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WellHello Review 2021



WellHello comes across as a bit more mainstream than we expected, but don't be fooled by the lack of gratuitous nudity on its cover page, this is a site that's offering hookups and casual encounters with singles (and even couples) in your local area.

It doesn't take long to join at all and before you know it you're set loose inside the adult dating members' area. Once you reach the main pages, it's fairly simple to use on any device (there is no app available but the mobile version is more than adequate), with a simple navigation bar to the left of screen and in the centre, a feed displaying nearby singles, along with sexy user videos and hot new member photos. There are two main links at the top of the page; one for activating the search  and the other opening a window directly to their webcam streaming area to enjoy live videos of cam girls when you're done reaching out to local hotties. It's perhaps worth noting here that our reviewers were a little surprised to see the cams option in there, particularly as the cam chicks are very attractive – to the point that you can end up spending more time in that section than you may have intended – and so it could pull people away from the main hookup experience (watching cam girls is fun but it ain't going to get you laid!) However, the cams are clearly there to keep users entertained during the quieter site times and are therefore a clever addition. Besides, it's unlikely that the female singles would be watching cams, so the only users that will be distracted from arranging hookups are other men.

The search functionality on WellHello.com was more clear-cut, with two links available at all times to bring up a simple search bar, allowing you to quickly set filters and run searches on horny local singles or couples. The other links down the left hand side of the page showcase typical dating site functionalities such as My Profile, Messages and Member Galleries, while also including links to virtual reality porn sites, рenis extension supplements (aptly named 'Grow Your D#ck'), more cam girl websites and sex surveys.

Sending icebreakers (liking profiles, which triggers a message to the person you liked) and adding members to your 'favourites' list is available as part of the WellHello free trial, as are many of the videos and webcam links. Unsurprisingly, like any typical hook up dating site we had to upgrade before we could start sending chat messages to women that caught our eye.

All in all, our reviewers couldn't help but feel that the mixed messaging on the site between trying to get the newly signed up singles to use the site for its main purpose (i.e meeting local women for no strings sex) and offering the same horny newbies the completely separate world of рorn, webcams and рenis enlargement pills, might confuse some. But we're of the opinion that it's good to have plenty of variety on a dating website. After all, as customers we're looking for value for our money, something that the very best adult hook up sites (read our adultfriendfinder review) also understand to their advantage. The top casual dating sites are more than just a hub for quick searches and naughty chat - they provide plenty of options for seх searchers above and beyond the typical and basic necessities. The key point is to get the balance right and keep the casual dating aspect as the main crux of the site. WellHello have definitely managed to pull it off and we've no doubt that most guys will find the extra options to be ideal for their NSA needs. Even looking at it strictly from the perspective of wanting to get laid fast, our reviewers didn't see anything to take them away from the seх search, which always remains 'front and centre' of WellHello's offering. This is truly a positive, because it is actually a very good matching engine on offer at Well Hello; simple yet very efficient.

At the end of the day, if you're looking for a site with plenty to keep you busy while you wait for replies to your filthy sex offers from local girls, then you could do a lot worse than checking out WellHello.com. There are plenty of women on WellHello, which was the case for each region that we tested, and the site is both simple and fun to use.


Like always, it's better to test this casual dating site yourself, as well as many others, because no NSA hookup site is the same for everyone – so much depends on the number of women online in your local area. We recommend browsing singles on as many sites as you can in order to meet girls and get lucky as regularly as possible!

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WellHello.com reviews:

  • 2018-12-31 04:35:45, Steve (Man, 28)

    Stay away.


    This site is not only annoying to use, but it's filled with bots generated by the site owners.
  • 2018-02-20 18:37:25, Henry Tanner (Man, 62)

    Well Hello appears to be another scam site


    There are numerous fake profiles and messages are probably from a chat-bot.
  • 2017-10-01 00:13:02, Jeff (Man, 48)

    Aint sure yet, need more time


    Not had a bite yet, a few nibbles but nothing solid. You fantasize about joining a site like this and it all happening the same day but as im sure some of y'all know, the females in colorado are not as easy to talk into bed as elsewhere lol! I'm sticking with it though, theres enough to give me reason to continue put it that way. Will report back after my 3 months subscription expires. Bob (39)
  • 2017-09-26 17:05:55, F.G. (Man, 37)

    Not bad


    Theres some game birds on there, sumtimes takes longer than id like to get replies but overall its one of the best for results in my neck of the woods (norwich).
  • 2017-09-24 15:52:49, Donald B. (Man, 37)

    Nice if ur in2 couples


    I use this more for meeting couples. Find its as good as the typical swinger websites + the bonus is that u can easily meet single women to. So its kinda like 2 for 1 in a way. Saves payin for 2 memberships (skinflint, I know lol)
  • 2017-09-23 18:23:08, Jonny da King (Man, 39)

    My review of well hello


    Hey, it's a cool site guys! Plenty of girls and lots of other stuff as well! So many hook up sites just leave you with nothing but this is how I imagine a great hook up site to be you know? Full of sexy stuff to get you in the mood, videos and member pics. Sure, it could use a lot more women, every site could!! But generally i'm a fan! Although dont all rush to sign up as the less guys on there, the more ill keep up my record on the site (2 meets so far, 100% bang
  • 2017-09-21 03:21:28, Scott Schulz (Man, 36)

    Dont know what all the fuss is about personally


    This is yet another review site saying how good well hello is but ive been trying to get laid there for days and aside from the odd naughty chat ive been left holding my cock in my hand each night. I'm pissed off and I dont know why I care because the women are ugly anyway.
  • 2017-09-18 02:32:05, Ben (Man, 31)

    5/10 IMHO


    This site (wellhello) could be a lot better. It's sad coz it has the chicks and its easy to use, but it's missing certain things, like being able to blast a msg out to 100s of chicks at once or being able to flick through them fast tinder/ hot or not style. They need to add some better search features, it's a shame coz the women are there, just should be easier to find them imho.
  • 2017-09-17 10:35:28, Pete Olson (Man, 37)

    Works some times but dont expect to much


    I reckon I was one of the first users on wellhello, been a member for donkeys years. Im kinda loyal to the site truth be told as I had my first online hookup on it. Ever since I kinda kept chasing the same again. I've got lucky now and again with some fine ladies to but it takes work chaps, don't be stupid and think you can just shove a snap of your old man on your avatar and the ladies will all be after you!! I does not work like that! No dating site does mate! Take your time and stick with it, you'll get a game of hide the sausage eventually (if I can get laid online anyone can ha ha). Pete
  • 2017-09-17 01:50:54, D G (Man, 40)

    Wellhello review 2017 by DG


    Bn usin W Hello 4 sum time now, cnt quiet beleve how well it wrks bt it reely does. Luv it.
  • 2017-09-10 16:41:15, Player Boy (Man, 37)

    Prob makes my top 3


    I never tend to give this site much credit, like when a mate asks what sex sites im using these days im always forgetting this one. But I couldnt sleep last night so started doing a calculation of the birds ive screwed and the sites that I met them on. Was shocked to realise that wellhello gets me laid far more than I realise! Its funny because its not all that well known but id recommend it, clearly works for some!
  • 2017-09-08 00:00:00, Rodney Y. From NYC (Man, 26)



    There's a lot of cool shit going on so I dont know why they need all the d#ck pill shit and cams stuff. If I want to go to a cams site then ill go to a cams site. Let me focus on getting laid.
  • 2017-09-06 16:11:28, Daniel (Man, 29)

    must admit, its better than I thought


    I tend to take these dating reviews with a pinch of salt but hadnt heard of well hello so decided to try it out. It's a nice site actually, some real dirties on there (always nice) and even though it takes a while to get chatting to them, they are very open when you do. Maybe im just in a good area but id rate WH quite highly, good fun.

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