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Looking to hook up with singles all over the US for no strings fun? This sexy dating site offers a large database, local hotties and everyone is there for one reason. What’s not to like?
Our newest USA sex dating review finds us trying out OneNightStand, which as the name suggests, aims at providing a kinky dating platform for singles in need of some hot and spicy action to come together, chat, check out photos and set up a one night stand online. is easy to use and comes with a free trial for all singles in the US.

With a name like One Night Stand, our hopes were high going into the testing and review of this popular casual dating site. But does one night stand work? Can you find sex in the US using this site? And where does sit when compared against the other leading top US hook up dating sites? Read on to find out...

Which are the Best Dating Sites for Casual Fun?

When it comes to writing a review of the top, most popular adult sex search sites, we always have plenty of volunteers to try the dating platforms and sex dating apps on our list. With One Night Stand, this was no different, as we’re sure you can imagine. The site certainly gets straight to the point and although the front page is fairly minimal, like the horny, naughty daters visiting the website from all over America, we’re more interested in getting a feel for what’s inside.

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The review team working on the adult dating review have seen many of these sites so we know what’s good and what’s mutton dressed as lamb. We’ve looked at all the usual one night stand type hookup sites, from BeNaughty to Adult Friend Finder, Casual Sex Only to Fling. All of these dating sites and the many, many thousands more that offer flirty chat that can lead to steamy sex, they all come in different styles, shapes and sizes, all offering secret liaisons and saucy encounters, many promising quick sex or longer term “fuck buddy” relationships. One Night Stand stands up well against some but falls slightly behind other US naughty dating sites for flirting.

Which US Cities Are The Best for Finding A Quick Lay Tonight?

One you’ve filled in the super quick dating site registration form, one night stand comes packed with plenty of decent search features and ways to get chatting with other US singles looking for fun. There are plenty of cheeky users on there, all signed up for one thing – opportunities for casual, no strings attached meetings, starting online and then moving to the real thing.
The site is rammed full of hot pics, dating profiles with revealing photographs that don’t leave much to the imagination. And why would they, as this site is not for singles looking to settle down, it’s out to help you get laid fast.

There’s a pay as you go aspect to this site, which is common on a lot of the best sites for hooking up in US cities; from coast to cost. Our online sex search review team found that cities such as New York, LA and Boston were very active on this site, but generally we found most US cities had strong representation on One Night Stand.

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Is One Night Stand a Good Online Hookup Site?

So what’s the verdict y’all? Overall, a lot will depend on your exact location and this will definitely determine your chance of finding sex on this weekend. There’s no doubt that our horny US cities performed best, with engagement a bit lower in rural areas. But the main thing is to put some effort in, add some real images on your dating profile and send compliments rather than dick pics. Live by those rules, and an epic one night stand might just be coming your way very soon.

Remember you sexy American god or goddess, it’s always better to try a few leading adult hookup sites at the same time to allow you to compare and boost your chances of a hot lay tonight. Play safe!

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  • 2023-10-11 22:44:14, TheeONE (Man, 61)

    One-Night Stands is a SCAM


    SCAM - FRAUDS - Girls are not real. Probably operators. Verified by asking for everyday pictures of themselves, things everyone does every day - like, show me you drinking coffee, throwing trash out, eating something - and they ALL - yes, every one of them came back with the same line, "Are you ordering me to do this for you." Probably even scripted. A defensive attitude like this generally means someone is doing something wrong, not up to par or is a SCAMMER. Stay away, don't waist your money. And they ever guarantee you a date. lol Can't wait to see what happened when I request my money back lol

  • 2023-10-03 16:28:19, Tony (Man, 18)

    Bullshit Scam artists


    This is the biggest BS SCAM!!!don't waste a single dollar on these phony pieces of trash it's probably all a bunch of fuckin Indians sitting around smoking a Hookah and drinking tea with other shit heads taking our hard earned American dollars fuck this place
  • 2023-08-24 13:21:28, Anonymous (Man, ?)

    For about two months


    It’s the same old story I don’t feel comfortable chatting off site like they have plenty of money to spend or they don’t have access to apps chat rooms it’s a money pit they always ready to until the last minute and they back off and say let’s keep chatting SCAM

  • 2023-08-04 05:05:36, Ted (Man, 57)

    Scam scam scam


    Wish I had found this before I wasted $$ on this site. Endless meaningless chats with what I suspect are paid chatters. Never answer questions directly and deflect or they ask the same things over and over. Please don’t waste your time or money on this site.

  • 2023-04-09 20:27:15, Daddyone (Man, 50)

    Fraudulent Scam


    Wasted hundreds. Total scam. Endless chats with never face to face- refused to reimburse- DATE GUARENTEE IS total BS. -erases message history for older contacts. People initially speak like English is their first language, then they talk like they are not native English speakers. BIG SCAM.

  • 2023-04-03 03:50:37, Mark Liegel (Man, 69)



    Stay away! Far far away! A total scam! Endless chatting just to get your money. No real opportunity to meet a real live person. They just insist on endless chats with no attempt to setup an actual date or accept an invitation for a date! Scam. Scam. Scam. Run away from this site!!!!

  • 2023-03-18 00:52:11, Anonymous (Man, ?)

    Worked for me


    It took me a while, but I managed to hook up with a nympho LOL. Maybe I was lucky though.

  • 2022-11-07 19:48:55, Ron Schultz (Man, 70)

    Big scam


    Took me awhile to find out and more money than I care to admit, but all the reviews on here are correct. No body on here wants to talk privatly, no body wants to go out. Talked to a lot of women on here and all they want to do is string you along. And that guarentee they have for your money back is really bogus. I'd like to hear from somebody that did!

  • 2022-10-10 22:46:50, Andrew (Man, 61)

    Fraudulent Site


    The one-nightstand site is totally bogus. It's a money scam, with empty promises, fake reviews fron so called satisfied customers. Each profile is fake, with multiple site administrator users, so you're never chatting with the same person. In less then 12 hours of closing a profile and opening a new one under a different email, I proved these facts. The so called ladies I was chatting with didn't know me in less than that 12 hour span. I saved pictures they sent me, and they were astonished as to how I got "their" private pictures. Proved my point that this site is a scam. A money grab, with fake profiles and multiple users who cannot and did not recognize me from 1 day to the next. They are not local ladies.I proved that as well. It's a scam, do not sign up for their lead you on tactics to buy more credits with no intentions of ever hooking up.

  • 2022-08-15 22:14:44, Mike W. (Man, 57)

    Total BS SCAM


    It's a site full of bots! You have to buy credits to initiate contact but then they charge your credits for EACH MESSAGE you send, not just each new contact. Contacts answer you with canned responses, nobody wants to talk or text off of the site and the answers to direct questions are vague or are something you already know about their profile. It literally is like talking to a bunch of bots! It is designed to keep you pouring your money into credits trying to initiate contact with women who aren't really there to begin with. DO NOT waste you money buying credits, this site SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • 2022-07-13 19:18:37, Anonymous (Man, ?)

    Fake profiles


    Horrible site scam central no one will talk off the site you get duplicate messages and no one wants to meet up one night stand my ass dont waste your money

  • 2022-07-06 04:08:54, Anonymous (Man, ?)

    Scam site for sure!!!!!


    I signed up and checked some profiles and messaged about 30 different names. The only responses you get back are questions about meaningless stuff.. One of them even messaged me wanting to move her TV and paint her room.. WTF! I’m not there to be a Handyman… Nobody will chat offline at all, they make excuses like there phone is broke and they all say it the same way. It’s a big waste of time and money…

  • 2022-05-16 22:48:54, Chad (Man, 55)



    This site is a complete scam. Many of the profiles are with pictures stolen from a website called vipergirls. They keep you chatting so you buy more credits. They will say they want to meet you then cancel. They will talk dirty to you to distract from the focus of meeting them. A complete fraud of a website!!!!

  • 2022-02-18 17:38:10, Bob Dope (Man, 54)

    Giving it a shot


    Im into dating sites and having a great time chatting with a hottie who I feel is my soul mate.

  • 2022-01-13 05:06:58, William (Man, 57)

    Are you kidding me? This site is a scam


    This site is designed to do nothing but get you to send messages. No one will chat offline unlike other sites I use. A one night stand site with women asking philosophical, esoteric questions. It is quickly obvious what is going on. actual questions I have received: Do you think couples matching outfits is cute or unfashionable? What kind of people do you find easy and hard to get along with? What was your first date like? What is the reason for the last time you cried? Any of these could be legit as an icebreaker or something but the fact that almost every person asked some kind of question like this supports my contention.

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