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A quick access, 'no strings attached' dating site for modern, commitment shy singles. With claims of being the number one hookup site, we felt it was well worth giving CasualDating4U our review treatment...

CasualDating4U is a nicely designed site; modern with good content, the shortest registration form we've ever seen on a site we've reviewed, and a simple Facebook login option that allows you to join in one click (your sign up data is passed to CasualDating4U from Facebook to speed the sign up process along even more. We're assured that the Facebook link is only used for this and so it proved in our review tests, which was good to know, as nobody wants a dating site appearing on their profile!). The dating site is part of a large network of sites that operate all over the world, which all offer casual, no strings fun to their members. So far, so good.

CasualDating4U first impressions

When signing up without the Facebook log in option, we were asked to confirm our email by visiting our mailing provider and clicking on a special activation link. This is all pretty standard stuff and a common tactic used by online dating agencies in an attempt to limit time wasters and people who are using fake details from joining the hook up site. The Facebook method doesn't require this email confirmation as the FB account serves the same purpose of proving you are who you say you are.

Once you're inside the main area is clear and simple. There are various ways to search and make contact with other members, but we started with the 'Flirt' option that let us flick fast through images of girls (when we tested as a man for review purposes) and click to send a 'Flirt' ice breaker message to them in order to indicate our interest in getting together for some casual fun. During this process we were prompted to add an image of ourself in order to improve our chances of getting a reply from the recipients of our flirtations. It was good to see this as more often than not people sign up to naughty/ fun dating sites and don't take the time to put effort into their profile. Then they wonder why they don't get laid! After around twenty flirt messages we were asked to upgrade to send more, but it was good to be able to see the variety of women on the site and make initial advancements before we decided to make a payment.

Other search options that are available as a free member include the ability to search (via the 'Browse' tab) based on users that are online now or new users or users that have visited your page.


As far as chatting on CasualDating4U is concerned, there are again various options including normal instant messaging or sending site based emails. However, the most interesting form of communication, bearing in mind that is a site that focused on helping singles to hook up, is the video chat facility on the dating site. This let's you see the person and have a video call with them in real time rather than waiting until your offline casual meet to see how they look in real life. It also let's you get kinky, if that's your thing, and indulge in some good old fashioned cyber sex

casualdating4u expert summary

After testing in several locations, our reviewers were encouraged by the number of genuine and interested members on The site isn't the most modern or innovative that we've reviewed (e.g we couldn't find an app but fortunately the mobile version wasn't bad at all), but the fact that it has a lot of real singles in our locations was a huge plus. For this reason, along with the great webcam chat tool, we'd recommend this site for anyone looking for an under the radar choice of casual dating site.

As always, please remember that the more sites you join, the better your chances of getting laid. We advise to try three dating sites at any given time for 2-3 months, ditching and replacing the one that gets you the least hookups over that. Check out our Adult Friend Finder Review & BeNaughty Review.

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  • 2018-03-25 16:22:46, Lennart (Man, 38)

    Not Bad!


    I would personally compare Casualdating4u to a trusty volvo or a plate of fish and chips. It's not spectacular, it's not going to get you anywhere fast but it can sometimes do just what you need. I've met girls through the site in the past 18 months or so but its few and far between. I still use it because it works (duh!) and so that instantly puts it ahead of a lot of other sites, but I only have it as one of my four memberships Im currently running (helps to give me a better chance of regular hook ups). Long story short, it works but not often and usually when you least expect.

  • 2018-02-21 04:09:49, Simon (Man, 38)

    Casual Dating 4u rev


    I paid on this site after getting some interest in the free mode. Not sure it's value for money really. Some real women but not enough I dont think, not in my town anyway. Best to skip it and try your luck in a bar like ppl used to do back in the day! lol

  • 2017-11-22 09:07:24, Anthony Andrews (Man, 51)

    casualdatuing4u 2017


    I've found this site to be quite good, definitely real women and ive had a few replies as well as a few deep chats that I think could become friendship w/benefits (one lives in hope).

  • 2017-10-30 13:32:06, Sam Smith (Man, 41)

    Looks good at first but nothing special


    Signup up for this and didnt like it. Looks good and then you sign in and its plain and boring. No app either. Not good enough.

  • 2017-10-28 18:56:13, Jonny YOLO (Man, 51)

    Better Than Expected


    After reading couple reviews here I wasnt expecting much seemed a bit negative but im always on the look out for the next big dating site (missed tinder when it was mostly used for hook ups, wont make that mistake again lolz) gave this website a look and decided why not eh. Worked for me! YOLO!

  • 2017-10-26 10:47:49, San Diego (Man, 48)

    Load of pants


    Not been laid yet, almost a week. Casual dating my balls. What a load of BS

  • 2017-07-30 07:24:17, zachary (Man, 52)

    fine for me


    People are always saying why pay for this when you can use tinder but its not like that anymore. Tinder is full of girls who are looking to get all serious these days. At least here the women are complete sluts – even if there are less of them.

  • 2017-07-13 14:08:10, Bryan (Man, 48)

    7/10 casualdating4u


    I could care less witch internet dating site I use to get my rocks off. But this one could be a lot worse than it is y'all. Sure, thir aint no bells or whistles thats the truth and no doubting it. But come on, you want porn go to a porn site. You want sexy time then you could do worst than casualdating4u. Just my two cents, maybe im just more interesting to talk to than the people who be hateing on it! Lol! Bryan, Denver

  • 2017-05-11 04:12:41, Jason Henderson (Man, 47)



    Easy to use, nice interface, really good app, works on any devices ive tried, not too expensive, real girls and not many time wasters, customer service has been ok in the one time ive contacted them, overall very good compared to whats out there for guys looking to meet girls for no strings fun.

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