thing – there is literally nothing to distract you from the process of contacting members and trying to hook up. But if you're looking for tips or advice content, gamification, polls, interesting search filters, webcam chat or anything remotely innovative, then this probably isn't your kind of place!


The mobile site works well, so that's a relief. But our view of XMeeting overall is that your experience of the site will ultimately come down to the number of members you have in your local area. The minimalistic design and set up does let you focus on what's important, but if you sign up and find the search results to be anything less than busy, then you'll probably end up moving on. On the other hand, this could just be the site that brings you lots of options in your area, so we can't rule it out. Sex dating is a numbers game, and where X Meeting fails with design and features, it could well win with the number of horny local singles you find. It seems this review is something that we can't complete for you – is XMeeting worth using? There's only one real way for you to find out.


As always, we'd suggest you try this site in conjunction with at least two others (Check out our Adult Friend Finder Review & BeNaughty Review). That way you boost your chances of activity... the more people you're chatting to across the different dating sites you join, the higher your chances of getting laid. Enjoy!


xmeeting.com reviews:

  • Feb 21, Zulu (Man, 24)

    wats da point


    same chix but never new 1s all hot chix r 2 far away nd sex now not 2moro not nxt mnth now not finding it here so giv up dont botha wiv it waste of time gov
  • Nov 25, 2017, Chris (Man, 25)

    Not my fave but I've had good some chats


    I like this site I must say. I don't mind how empty it all is, I totally don't. I think some sites have to much stuff going on. I always use three sites at once (I switch out which ever is doing worst after every couple of months or so) and I was on another site yesterday (a rival to xmeeting) and it had all kinds of trash on their like voting polls and articles about sex toys. WTF do I want with all that? What xmeeting needs is a decent mobile app, not a bunch of feetures to keep you from messaging girls.
  • Nov 22, 2017, Dan McD (Man, 37)

    Not for me


    There's just something missing on here. Dont know what. Story of my lifeeeeee
  • Oct 28, 2017, Lucky Dude (Man, 25)



  • Oct 26, 2017, Goodman (Man, 37)

    Xmeeting.com review August 2017


    Well well well yet another NSA site that's totally let me down. Getting fed up of blowing my money but never blowing my muck. I mean really, how hard can it be to stop spammers, get more women and help ur subscribers to get more than the odd sexy text????! its not rocket science!!!!!!!
  • Sep 24, 2017, Dave C (Man, 36)

    3/10 TOPS!


    I did not like this hook up site one bit. I dont know if its US focused or what but I aint getting anywhere. Its clearly working for some as ive read some good reviews but im just like WTF where are all the hotties to bang?!! Nah, not my style at all folks, simple as that.
  • Jul 15, 2017, Lady Tamara (Man, 41)

    Not enough members for me - nothing to do - old fashioned


    I find this site a bit old fashioned. I understand the mobile experience is good but ive not tried that so will just be commenting on my desktop computer (packard bell) version. The site seems a lot less interesting that some of the other hook up sites ive been checking out. One way to search, one way to add info to your profile, one way to contact members, etc etc etc. I see users in my search results, hell ive even spoke to a few! But still, where are the webcams? Where are the chatrooms? Where is the hot or not search? I may be older than the average user but this site is even old fashioned to me. Needs an update!!!
  • Jul 10, 2017, Boris (Man, 42)

    Small but perfectly formed ;-)


    There isnt much to do on xmeeting except search and chat. Thats fine with me tbh as some other sites are just mutton dressed as lamb. Im finding the site pretty good, not perfect of course (still not got laid yet lol) but will give it some more time.
  • Mar 9, 2017, Jason O. (Man, 40)

    review for x meeting naughty dating site


    This is a fun site. Ive been using it in london and seems to be one of the better options in terms of member numbers. The free version is pretty limited but I went for the upgrade last week and started sending out tonnes of messages. Had a couple of replies and will see where they lead. You never can expect to much from this type of dating site but its always worth trying and seeing what happens. Cant win the euro millions if you dont buy a ticket...

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