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eHarmony is, on paper at least, perhaps the most successful online dating site. But you don't find love on paper, you find it online! We decided to check it out and, needless to say, we've been looking forward to this review... - Our Review

We once described Match as the Coca-Cola of internet dating in one of our reviews. If this is the case, then there's no doubt that eHarmony is the Pepsi. With over 15 years experience behind them, a stronghold in over 200 countries and claims that they have initiated millions of relationships, anyone who has every considered looking for love online will know this brand.

The site was founded by a psychologist, which perhaps explains their belief that the best way to bring people together for a new relationship is through compatibility testing. Like (read our review here) the site stands out from the crowd because it uses science to help people meet other singles. This, according to, means their members will have a better chance of falling in love and entering into a long term relationship than if they searched the dating site and made decisions on who to contact based purely on physical attraction.

To come back to their claim that they've brought millions of couples together, this really is a bold statement. Their success stories area is indeed vast and they also make a point of elaborating on this impressive claim by saying that 438 marriages happen EACH DAY because of eHarmony. That's 4% of all marriages in the US. It's no surprise that eHarmony are as big as they are with this kind of proof in their pudding.

eHarmony review

Whether you arrive at eHarmony's site or dating app because of one of their TV ads, radio promotions, magazine articles or good old-fashioned word of mouth, you know from the moment you get there that you're in a place where the process of finding love is taken very seriously. This doesn't feel like a site that's all about the 'journey' and potential chance of finding your special someone, it feels like a site that knows exactly why you're here and wants to deliver. There are lots of things to read through to help you decide whether to join and once you do, you begin a sign up process that is far, far more time consuming than 99% of internet dating sites.

Interestingly, if you're a gay person looking to join, you are unable to do so and instead get pushed over to one of their sister sites. Also, if you're separated but still married, you're also ineligible to sign up for the site. What's more, one of our testers was even told (after completing the questionnaire) that the site didn't have any matches for him but not to take it personally! This is not a site trying to get as many people in as possible to earn as much money as it can – it's picky and wants quality members, not quantity, for its singles to meet up with.


How Does eHarmony Work?

The registration process takes around 30 minutes due to the personality questionnaire. The questions mainly involve self-description and are very easy to answer. There are questions about all types of things; who your looking for, whether you smoke or not, what your profession and income is, etc. You must complete the test in good faith – the site knows if you're trying to skip questions. Once again, eHarmony proves that it is a site for serious daters.

review of eharmony

Once you're inside the members area, eHarmony recommend profile matches for you based on the way you answered the questions in the compatibility test. At that point they provide guided communication, which means that they hold your hand through the initial ice-breaking procedure of contacting the single men or women that you are interested in.. This is a good idea as it prevents you wondering what to say by offering you the chance to select from a number of preset questions and a handy roadmap for getting to know the person. Like most of the top dating sites, you have to upgrade in order to begin communicating.

eHarmony dating

Our Conclsuion: Is eHarmony Worth Joining? 

Is the most simple site out there? No. It's not the most fun either, if we're being completely honest. It takes time and effort. It feels serious and a little conservative when placed against some of the more modern, fun online dating sites. But if you're trying online dating for the sole reason that you want to find a great match for a real relationship, then the stats don't lie. This site may not be as fun and laid-back as Tinder or ItSucksToBeSingle, but it has got results for a lot of people. It's certainly not crazy to think it could bring you the same success.

Remember, if you're serious about finding dates online, your chances will be greatly increased if you try 2 or 3 sites simultaneously. The more memberships you have, the more replies and interaction you get, and the consequence of that is actual offline dates. There are many great sites – properly test as many as you can and find what's best for you.

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  • 2019-03-26 02:24:47, Cory (Man, 47)

    Don't Believe the Commercials and Hype


    Just about everything about this website is terrible. Got an IT glitch? Good luck trying to send an e-mail to customer service; it'll just bounce. They literally ask you 1,000 questions (even one about the Olympics 7 years ago). I had a wide search range in terms of ages and geographical location for women (all of Canada West of Quebec and Nunavut); barely any matches and not one reply to a message over a year. In fact, the best potential matches were the "What Ifs", whose profiles you can't see unless you send them a like first. If you don't like the service, then you can't cancel it until the time runs up, even if you don't want your money back. I can't believe that this site is supposed to be owned/run by Christians! Bottom line: Avoid this site like the plague and use Match instead.

  • 2018-06-16 17:23:11, Bradley Cayne (Man, 53)

    For all the hassle it takes to get started you would expect better


    As far as i've been led to understand eharmony uses science and tech to help singles find love because it can identify the best couples in terms of compatibility, shared interests and all that jazz. But despite doing all the tests and stumping up a fair few quid for the privilege, i've not met a single person that i'd be happy to go on a date with. Sure, there are members, but nobody that really floats my boat. And it's not like im that picky. Really not sure it's worth the hype and would love to see proof of all these eharmony marriages...

  • 2017-12-23 07:13:14, Rodney (Man, 41)

    Its up their with the best


    I would personaly rate this at about 9 or 10 outta 10. Ive tried a few of these internet love websites + with eharmony you realy feel like your getting something for youre hard earned dough. Gr8 stuff!

  • 2017-12-20 04:17:56, Rick Rack (Man, 51)

    Expected better :-(


    When a dating site makes you sit for an hour answering boring ass questions about all kinds of stuff and then doesnt find you any dates then you leave. Simples. Waste of time even if they are supposed to be the best they werent for me gave it a month since I got a good deal but that was my limit im sorry to say.

  • 2017-12-20 04:15:21, Sam (Man, 43)

    The test at the start takes a while but its worth it


    I think it s a superb site and yeah they probably dont need to ask as many things as they do in the quiz but part of me thinks they are making sure that the folk who join are serious about trying to find a genuine relationship. People who are only interested in one thing (sex) wouldnt go through the process properly so in a way its like a way to match people together but its also a way to weed out the time wasters. If you really want to meet “the one” then you shouldnt mind spending a bit of time if it helps you reach your goal.

  • 2017-12-17 18:10:59, Sabrina (Woman, 41)

    love it


    EHarmony is the real deal, dont care what nobody says. Had plenty of great dates (and a few shockers too hahaha) but if you want a dating site that actually gets you out on dates then this is the one. How many marriages on the site? Says it all really as far as im concerned!!

  • 2017-12-14 18:46:54, Samuel Woods (Man, 33)

    cougar life site


    I expected better. That's all I'll say.

  • 2017-08-21 01:36:59, Cindy (Man, 46)



    Very happy with eharmony so far. Not had any dates yet but im taking my time and already getting to know quite a few really nice people, would like to think one or two of them will become good options for taking out on a date. Fingers crossed this site brings an end to my single experiment haha

  • 2017-08-13 13:58:30, Alex (Man, 52)

    Two Stars From Me


    Could be a lot better but could also be a lot worse I suppose. Swings and roundabouts. Do not have the patience for all the questions they make you answer at first but must admit the site does seem super busy. Just dont think I believe in the idea that all the scientific stuff can make a difference and it's a lot to pay if you dont believe in it.

  • 2017-03-23 02:28:49, G.K. (Man, 53)

    Its the biggest online dating site for a reason people


    If your a singleton like me & you havent used eharmony yet then what rock have you been hiding under by the way? Lol! Ive had a lot of dates on the site, not found true love yet mind you but I live in hope lol! Wont be canceling my membership any time soon, great site IMO.

  • 2017-03-19 17:14:15, Sandra L (Man, 47)

    Does take a while but worth it


    A lot of people think the personality test is a negative because it takes a good half hour (or more) to complete. But for me you're investing in something with this time – the chance to find someone thats compatible with you for more than just superficial reasons. Im too long in the tooth now to judge people on looks alone, so I totally see the value of taking the test and using the 'science' to help. I'll take all the help I can get to be honest!

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