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Match is the Coca-Cola of the internet dating industry, but will all those marketing dollars and testimonials really help you to find love?
(Spoiler: it may, but here's our #1 choice when it comes to online dating)

When it came to eradicating the stigma that used to be part and parcel of online dating, one company did more than any other. Match's brilliant marketing campaigns reassured the world that finding dates online doesn't just work, but can actually be pretty cool. Their owners, IAC Group, have made clever strategic acquisitions over the years and at this point it seems they have the traditional dating market sewn-up, injecting their money and experience from brands like College Humor,, Ask and Vimeo into a whole host of innovative dating brands such as Tinder, Meetic, POF and OK Cupid. But the flagship company, Match, is still their most successful. Ask one hundred people to name an online dating company and you'll see what we mean.

The landing page reassures us that we've come to the right place to begin our review; the tone and imagery perfectly fits the output of their multi-million advertising spends across television, radio, newspapers, magazines, public transport, street billboards and of course, online. Match love to advertise and it clearly works for them. Front and centre of their messaging are their success stories. This reassured any visitors that the brands notoriety has come from being a great dating site and not from anything negative. The success stories have their own area on the site, with featured dating case studies and a constantly updated list of new relationships that have started on the site, sometimes with several added per day.

Before getting into features and general user experience, it's worth noting that no other singles site provides as much help for its members. The tips section for singles looking for love (known as Dating Advice) is vast in content and regularly updated. Moreover, there is a separate Blog with posts from several dating 'experts' to supplement the general internet dating guidance.

Something worth noting about Match is that membership on the site allows access to offline singles events too, adding a nice additional option to help you find love and giving members the chance to, at the very least, meet some new people in person rather than over the web.

As far as the members area is concerned, the site isn't quite as sleek and stylish as you might imagine. In fact, it's positively cluttered. But the good news is that much of the clutter comes from features, although nothing particularly mind-blowing or all that innovative. Some examples include the option to pay for invisible browsing using their 'Incognito' mode, meaning you won't trigger automatic emails to the people you are looking at and can pick and choose who gets to know you've checked them out. Similarly, there is a 'Boost' option, providing the short term highlighting of your profile in searches for a daily micropayment.

Slightly more interesting is the free personality report and compatibility tests that are available through integrated sister site 'Affinity', but any communication does require an additional upgrade. In fact, almost anything requires a payment on Match, even sending a wink to other singles that might catch your eye. The one feature that is free (aside from searching profiles) is the 'Shuffle' mode, which is a 'hot or not' style approach to getting through a bunch of members in a short space of time. Even this is hardly unique – we've seen this utilised frequently on other dating sites and it's the main premise behind another of Match's sister companies, Tinder (see review here).

There's no doubt from this review that Match's online dating site remains the undisputed king of the industry, even in the face of increased competition from other singles sites. The question that we wanted to answer in our review was whether this royal status has been justly earned, or whether it is simply a byproduct that comes from having a powerful parent company with the kind of huge marketing budgets at its disposal that other online dating firms could only dream of. The truth most likely lies somewhere in between. There's no doubt that the success stories and reputation add to the feeling that you're in good hands on this site and your membership fees aren't being wasted, but there's no doubt in our minds that the leading brand in the dating world could offer more in the way of innovative features.

The bottom line is simple – if you're looking for a safe bet, is the site for you. We compared it to Coca-Cola at the start of our review, but by the end we decided that it's more like a warm cup of tea; comforting, simple and familiar but not something that's going to get your heart racing and your head spinning every time you take a drink.

As always, we suggest increasing your chances of finding a date by using more than one online dating site at any given time. Be patient, as even the best sites take time to get you dates, but be flexible too and switch sites every few months (or whenever you feel you've ran out of new singles in your area to speak to). Good luck! reviews:

  • Aug 18, Joey (Man, 45)

    Still one of the best


    Still takes a lot to beat match, trust me ive tried other apps and sites and always come back. If you havent tried it then its a no brainer. Easy to use so dont worry about that and they offer extra value with new additions every so often, like organised match nights out and things like that. Will be interesting to see how their new crossed paths/ missed connections feature works, looking forward to trying that as I always liked using 'happn' when I first started online dating so this should be a good addition for the paid users of match.
  • Aug 31, None of ur business (Man, 41)

    Dont get all the fuss about match, really dont :-(


    The people ive spoken to in general have absolutely no sense of humor & unless you live in a smaller town you can find plenty of singles on any dating site. It's all too serious IMHO. It's like watching an old black & white movie – it may play fine but without color it's a lot more boring.
  • Sep 2, Samir (Man, 40)

    Keep coming back so that says a lot


    Met my last boyfriend on match and im a member again so that says it all I suppose!
  • Sep 21, Duke (Man, 37)

    I've realized now there are better options


    I remember how darn excited I was signing up to match, like many it was my first online dating experience. Unfortunately, I have found far, far better dating websites since those naïve days, where I mist have spend a fair whack on barely a sniff of a date. I guess some things just ain't all that they're cracked up to be, you know?
  • Sep 26, Roger (Man, 53)

    Do Not Use Match (If you do, go month-to-month)


    VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER.... The site offers a smaller monthly rate to do more months. Not aloud a refund after wanting to canx the 1st month? They entice with a lessor monthly rate for more months, but cannot get a refund if the site is not for you and/or you find a match early. Why can't they revert the price back to the 1 month rate and refund my money for months not used? Here is a Hypothetical under their current policy. Let's say you pay for a two year rate and find a match early and want to canx. You are charged the two years for the match. Whereas if we go month-to-month on original rate. You end paying way less when you find a match or just want to quit. This is a bad business practice and needs to be reported the appropriate gov agency and write many many reviews telling folks not to use your site. and if they do please only go month to month because it will cost less in the long run. WATCH OUT............
  • Oct 2, Iman Ismaaeel (Woman, 32)

    Full of playboys


    I’m honestly I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve tried for the third time after being pulled in by their commercial of guaranteed define love
  • Oct 3, Lisa (Woman, 43)

    Not happy


    Umm I’ve been on match for two weeks and the guys who I’ve emailed hasn’t even read them. Not sure if theysubscribed but no one has responded back but 3 out of 19 guys. That’s weird to me. And then ask me my preference and I said black men but they still give me by daily matches with white men. Don’t understand that either. Well I guess I shall see what happens in the next couple months.
  • Oct 7, Cynthia (Woman, 56)

    Match, same losers, fakes, liars and impostors


    I have to say match has the worse men I've ever seen, too many players, same losers you see every single day, liars, scammers, impostors. I hate it!!!! Makes me wanna puke all over the place!
  • Oct 22, Sara Lynn (Man, 37)

    Dont believe the hype!

    Review: are the best example of a site that makes a lot of noise but does very little better than its competition. In other words, it's bark is far bigger than it's bite. Show me someone that says they deserve to be the best known dating site for reasons other than splashing marketing dollars and ill show you a liar. Keep your expectations minimal and hope for the best, but ill not be going back at all.
  • Nov 3, Michelle (Woman, 54)

    Waste of $$$


    Around 89% of the men who write me on match are very obviously "Fakes." I can tell right away because men do not typically write or speak they way they do and they will always call you "pretty" in fact one wrote me today and here is what he wrote: "Hi pretty, do you mind for a glass of wine?" You would think they would at least learn proper English if they are going to try to scam people. I get these almost on a daily basis then I report the fake profile to and then it is gone. I think Match must like the fakes because it makes people who are considering joining want to join because they can't see who their emails are from or read them until they pay...then they subscribe and they can read or see that it was not from someone from this country. If Match really didn't like the fakes, they would do something about it, this has been going on for years! I have very few fakes write me on the free websites, so what does that say? This is my last go round with Match, I have given them more than enough years to get their act together and do something to deter all the fakes. Once time I had one fake/scammer take over my profile and I became a man over night (they deleted all my photos and put up photos of men) once it was resolved, of course no man that I had been messaging with would speak to me fearing I really was a man. Of course match didn't offer me anything for my troubles. Just stick with the free sites, they are actually better than match!
  • Nov 5, Fiona (Woman, 25)

    Absolute crap.


    Worst dating site in the entire world. The number of real profiles would be easier to count than the fake ones. Scammers EVERYWHERE. Glitches that NEVER get fixed. Accounts hacked left and right. Oh, and your filters; forget about those. They don’t work. If you’re looking for someone without kids, Match will still send you hundreds of people with kids. If you don’t want a smoker, you’ll get them anyways. Forget about reporting anyone too. Nothing gets done. The kicker, match gets hacked so often that instead of investigating, they just block and permanently delete your profile and won’t refund your money. It was an absolute disappointment and waste of money. I suggest staying faaaaaaar away from this site.
  • Nov 9, Nikki (Woman, 32) are great at one thing scamming people!


    I was looking for a dating site that wasn't surrounded with "hooking up", or the repetitive annoying dating scene, but something meaningful and classy more upscale. Being a single mother of 2 I decided to give this a try, it was a free offer why not. But with the free offer if I did not cancel within 7 days I understood my card would be billed and rebilled for continuation of services. After I entered my card I was redirected to another page through and it asked if I was sure, I was still second guessing but the page refreshed and I was a member,I didn't mind it was a free trial as of 07/29/17. I read and understood that my card was NOT TO BE CHARGED UNTIL AFTER 7 DAYS OF A FREE TRIAL. This was not the case the very next day 7/30/17 the charge went thru. I noticed this on 7/31/17 and emailed to contact the company stating there must be an issue I was billed. Well when someone finally got back to me I responded promptly that I would like to cancel and get my money back. This was an on going email reply with the company until someone was like give us a call. I work 2 jobs and email was my only chance of contact, but I called on my only day off and the person was like you used this service we cannot refund you. I was like well I only used the service within the trial period, so you are telling me that you offer a trial period but if I say yes and use the service I am automatically billed? He stated yes. So I was instructed to contact my bank to see what they could do about these fraudulent charges and they opened a case. I did. But then I was told I needed to deactivate the account which I asked for not once but twice via email with the company. Well now 3 months later I am being told that I cannot find out anything from until December 24th 2017!!! 5 MONTHS AFTER I ASKED FOR THIS NIGHTMARE TO BE OVER! I am furious that this company's customer service is unhelpful. There is no supervisors to talk to and I don't think my concerns reached the proper authority to handle the situation and if it did I feel sorry for the numerous other singles that have been taken advantage and mislead the way I have. is not what it says to be, I would highly recommend Tinder or Plenty of Fish over this scam of a business. The only thing I requested was to cancel services and receive my hard earned money ($59.70) back to use towards a legitimate company who doesn't prey on singles.
  • Nov 18, Carlos NYC (Man, 34)

    So many members in the US so it gives you the best chance


    Reviewer calls the coca cola of dating and its hard to argue. Maybe tinder comes close but you soon realize it's full of crazies. Match has the numbers and the people are mostly looking for something serious, it's as simple as that. Besides, if you really want to meet someone do you go to the busiest bar or an empty one? You do the math.
  • Nov 19, Cathrine (Woman, 47)

    fine for newbies


    Perfectly good site if UR new to online dating, most people prob start there until they find the best for meeting singles in their local area. I used it fine for a month or two.
  • Nov 21, Amber (Woman, 37)

    Terrible customer service


    Match continue takiNguyen money out of my back account with out me knowingredients. When I ask to talk to a manager they refused to let me and huang up on me. Worst customer service ever.
  • Nov 22, Cory (Man, 62)

    Disappointed handsome gay man


    I guess I am a senior who is gay, handsome and successful in business and still found no match on I did month to month subscription and no luck. I feel the majority of men to just have no substance. Just looking for sex and a good time. No one seems to know what they really want save your money it’s not worth it.

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