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Truth about Elite Singles dating site.


Elite Singles claims to be a“cut above the rest”, matching intelligent people with other degree carrying smarties. Did our reviewers find it a clever bet? Or is it all brains and no personality? Read on to find out..!

The first thing that strikes you about the Elite Singles dating site is how much information is available on their front page. It never fails to amuse our review team just how different each singles matching website's approach can be to a front page. We tend to prefer a front page like the one displayed on Elite Singles – full of information on member numbers, success stories, news, customer service details, a magazine (seriously), the general theme of the site, security, what you can expect inside, etc. This is a very different approach from what is used by popular sites like Friend Finder (see our review here), who opt for a more minimalistic set up. Anyway, you quickly realise that if you're looking for degree educated singles (that's where the “Elite” comes from, a little arrogant but it does get the point across), then this is a dating brand that aims to help you find them.

There is a whole issue here about whether clever people will make better partners, but we'll spare you such an ethical debate and assume that you're reading this Elite Singles review because you've already bought into the concept and decided that better educated members of society are what you need in your love life!

How Good Is EliteSingles? Read Our EliteSingles Review! 

Before going further into the review of the members area, it's worth us pointing our that there is an Elite Singles app available for both Android and iOS. Moreover, there are lots of national sites that you can choose from, proving that Elite Singles is a truly international website with member databases for each country on it's list.


Once you register on the site you are immediately given a personality test, so make sure you have a bit of time free (it took our review team around 15 minutes) when you join up. You are able to save and log out at any moment, just in case you get a phone call, unexpected visitor or suddenly be invited out somewhere extremely exciting! The questions range from level of education and current employment area through to religion, salary and family planning enquiries. Multiple choice is the order of the day but, fortunately, some of the questions are greyed out depending on previous answers, so the form doesn't waste too much time asking for repeat information.


Once you finally reach the members area, the site generates a selection of “matches” for you based on your answers to the survey and your location. You're given the option to upgrade at that point, but you can skip this if you'd rather check your results first (which we would recommend).


Is EliteSingles Free To Use?

After upgrading (provided your results are relevant and interesting), you are given full access and can communicate as much as you wish, view read receipts from messages, check people that have looked at your profile and see any single member photos on the site. Until this point, images are actually blurred, which isn't something we've not seen anywhere except sometimes on extra-marital affairs sites, so it's a bit of a surprise here and clearly a cheeky trigger for generating upgrades in order for you to see more. But the main thing for us is that Elite Singles is busy in the areas we tested (Liverpool, Glasgow, San Francisco). You have to send a few messages (well, our reviewers did) in order to get replies, but that's to be expected anywhere – online dating always takes patience.

Our Conlusion: Is EliteSingles A Good Alternative To eHarmony?

To summarise this review of, it's fair to say that there is a lot to like about this site. There's plenty of good information and the Elite Singles uses an e-harmony (see our review here) inspired 'intelligent matching system' to help you meet singles in your area and, with some luck, aid the falling in love process through personality profiling.  There are a plethora of features and a good mobile app too. We're sure that if education is a deal breaker for you, then you'll struggle to find a better site for meeting people, but as always make sure you see your local results before making a final decision.

Remember, if you want to get the most our of your online dating experience, it makes sense to use multiple sites together in order to boost results (both online chats and offline dates). We always recommend a minimum of three memberships at any one time, enabling you to remove the one that isn't working and replace it after around two or three months of testing. Good luck!

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