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Is a scam or safe place?

9.3 is generally regarded as one of the top online hookup sites available to singles looking for fun without commitment. It's been around for a long time and is very much focused on the adult side of things, aiming to provide no strings sex for hookup hunters everywhere.

BeNaughty Review - How Well Does It Work? 

It's quick and easy to join, even without mandatory email verification (unlike other hookup dating sites, you get straight into the members area), but there is a message at the top of the page that reminds you that in order to receive all messages and keep up with other members' activity, you must eventually confirm your email.

BeNaughty Review

The site is sleek and simple to navigate, as you'd expect from an XXX industry behemoth like BeNaughty. It's not a surprise that the site is very similar to successful sister site, but there are a few differences that lead us to feel that of the two, BeNaughty is the less impressive for site design. For example, there is a very small and thin main navigation bar at the top of the members area. In fact, it's tiny, and we can't really figure out the reason for this. To make things worse from a design perspective, the icons for accessing messages, checking notifications, accessing the instant chat, etc are all bunched up in the corner, with lots of wasted space in the main nav that could be far better used.

9.3 Visit the site Functionality is part of the Together Networks portfolio, along with other major casual brand (see our review here). Colours aside, BeNaughty is a similar looking site to and functionality is also very like it, and we're pleased to see the Chatrooms remain an option here. Considering the amount of cyber sex and dirty conversations that went on in such chatrooms back in the day (before MySpace and then Facebook came along and changed the way single people used the internet!), it makes sense that this environment has been recreated here and definitely adds a nice social side to the You can read what's going on in the chatrooms without upgrading but to join in the fun you need to take out a subscription.

BeNaughty review

9.3 Visit the site

How Does BeNaughty Compare To Other Hookup Sites? 

As you would expect, BeNaughty's brand of online sex searching follows the same principles as other major NSA hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder (see our Adult Friend Finder Review) and ( Review) with a 'look but don't touch' approach to free membership. You can read messages and look at the profiles of people that show up in your advanced searches, but any outgoing communication, aside from a wink or a like, will require a membership upgrade.

For those that prefer to set up naughty encounters using their mobile or tablet device, you'll be pleased to learn that the BeNaughty mobile experience is excellent. The mobile site works very nicely indeed, but for app lovers out there, you can also download the free BN mobile dating app for android or iphone.

Overall, this is a professional, popular and simple to use website for finding casual sex in your local area or beyond. We'd be lying if we said we weren't a little bit disappointed by the lack of anything new or innovative to catch our attention, it's essentially the same as Flirt in terms of functionality, and perhaps the brand could be made to stand out more. The major difference between these two sites of course is that BN is aimed primarily at the more adult side of the dating scene. Sure it's about fun and flirting, but make no mistake - the members on BeNaughty have joined up for local and distant sex meetings, pure and simple.

9.3 Visit the site

Does BeNaughty work?

In conclusion, if you want some casual flirty fun without necessarily having to be bombarded with sex offers, then you might be better off with Flirt. But if you're reading this review because you want to find hardcore adult hookups with the opposite (or same) sex, then BeNaughty is the site for you. It's got a massive number of members and feels more vibrant than most casual sites, and is one of the best performers we've reviewed.

Remember guys and gals, even a site as popular as BeNaughty might not get you laid as often as you'd like. We recommend signing up to multiple sites and giving them a proper try (and a little patience) before reaching your decision, taking into account search results in your area, cost and usability. Even after you've found some sites you really like, we'd still suggest running 2 or 3 memberships simultaneously if you really want to hit the hookup highs.

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  • 2023-04-09 19:00:23, Anonymous (Man, 19)



    This site is a scam, stay away

  • 2023-03-26 18:14:50, Pete (Man, 46)

    Scam Avoid!!!


    This site is a scam, it charges recurring billing even after you cancel and they sign you up for their sister websites without your knowledge or consent, and those sites bill under the benaughty name. I complained to them numerous times and was surprised to find they had created profiles on 4 other dating sites. All the profiles are fake, all the women are bots or fake people. It’s a scam and the intentionally are signing you up for recurring billing on multiple sites so even after you cancel the charges keep coming.

  • 2023-01-03 16:41:54, Paul McKeich (Man, 62)



    These are terrible scammers. You make an initial search and pay a small upfront amount. Fair enough. But then you find they have locked you in with ongoing monthly payments, all sorts of “upgrades” you are unaware of and linked into payments to other branches and sites you have no idea and no intention to join. Sure, that can be my own fault for trusting them in the first place. But they are scammers and you never know where their next deducted payment is going to come from. Once they have your credit card number they keep taking payments.

  • 2022-10-03 23:30:32, Ansel (Man, 48)

    I gave BN a good try and 90 per cent of the women are soliciting for services or fake


    I signed up for BN because I was impressed with the women I saw on the website (my first mistake). Most of the women are not real on BN, if they are real, they are on the site to make money. When I used my credit card on the site , all of the sudden I received fake charges on my credit card. I had to challenge each fake charge...there were many. Many women do not fill out their profiles enough for you to know who they are. I believe I chatted with a few real women (most of the real women were not attractive) which kept me from realizing just how many women are fake. ***** I have read so many reviews which expose that this site is a scam and yet every time I see a rating of this site, it is in the excellent category. These rating are not trustworthy. BTW the site has chats and the rooms are policed, like being in Nazi Germany... If you talk about what is really happening on the site , a moderator kicks you off the chat. I have no idea why people stay on the site, the men must be really lonely and desperate.

  • 2020-05-21 19:07:58, Anonymous (Man, ?)

    I hate it here


    I was up to some mischief the other night and decided to check out this site. You can’t really do anything on BN without a membership so I went with the 1 Day Membership that was 99¢. This was a terrible mistake. The site is filled with fake profiles and scammers. In fact it’s so filled with scammers, the site itself is a flat out scam. I got scared because of course in order to have paid the 99¢ I gave them my card info. I wanted to cancel my subscription to be sure I wouldn’t be wrongfully charged after that day (May 19th 2020) so I went to my account settings and it said I had to follow certain directions to cancel the subscription and delete the account. I followed all the instructions, the last one being to call the number on the screen to confirm my cancellation. I was like “Oh no what did I do to myself”. I called and a woman with a thick accent picked up, asked for my account number, which I gave, and asked why I’d like to cancel. I said I was momentarily curious about the site but now I’d like to get rid of my profile and make sure I’m not charged further. She then spoke very quickly, as if reciting from a script, saying she suggests I try the site for a little longer and she’s extended my subscription until the 28th of May. I said, “but I won’t be charged after this, right?” And instead of yes or no, she repeated the same spitfire answer about giving me a week to decided and then call back to cancel if that’s what I really want. I realized I wouldn’t be able to fight her on this so I said “fine yeah” and ended the call. I then emailed customer service to delete my account. They came back the next day saying to follow the instructions on the site. I replied back that I did and explained what happened on the call. I have not gotten a reply yet but I did get a fraudulent charge to my debit card for $36 on GrubHub. So I’m not saying it was them but it’s never happened to me before and it was the same day this happened. DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE.

  • 2020-04-11 21:12:22, Anonymous Reviewer (Man, 47)



    I agree with others saying this is a total scam. At least most of the female profiles are fake. I would keep getting messages from different profiles saying the exact same things. I had conversations with some, but their replies were ridiculous, or they just changed the subject. Trying to cancel was ridiculous, the rep kept saying, in her very difficult to understand accent, that she was signing me up for all these other websites to try out instead. It was only when I threatened to report them to the BBB, she finally complied. Anyone posting a positive review, must work for the site.

  • 2019-06-02 01:54:11, Solon9741 (Man, 36)

    Total Scam


    I first came across BeNaughty, as a result of a web search for some of the best sites. I immediately noticed how many people were responding to my yet to be created profile - Alarm bells should have gone off hrre. But I persisted, I wanted tp find a site that was safe and sound. Yet. I did just jump in, I waited to see how much respondants I was going to get, and they just kept coming... So much so that I decided to join. Which I did for the six month subscription. Well it was like turninf off a Tap, nothing from that time to this day, some two and half months later. And I really do mean nothing, not one response, not a single real person to be found. What a fool am I? Well... I will wait out my time, cut my losses and never cross the door to this scam rip-off site. AVOID AT ALL COSTS is my advise to anyone wishing to find a legitimate site fir some innocent fun.

  • 2018-09-06 16:01:13, Scott McClary (Man, 34)

    They asked me for $ before we could meet


    Some girls are for real but most seem to want to offer sexual services for a fee.They wanted me to wire transfer $$ before agreeing to meet. Sounds like prostitution to me which last time I checked was illegal. Too bad!

  • 2018-09-05 17:56:15, Wise Guy (Man, 65)

    Horrible scam!


    Signed up for 3-day membership with After "contacts" from multiple fake profiles I cancelled after 2 days but the company charged me for a one-month membership. Numerous calls to customer service resulted in company saying tough luck. Stay away.

  • 2018-07-19 03:52:10, Richard Bloomer (Man, 49)

    Avoid like the plague


    To many spam accounts, to much time wasted, not worth it folks. Avoid!

  • 2018-01-12 01:49:42, Ron (Man, 42)

    Not a fan of be naughty, period


    I've seen the good reviews but what are y'all doing that I aint? I'm closing my account, the best ive had so far is a sexy chat with a woman to far away for me to drive too. It's not good enough, sorry to say.

  • 2018-01-07 16:59:07, Ron (Man, 41)

    Not a fan of be naughty, period


    I've seen the good reviews but what are y'all doing that I aint? I'm closing my account, the best ive had so far is a sexy chat with a woman to far away for me to drive too. It's not good enough, sorry to say.

  • 2017-11-04 02:09:55, Good fella (Man, 43)

    Almost ready to quit


    Like most people I had high hopes for be naughty. It's supposed to be up there with the best hookup sites on the internet. But for me I'm struggling to get replies from local women in the age range im looking for (18-24). I mean seriously, why do I bother? I've spent a lot of time on my profile so I'm going to give it until the end of the first month since I paid anyway (at least it wasnt expensive) but if I don't get some serious action soon I'll be outa here faster than a gay dude from a Nevada bunny ranch!!!

  • 2017-11-02 11:34:52, Jason Mills (Man, 39)

    Don't understand where im going wrong...


    I heard this was one of the top sites in Sydney, in fact all of Australia. But here I am, second week straight, waiting around for replies and tempted to go on pornhub. Screw this for a laugh! Might work in other places but it aint working for me!!

  • 2017-10-07 02:37:59, GIGI LOVE (Man, 43)

    Its the most wonderful time of the year!!! lolz


    The best thing about this time of year is all the birds that are feeling depressed cause theyre single and so theyre all well up for getting shagged! No way I was missing out, signed up for benaughty, tinder, you name it! lol! Happy days!

  • 2017-10-05 02:11:17, Richard McNeal (Man, 49)

    Not impressed at all


    This site sucks, dont understand all the positive reviews from supposed single casual daters. It's bullshit. My chances of getting laid are better in any bar in America than they are here. SUCKS!

  • 2017-10-03 06:38:02, Steve (Man, 42)

    If ur willing 2 take the ruff with the smooth then ull b fine on bn


    A few things annoy me but overall bn does work if ur willing 2 put the graft in. its normally just wen ur at ur most annoyed and ready to pack it in then u get a glimmer of hope so keep going and sum times it comes to nothing and other times it comes to sum thing. Wen it works its worth it and sum of these sites dont work at all so if ur thinking of trying it id say go for it likes.

  • 2017-08-27 17:36:48, Nigel (Man, 48)



    No worries with BN so far. Site is chockers and that's the main thing at the end of the day - ive given it a test in a few cities in new south wales and let me tell you a few shiela's have been rooted!

  • 2017-08-19 10:50:07, Darren H (Man, 52)

    Darrens user review


    Women on site: 8/10 Scammers: 6/10 Look of site: 10/10 Usability on different devices: 10/10 App: 10/10 Overall: 8/10 – recommended

  • 2017-06-25 16:26:50, Rocky :) (Man, 47)



    Got a suck job from a girl I met on benaughty but thats the best ive had. Some good conversations but im all about blowing my beans in person and not over messaging or cyber sex. If thats your thing fair enough. Anyway Ive read good and bad reviews and would agree its not like you sign up and have your pick of girls to sleep with but you'd have to be an idiot to think that, its not a brothel its a hook up site and takes a bit of effort. Thats my opinion at last.

  • 2017-06-20 04:08:21, Mike B. (Man, 52)

    Easy enough & good fun


    Nothing to it really you sign up fast, add a few photos etc (they accept d*ck pics but dont waste your time the women arent complete pervs like us lot lol...well most of them arent anyway lol). Then you just send out flirty likes & messages until the cows come home. After a few days they start taking the bait & once you get chatting & making girls laugh then you know your in. its a challenge but its also a laugh, even when your not getting banged you can still meet some cool girls & have a good time. Mike B, 31.

  • 2017-06-15 17:12:51, Mr.Perfect (Man, 47)



    Pretty mixed experiences so far but overall it's a not bad option as a nsa site. Yeah sure you get cam girls and all that but you just ignore them and make sure you send plenty of messages to the real girls every week and you eventually get laid. Once you get laid the first time and you know it works you cant help but double your effort and that brings more chances. Its annoying you have to pay but you dont mind so much on the months where youve got some action.

  • 2017-06-11 17:57:37, Rodney Y. (Man, 51)



    Gave BN a shot when my baby mama up n left at the start of the fall. Some of my home boyz been gettin sum action (mostly ugly ass chicks hahaha) so no doubts dat id be gettin sum to, mos def. Screwed one female to dis point but lookin to hook up with one dat is super fly, she be talkin like we gonna get it on and flap sum skins so lets see if she for real. Def ready for another piece of ass.

  • 2017-06-06 10:17:17, Tommy (Man, 50)

    Good – Very Good


    dont get me wrong its not like your banging girls every single bloody weekend. Thats just not gonna happen using only one site. But this is one of the better hookup sex sites out there & their are some filthy girls to chat with!! Some of the things these girls say you would not beleive!!

  • 2017-05-26 19:04:21, Ben (Man, 46)

    Scam site, don't give your card details


    I shit you not, I jumped onto this site back in March 2017, and for the first month I liked it, and I ever met a girl that lived about 10 miles from me, and after we both had been out drinking separately one night, we decided to meet at a 7-11 (public place, so she could see I wasn't a creep) and she felt comfortable enough to come to house and sleep with me. After that though it was just a bunch of mundane conversations with girls wanting to know "what I was like?" and "what are you turn on's". HERE'S THE KICKER THOUGH - I used my Chase card to get a year membership, and I typically just pay about $10 over my minimum due on the card each month. I don't necessarily check my statements. Just about a week ago, I actually logged on to my Chase site just to see my balance out of sheer curiosity. I thought it would be somewhere between $300-$400. I logged on and my balance was $1713.63. This is card that only has a $1500 limit. I had over $1,050 in charged that I never authorized, and there were all from sketchy ass merchant names I've never seen. There merchant names read something to likes of "LPd4me-TN, PayforMe-TN, XBILLREPORTX-TN, Ldpta4-TN and there were two others I can't remember. My card was getting hit, sometimes several times a day for amount like $36.41, $25.12, $16.66, $41.23 and a couple other weird ass amounts I'd never seen. My card company couldn't tell me what state or country the charges were being processed from, just the merchant account name. Well, I was PISSED OFF cause this complete and obvious fraud. There were even about ten $1.00 hits on the card, as if who ever had the card number was just seeing if there funds still available, or if the card had been cancelled. This is typical scammer shit. Anyhow, I have a friend who is the Director of IT for a fortune 500 company, and asked if he could dig in and help me with this. Sure enough, within' an hour, he told me all the merchants hitting my card were coming from Tennessee, and wouldn't you know it, the site developer for this bullshit site lives in Tennessee. His first name is Mark, but I can't give the last name because I don't want some bullshit slander case coming back at me, but my point is, these douchebags took my card number and racked up over $1200 in illegitimate charges. And just to put the nail in the coffin to affirm the facts I had dug up, I cleared up everything with Chase, had a new card re-issued and the old one cancelled. Well, when I first signed up; I signed up for a year membership........which would run through March of 2018. Wouldn't you know it account is no longer active, and even when I try to register again (just to mess with them), my email is not recognized as a valid email. This was like one of the first email accounts I opened with Yahoo some 15 years ago. They caught on that my card had been cancelled, and so they weren't pursued or further recognized in the situation, they cut me off completely. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT give your CC details to these fuckers. and screw all the postings above praising this site. It's a rock hard scam shit site, and if I wasn't drunk at the when I opened, I never would. I had the money that was stolen reimbursed within' 2 business because the Chase reps just absolutely could tell it was fraud. I couldn't make a charge on the card if the balance was over $1500, but somehow they were still able to authorize it and get money. Scammers, no doubt.

  • 2017-05-26 15:34:34, Scouseboy69 (Man, 48)

    Would recommend if you live/ work in a city


    I use the site in Liverpool and sometimes in London when im down there working and it does what I need. Works well on my iphone (I use the app usually but also sometimes use my macbook). Scouseboy69

  • 2017-05-21 03:49:35, Chris (Man, 50)

    Its a fake it all fake


    Your spending money for French girls to mail you and bs you out of more money . and your not even sure its a her but it is all french girls read the words they use American girls dont use them

  • 2017-05-10 14:20:43, NaughtyChris1985 (Man, 51)

    two stars


    Joined almost a month ago after seeing the brilliant TV ad but still not got lucky yet. All the ads act like you get sex fast but im not finding that. Had some pretty hot chats and must say that there don't seem to be as many time wasters on this site as some of the others (as always you can spot them a mile off) but still waiting to meet a girl in the flesh because thats what I joined for.

  • 2017-05-06 02:11:05, Rodney Jones (Man, 46)




  • 2017-03-04 17:35:24, Ron (Man, 70)

    Legit option for quick hook ups IMO


    What can I say? I've been laid on be naughty so im all for it lol! Dont be thinking youll be knee deep in p*ssy from day 1 but give it time and send as many messages out as u can and youll see what this site is capable of.

  • 2017-03-04 17:29:15, David Smith (Man, 36)

    Can't complain


    I use this site with another one and its definitely well above the average. I've not scored on be naughty yet mind you but I reckon its close. The girls are crazy thats for sure lol :)

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