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Hookup - A Hookup Community With Almost No Fake Members Or Just A Waste Of time?


If you are single and looking for fun online, then the latest addition to our hook up reviews might be right for you. We recently tried out Casual Sex Only and the results were surprising… - Is it a good hookup site?

Welcome to a fresh new review! This one is for those looking for naughty local fun rather than traditional ‘fall in love’ dating, so click away unless you want to find a hook up nearby., as the name suggests, is a free to join “casual” or “no strings attached” internet dating site catering to female and male singles that aren’t looking for a serious relationship but more of a fling. It’s about meeting friends with benefits that you can booty call when you feel horny without guilt or commitment. As we’re sure you’re aware, these types of dating sites are more popular than they’ve ever been and consequently, the internet is awash with promises of flirty fun and purely sexual encounters. But is CasualSexOnly one of the good US hookup sites or does it belong to the endless number of scam sites and time wasting exercises littering the hot dates landscape?

We’re pleased to say it’s the former with this one. Our highly sexed and ultra horny hook up review squad have tested this site to breaking point and we actually ended up wanting more. There’s a whole bunch of features, single hotties a plenty and even the built in chance to attend US sex events and orgies that are being arranged in your area, if that’s your thing. The free membership lets you explore more than most similar sites that we have reviewed for sex effectiveness, but things get a lot more steamy once you go for the full membership (provided you can find a few sexy locals using the search function during the free trial version, you’ll be good to go). 

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Can you find many members on

What’s more, the nationwide focus actually means something here – we tested the site on mobile and laptop devices in a number of locations all across America; from New York to San Francisco,  Dallas to Seattle and Phoenix to Washington DC. User numbers were generally above average and at times, excellent (whereas many sex search sites have, at best, a strong user base that’s concentrated in one or two countries). 

Should you decide to sign up, we would urge you to combine the usual direct message chats with occasional visits to the various forums (all different depending on your personal kinks and interests) to see who’s around there. The forums can prove a good way to kill time while waiting for those local hot ladies to reply to your ice breaker messages. There’s even sexy polls and other unusual surprises to get involved in that we found could also lead to naughty chats and finding things in common with that hot local looking to get down and dirty.

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Does actually work?

If you are looking for a US casual dating site that actually works and gives you a real chance of meeting care free singles for sex nearby, then we would seriously suggest giving a shot. With the quick sign up and search functionality, you’ll know pretty fast if there are single members living locally. From there, the rest is up to you making good conversation, adding some interesting images and ensuring your profile doesn’t make you look like a lazy pervert. Pretty easy, we’d say! 

Remember folks, your chances of finding a hook up with someone nearby will increase massively if you take the time to sign up to multiple online dating sites. It’s all about broadening your choice and trying different sites to see what works.

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  • 2023-12-28 22:56:43, kylie Nicole (Woman, 42)



    I really love this site... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️

  • 2021-12-18 04:35:42, Todd (Man, 43)



    Please do not listen to any positive reviews of this site. The only positive thing I can say for them is that due to no reputable financial lender accepting charges from them, I didn't waste any $. Except for chatrooms and message boards, u can't can't so much as read any messages until u pay and their only vendor PaySafe is a joke. Aside from seeing alot of women's pics from their site listed on others, don't take my word for it - join up and read all the message boards filled w disgruntled users (at least the ones left they don't delete). This site is a a waste of time.

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