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LiveHookUp Review


The combination of hookup dating site and live cam chat site is one that wasn't going to go unnoticed by our review team for long! Is LiveHookUp the innovation the industry has been waiting for? Or is it just another gimmick? Read on to find out...

A lot of our reviews involve our team of dating site reporters crying out for innovation from the dating industry. Aside from the occasional change (and no, Tinder - Tinder review doesn't count as a new innovation anymore folks) and a far more crowded market, true innovation is lacking. So, the idea of an adult dating site that uses webcams, not as a potential communication option, but as the main method of using the site is something that could be a game changer for so many reasons.

Our Review

The sign up process is fairly straight forward but you do have to fill in some very basic information. This doesn't take long and it's a clever move by Live Hook Up because it ensures all the girls and guys on the dating site have already given some information about who they are, which makes them more interesting than just a picture (or webcam stream), which in turn means a better chance of communication when you get to the members area. The LiveHookUp Guarantee is nice thing to see at the end of registration and it's nice to see a no-strings site putting it's money where it's mouth is.


The site has a wide range of content for members to engage in while they prepare for using the site. LiveHookUp are clearly trying to guide us a little on setting up dates and the hooking-up process as a whole. The content ranges from their own magazine to user generated sex stories and blogs. This is all available for free and without the need for an upgrade and shows a commitment to helping users that might need some gentle encouragement on the way to arranging one night stands and naughty meetings.

Along with the webcam chat / dating hybrid as a unique selling point, LiveHookUp also has lots of other engaging features and functionality; contests, chatrooms, icon creators, gifts, tips, a sex academy, and much more. There's enough here to keep you very busy and that's without all of the main searches, chatting and hooking up that you sign up for in the first place! As far as the webcams go, you don't have to switch your webcam on and you can communicate with members in plenty of other ways, but it's a nice option to have and it's good to be able to watch girls or guys who are broadcasting before you get chatting, as a video is worth a thousand pictures.


The searching process is one of the most varied we've seen in our reviews. There are all kinds of cool ways to search for people to get speaking to on a webcam or chatting to on instant messenger. Whether this counts as innovation we're not so sure, but it's certainly good to be able to search based on fetishes or who's online now rather than the monotonous age/ sex/ location (although all the traditional searches are available too).

LiveHookUp Review Outcomes

We discovered during our review that LiveHookUp comes from the portfolio of sites that are operated by FriendFinder Networks, one of the largest online dating groups out there, and so that gives us hope that no matter where you're reading the Live Hook Up review from on the planet, chances are you'll have a decent number of available singles registered in your area. All that's left to do now is give it a shot and see for yourself, as this is ultimately going to be what decides whether or not you should start regularly using the site for your casual sex needs, as local member numbers are the main factor for any hook up site. Provided you have this, we would say that LiveHookUp is well worth trying out.

Remember you horny people, it's always best to rely on two or three sites to get you laid rather than putting all your eggs in one basket (Check out our Adult Friend Finder Review & BeNaughty Review). There's no single no strings hookup website that is going to keep you busy constantly, so the best way to ensure maximum sexy success is to try multiple sites and stick with the ones that work for you while ditching the ones that don't. The friends with benefits search takes time and patience, but we all know it's worth it.

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  • 2018-11-24 04:19:21, Steve H (Man, 38)

    Mostly agree with reviewer


    Its true that this is a new take on hookup dating (much needed by the way) but not sure id class it as 'innovation' as such – quite a lot of NSA dating sites offer us the chance to add or watch video clips. But I think what he says at the end is key for me – its part of a big group of sites and that means that its busy. Only joined last week but thats the most important thing for me (real single girls to chat to) so ill see how it works and whether their 'guarantee' is worth the paper its written on. Will try to come back with some more feedback at the end of the month for anyone that cares.

  • 2018-03-11 16:58:56, Drew NC (Man, 41)

    Has all bases covered


    Cool site, has everything u need, even trannies and all that kinda stuff if ur into it. 9/10

  • 2017-08-24 10:23:56, Mr X (Man, 48)

    Pretty awesome idea actually


    Ive been using hook up sites since forever and gotta say that I aint gonna be going back to normal sex search sites anytime soon. With livehookup you get videos of chicks that are on the site so its like watching amateur porn and being able to choose which chick you wanna get freaky with. Sure, its OBVIOUSLY not that easy and it took me a long time to get replies never even mind get laid but the hot vids keep you going and when you do get laid its the best! One of my fave sites period.

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