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Despite the fact that there are more dating sites available than ever before, it can still be difficult to find a dating hub that gets the balance right between finding romance online and having fun in the process. After all, why does the search for love have to be so serious? Sure, love is a pretty serious subject, but we're all young (or at least young at heart) so it makes sense to take the time to enjoy the exercise itself – building a profile (your own shop window to advertise your goods!), the search for interesting people that catch your eye, the butterflies that come with making contact the first time and then, the date itself.

Our Review

Having reviewed many free to join sites to this point, it's hard to find one that takes the fun aspect as seriously as As soon as you arrive at the front page to this singles site, you understand that this is not a brand that wants the internet dating process to feel laborious or stressful. The strange and zany name (Yamvoo, really?) sets the tone for a dating place that always feels like it's asking us to take ourselves a little less seriously. And you know what, the more we used it and got chatting with members, the more we realised that maybe that approach is just what the online dating scene has been missing.

bubbledates review

How Does Work?

The site calls itself a place for "Funky, Flirty Singles", but having tested this site in various locations our reviewers all agreed that this dating site is probably more for single people that have already been looking for romance online through other 'big' dating companies and found them a little, well, boring. Yamvoo can't compete with the spending power of Match (see our Match review) or Mingle2day (see our Mingle2day review) but the more you use it, the more you realise it isn't trying to. The imagery, the tone, the members; it's all very light-hearted and relaxed. That's not to say it won't be able to find your soulmate of course – when we tested their customer service set up, we took the chance to ask one of their employees why is better than the thousands of other dating options on the crowded internet dating market. Along with quoting some user testimonials, their answer was simple – a happy and relaxed member makes for a more attractive member, this leads to more messages, more dates and eventually, a better shot at true love. A bit twee, for sure, but it kind of makes sense too, right?

After joining and verifying your email for security purposes, the members area of the site continues the playful nature. There is a lot going on here – voting polls, tinder style quick searches, more articles, chat rooms, galleries, and of course, plenty of in-depth search options to whittle down the results and make sure you can look through the profiles that are from people in your local area.

Contacting members is pretty standard on Yamvoo, with free ice breaker messages and other simple communication tools like instant chat (you can search for members that are online at the same time as you) or email style. We found hardly any time wasters and all reviewers reported good reply ratios, whether it was a 'man looking for a woman' or 'woman looking for a man' profile.

Our Conlcusion: Is Worth It?

Ultimately, after a few weeks of reviewing from different parts of the UK, US and Australia, we would say that Yamvoo is a refreshing take on an industry that can no longer call itself a new fad. When it comes to searching for a serious relationship in modern society, the conservative style is no longer for everyone, and for that reason we would recommend Yamvoo's relaxed approached. Provided you don't mind a buzz of activity when you log in (we're not sure if all the dating site features are all really necessary, for example) and meeting people that want love - but want the search to be enjoyable too - then you'll do just fine on this site.

Remember all you romantics out there, it makes sense to try multiple dating sites to ensure you can find one that meets your needs. No one site can guarantee to give you everything you require – busy local database, like minded people, good features and accessibility on all devices, etc. Don't rush things, take the time to test the sites you like and give them a chance. Just because love doesn't happen over night doesn't mean it won't happen! Enjoy!

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  • 2020-05-23 01:20:43, Bilbo Baggins (Man, 37)

    Received Bot message right off the bat


    Started profile, received message right away from someone close by. Searched google with lady's profile pic, turned out to be an eastern european artisit. BS site

  • 2018-08-25 11:05:14, Rich (Man, 37)

    Had 1st date from the site last night, went well


    Joined this site cos it reminded me of that biffy clyro song bubbles (mon the biff)! Was a good move, met some nice folk and actually had my first ever offline (online) date last night with a nice girl from just outside of redhill. Hit it off pretty well and hoping to see her again next week (cinema date this time, she's right into the marvel stuff). So decided I should put a review up here as I know I would be complaining if I was getting nowhere, only fair to report when you have a good experience. Of course she might blow me off and in that case ill be back to complain hahaha

  • 2017-12-09 18:21:15, Daniel Corbett (Man, 31)

    Quite addictive once u start lol :-)


    Enjoyin it so far! Im likin the hot or not search option, quite a cool way to get thru lots of profiles fast and see what the site is all about. Had a few nice chats and some of the articles are cool too. I use it on the way to work on my mob and then check replies and other messages on my ipad when I get home. Had a couple of date invites but taking it slow for now, get bloody nervous on first dates!!

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